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Readers Respond: How did you feel in early pregnancy?

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Updated April 19, 2013

5th Child-5 weeks pregnant

I am 29 years old carrying my 5th child. I am 5 weeks pregnant. My initial reaction was shocked, then scared, then nervous. I could do nothing but cry as this was unexpected. I called my husband and to my surprise he was okay with the situation. Now, I simply pray that this baby is healthy and strong! I know that my Lord and Savior will never give me anything I cannot handle. I lost a child before, so I know to appreciate the angel the Lord is sending us. I am still a little apprehensive but it will all work itself out!
—Guest Netty

How I felt when pregnant

Well the 1st sign I had was: the runs, then I started feeling sick but it never came out just got close, but now its my 2nd time, I knew the day after conception. I was on the toilet all day and now 3 weeks later I'm getting the sickness feeling. I haven't missed a period yet but just feel it this time. I have also been feeling very dizzy and peeing a lot and when I get dizzy I then get very sleepy and need to lay down.
—Guest amy

1st baby

My partner and I have just found out that I'm pregnant. 5 weeks almost, I don't think I've ever felt such nausea in my life. I'm really tired but struggle to get to sleep and I am sooooo moody. I'm really feeling sorry for my partner who is being wonderful. Good luck to everyone
—Guest Vickyb

7 weeks- First Child

I am 29 and 7 weeks pregnant with our first child. My husband and I are truly the happiest we have ever been. We pray for a healthy and happy baby. I have never felt so bad in my entire life. All I have to do is think about food and I'll throw up. I'm achy and exhausted, everything is sore. It feels like having the flu but when I think about my child it makes it worth it. I completely love my child already. It was created with a lot of love and is truly wanted. So that makes the sick feelings worth while.
—Guest Jennifer


I have been trying for 10 years! We finally did it and now I am scared! We don't want to get too excited, but we can't help it. I know alot of people say to wait until 3 mos to start shopping and announcing but I can't wait! My boobs are on fire, not my nippples, just my boobs! Nausea all day, and I did have cramping a few weeks ago. I went to my gyn today and my ultrasound is in a week. Good luck ladies, let's all have beautiful, happy, healthy babies!!! Woohoo!
—Guest Margarita


I think that I might be pregnant. I feel nauseous all the time, lower back pain, the whole nine yards. But the weirder symptoms I think I'm having is like I lost 5 pounds in a week, but in two days, I gained three back! Also, it's almost like a virgin all over again? Does anyone else have any symptoms like that?!
—Guest misspriss

7 weeks and counting!

I am pregnant with my 3rd child. I am 43 years old and its been 24 years since my last pregnancy. I am excited but so scared. This is truly a blessing from God because I was told I could no longer conceive. I just hope and pray this is a healthy baby. No bad symptoms so far beside a slight headache a few times a week, sore breasts and back pain after sitting at my desk all day.

Just found out

Gosh... I'm so excited. Me and my wife, we've been married for almost two year, but it was seven months ago when we decided to start searching for our baby. We've had lot of sad moments.. my wife's period is very irregular, so every now and then when the period was taking too much time we took a pregnancy test, and of course it was negative. A week or two ago, my wife started to feel the rush to go the bathroom, sore breasts, last Saturday her smell sense seemed to be very sensible, we took a test Monday, I was the one who saw it first... seeing the two lines made me jump of happiness... we've been blessed with a child! Later that the day we took a lab test (just to confirm). We're scheduled to have our first appointment with the GO next Saturday.
—Guest NewDaddy

I think I might be preggo again

My LO is only 4 months old and we were using non hormonal BC but still I feel worn down and weepy and bloated and starving it would only be about 4 weeks at the most I think as I am BF I haven't gotten my period back so i know it's not likely but I just haven't been feeling myself for the past week I guess it could be AF returning. Oh and for those who are asking if I can remember back that far yeah you know a whole year ago I didn't start getting sick until 8 weeks ish, but I was nauseous from about 5/6 weeks.
—Guest megan


Just found out that I am 5 weeks preggers. Now I finally know why I have been so fatigued. This will be my 3rd child. I am anxious and scared all at the same time. My husband has been laid off for over 2 years and just went back to work recently, so we celebrated and now we are pregnant. I hope we can afford to take care of 3 children. 2 is breaking us pretty bad. All that aside a new baby is a beautiful thing and I would never see that any differently.
—Guest Mama Mel

2nd time around

With my first I must have been sick from the moment of conception on. I also knew pretty early on too. With this one every thing has been much easier. Tired , yes, a bit crabby, of course, but best buds with the toilet? No, headaches, nope, the only thing that's freaking me out is while the doc says I'm only 9 weeks, (pregnancy calendar circle thing test.) I feel moment, jerks, and pressure inside I didn't feel before until I was like 5 months & my uterus is up higher then normal. I go for an ultrasound next month.( 4 & a half hours away in my part of the country.) But the fear of something being wrong is as true now as it was then with my first.

Might be

Well I have took 6 pregnancy test 3 positive, three negative. I don't really understand it almost 2 weeks late, been peeing a lot mild cramping and extreme nausea. Breasts are also tender so I think the 3 positives might be right. I'm kinda of scared thought this will make mine and my husband's sixth child.
—Guest jean42728


I am five weeks pregnant with our third child after a year and a half of trying. My biggest symptom has been a very strong response one way or the other toward food. I went and bought a gallon of apple juice today because I have been drinking my four year old's apple juice boxes - LOL. I'm feeling tired and have had some nausea throughout the day but honestly, after such a long road to get here its a nice reminder theirs someone in there! Can't wait for my April baby :)
—Guest Roo's Mommy

6 weeks

We just found out last week i was about 2 weeks late taking the "PILL"! I had gastric bypass surgery 1 year ago never thought I could ever get pregnant! But it's confirmed I'm about 6 weeks no morning sickness juts feeling super sleepy and the sore heavy boobs! And of course TRULY excited!
—Guest Lucky me Mommy to be

5 weeks

We found out we pregnant on our 5th year Anniversary! I've lost 200ibs in a year! We have been waiting for this little one for a long time. GOD IS GOOD! SYMPTOMS.....tired dizzy sore breasts.. lack of patience...the norm. But Happy to be here!
—Guest blessed

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