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Readers Respond: How did you feel in early pregnancy?

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Pregnant with our 3rd and symtoms

I am 5.5 days pregnant with our 3rd child and are hardly feeling any symptoms. My previous two children I was sick from earlier on through bout seven months. It was all day and night. I've only been hungry quite often and some moderate cramps I my lower abdomen. We are hoping for a girl this time.
—Guest Guest

5 weeks pregnant tomorrow

I've had a miscarriage before so I'm super nervous about this pregnancy! So far, I'm just feeling achey in the abdominal area, breast not too sore or swollen, and no nausea thus far. I do feel super bloated but I don't think I'm feeling so much tired as more lazy.... perhaps I'm just milking it! Hoping everything works out because I'm not experiencing the 'normal' signs of pregnancy. We'll see!

Please oh please

After two miscarriages and many years of trying I am two weeks late. Very tired mild back pains and motion sickness are my only problems . I have had two negative pregnancy tests but still haven't given up hope. Being a mom is all I ever wanted. Good luck to all in my boat.
—Guest christine

Ooops I am pregnant!

2-3 weeks, we always use protection but we decided to be naughty and didn’t use any protection and right there and then I got pregnant. Was confirmed by my doc today as he couldn’t believe it himself, that I could conceive so quickly and that the home pregnancy test is showing positive before I even missed my period. OMG! We are excited and Thank God for this marvelous gift! 30 years, married.
—Guest Guest Tency


I'm nervous because I have had TWO missed periods. I don't know if I'm ready to be a mom, now that it's getting to crunch time. I recently became an aunt to my twin sister's twin girls and that seems like enough "mom time" for me!
—Guest GuestAsh

5 Weeks & Hardly any symptoms

I am 5 weeks pregnant with my second child and I hardly have any symptoms with the exception of slightly enlarged breast and colostrum. With my 1st child by now I was already vomiting and could hardly eat or drink a thing, so I am kind of anxious to see how long this "good life" will last. For now really excited and can't wait to tell my daughter she's going to be a big sister and to see some real evidence that there's really a baby inside of me.
—Guest Karole


Fiance and I found out I am pregnant last night! We were not planning on conceiving before the wedding, but with our first home closing in 2 weeks, it wasn't BAD news. I'm very excited, but very nervous to tell our families as they most likely would have wanted us to wait...but it's still great! I've miscarried before and felt extreme nausea and breast tenderness during that pregnancy, before I had even tested..but no morning sickness yet! Breasts very sore and having a hard time sleeping at night, but that just could be the nerves. The heartbeat begins this week, and I really can't wait to get the first picture of him/her tomorrow at the doctor!
—Guest Laurie

Horrible morning sickness

This is my first, the morning sickness lasts all day and I can only keep down certain things mostly chicken twisties!! I'm extremely tired, breast sore tummy feels bloated all the time... When it start to get better??

2nd Baby

This is my second pregnancy and I feel like puking every time I finish eating! I have headaches, feel sleepy, lazy, mild cramping...and backache..with my first pregnancy I didn't feel none of these symptoms and it was a boy that I had...now since I'm feeling all the morning sickness were hoping and thinking we are having a baby girl! Did anyone feel the symptoms I'm feeling and had a girl?
—Guest Liz

I have felt terrible

I'm about thirteen weeks pregnant and ever since about eight weeks I've been throwing everything I try to eat, even trying to drink water is a task for me. I haven't had much energy, I can't wait to see the baby but it's driving me crazy never being able to do anything. Nine months doesn't seem that long until you're pregnant and then it feels like a lifetime! I took two pregnancy tests on April 17 or so and they were both positive, which is so shocking to me because when I was on Adderall I couldn't get pregnant and I just got off of it the month before I took the test. Depression is the biggest thing with me though, because its hard to keep yourself up when you feel so badly. Everyone says the second trimester is better though and for my sake I hope its true!
—Guest k

Sicker than sick

OMG! I feel the same way. Nauseated all the time. I've tried sea bands, ginger ale, ginger tea, eating, sucking on hard candy. I'm 8 weeks and miserable. I hope it goes away soon...

Quite possibly?

I've never had a kid, and I"m really hoping that I am right now. My nipples are really sore and tender, my breasts have grown, I have to pee like every 3 hours, I eat all the time but about 30 minutes after I eat I get sooo nauseous but no throwing up. I'm extremely moody, just ask my hubby lol, my gums are bleeding and mah back hurts a lot. And I get huge headaches and major cramps. Fingers crossed!
—Guest Brittany

5 Weeks

I'm just starting my first weeks and I feel pretty good. I have some very mild cramping and get headaches if I don't eat for long periods of time. I'm told that morning sickness doesn't really hit until about 6 weeks though, so we will have to see how things go these next few weeks. I am very much hoping I don't get too sick!
—Guest 1st baby


I just found out I am pregant at 7 weeks. All I feel is nausea and severe abdominal pain, and all I've been craving is breakfast food how weird. I am 18 and don't know how to tell my parents. This was so unexepted me and my boyfriend are starting to plan all ready... this is going to be a hassle.
—Guest pennie

5 weeks

Just found out yesterday after i missed a period 7 days. I had a Lap & Dye on my third week without knowing I had already conceived. I am scared because I am not sure of the effects of it on the baby.
—Guest Guest Liz

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