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Readers Respond: How did you feel in early pregnancy?

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Updated April 19, 2013

Quite possibly?

I've never had a kid, and I"m really hoping that I am right now. My nipples are really sore and tender, my breasts have grown, I have to pee like every 3 hours, I eat all the time but about 30 minutes after I eat I get sooo nauseous but no throwing up. I'm extremely moody, just ask my hubby lol, my gums are bleeding and mah back hurts a lot. And I get huge headaches and major cramps. Fingers crossed!
—Guest Brittany

5 Weeks

I'm just starting my first weeks and I feel pretty good. I have some very mild cramping and get headaches if I don't eat for long periods of time. I'm told that morning sickness doesn't really hit until about 6 weeks though, so we will have to see how things go these next few weeks. I am very much hoping I don't get too sick!
—Guest 1st baby


I just found out I am pregant at 7 weeks. All I feel is nausea and severe abdominal pain, and all I've been craving is breakfast food how weird. I am 18 and don't know how to tell my parents. This was so unexepted me and my boyfriend are starting to plan all ready... this is going to be a hassle.
—Guest pennie

5 weeks

Just found out yesterday after i missed a period 7 days. I had a Lap & Dye on my third week without knowing I had already conceived. I am scared because I am not sure of the effects of it on the baby.
—Guest Guest Liz

My first at age 41!!

Lots of cramps like constant menstruation. Ugg. Also tendon cramping- have to be careful twisting or turning as it feels like herniation. The usual nauseau if i wait too long before snacking and tired somewhat often. Nipples are tender or sensitive and just a little weight gain.
—Guest Melanie

6 Weeks

I feel fairly awful. The nausea lasts all day and I can only keep down fruit vegetables and hamburgers. I am so tired by the end of the day that I usually worry about falling asleep during my commute. I have found that snacking all day and making sure I keep something in my stomach at all times helps. Also I take my multivitamin at night with some crackers so I sleep through the vitamin tummy tremors. Another thing I find helps is not actually thinking about eating while I am. I read or play a crossword and it helps stop the gagging while I eat. Through it all whenever I think about my baby I feel an overwhelming excitement that seems to push me through. -Sleeping and Eating as much as possible
—Guest 1st baby reader

6 weeks

I havent had anyhting postive about this so far, but hope for later on! I have horrible nausea in the beginning of the day but I am able to control it turning into puking. I have cramps all the time like periods. Oh and when I eat I can only eat things a crave, anything else sounds disgusting and my sense of smell has gotten really strong because I'm noticing people's odors and my house'a odors A LOT more. Very moody as well. I can't wait to get out of the nausea and actually be able to keep my food down!
—Guest Alena

5 weeks

I'm just starting my 5th week and my husband and I are so excited! I feel fantastic. My nipples are a little sore, and on and off I get very mild cramping - that's it. I almost want to take another test to make sure I'm really pregnant!
—Guest CTJ

So tired!

I'm 5 weeks preggers and I'm so, so tired at the minute! This is my 2nd child and don't remember feeling as tired the 1st time. My boobs are sore and feeling a little nauseous/heaving at smells! I have swollen belly but feel very happy! I can't wait to tell my little boy he's getting a sibling!
—Guest Lorraine

still not sure

I have frequent urination, back pain, bloating, minimal food aversion (not specific to one food, I just feel full and the idea of eating anything doesn't appeal to me), hard nipples but not sore. I know the day of sex but conception can be the next day or so. Either way, if I am I would be about 4 weeks per LMP or 2 weeks per sex. So far all of my tests have come back negative. I did them all in the 3rd LMP week. My weekly calendar says I should test at the 5th week LMP but this site says I should test today. Maybe I should just go buy several at the dollar store and take a few days apart.
—Guest madylane

How do you feel?

I am 5 weeks pregnant I am extremley tired all the time. I had a miscarriage in April so I'm praying to God that this pregnancy is the one.
—Guest princess

6 months 3 days

I have not had any sickness at all. The only pain that I have had is my body stretching and heart burn and the HB is horrible. I used to curl up in the fetal position when I had it but now that's nearly impossible.
—Guest weaver

Let's Hop

My hubby and I are really trying hard... I'm exhausted, I'm moody, my breasts are sore and I feel queasy, but not queasy enough to vomit...I don't want to take another pregnancy test, I'm so afraid it's negative again....
—Guest Jessica

Morning Sickness

OMG! This is my second pregnancy and this is my first daughter. I was so sick in the first trimester, all the way to my second trimester. I had morning sickness that was so bad... My experience of being pregnant was bad, but now in the third trimester, it's not so bad.
—Guest LALA


I'm 5 weeks pregnant with our 1st little one. I felt nauseous at the beginning but lately just sore nipples and sleeping a lot during the day! I'm happy!
—Guest lucyloo

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