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Readers Respond: How did you feel in early pregnancy?

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Updated April 19, 2013


Me and my boyfriend have been trying to have a baby and the first time I thought I was pregnant and I wasn't. But this time I'm having all the systems and I usually get my monthly cycle in the end of the month but my stomach feels full and it looks bloated, I get cramps and I get really nauseous and it last the whole day. I took a pregnancy test and it came out invalid but I guess I have to go to the doctors and find out. A friend told me she knew she was pregnant and she had that feeling. I can say that I have a feeling I'm. My boyfriend told me the other night he had a dream I was in the hospital and I was pregnant.
—Guest Jessie


I am 7 weeks and never been this sick! I have a 4 year old boy with my ex who I was with for 7 years. Now with my new boyfriend for 6 months and we are having a baby. We're very happy but I am VERY nervous. Was with my son's Father for 5 years before we had him and it didn't work... NEVER ever been this sick in my life.
—Guest JLP87

4 weeks pregnant with first

I just bought a home pregnancy test today and saw the faint positive line which shocked my world. I've only had sex once in my life- which was unprotected with my partner. I was never worried about pregnancy because I've always experienced very irregular periods until about 4 months ago when they began coming once a month. I thought this would mess with my ovulation and act as a natural birth control, well it didn't. I am really quite shocked, and the only symptoms I've had are vivid and sometimes horrible dreams, nausea, food aversions, dark bruise-like circles around my nipples and general breast soreness- though only when touched, and exhaustion. I actually had 2 period like episodes since I lost my virginity and I only took the test as a precaution! I've made an appointment for a blood test tomorrow just to be sure, and I'm both a little scared it will also be positive- and a little scared that it wont be.This is such an exciting time but also quite nerve wracking. Best of luck.
—Guest katie93


I recently had a polyp on my cervix removed a month ago and the day before surgery I had sex. My period is 1 week late an I have low back pain frequent headaches nausea abdominal cramps and what feels like movement in my stomach. I have taken a test at the doctors and it was neg the second test. I took was an at home 1 and it says negative. If I'm not pregnant I would like to know what's wrong with me!
—Guest Dee

First Time Pregnancy! :)

I'm about 7 weeks along. I was two weeks late on my period, and I was a little bit tired and all of a sudden, overnight, vegetables made me want to puke. My boobs are now really sore in the morning, and I feel more tired as time goes by. I have taken two pregnancy tests, both positive, and just went in to the doctor a couple of days ago, and it was confirmed. My husband and I are excited. The funny thing is, the night before I took the test, I told my husband "I don't think I'm pregnant." And he said, "I don't think so, either!." And we went to sleep. (I had taken tests in the past thinking I was, and they were negative.) So this has been a blessing to us.
—Guest Jill


I was told I was 4 weeks pregnant! I had all the symptoms, spotting, cramps, fatigue, nausea up until now. I no longer feel "pregnant." I don't know if I should panic or is it normal for symptoms to come and go?
—Guest mommy?

so early???

Since, I've been back from our honeymoon 1 and a half week ago, I've been very nauseous every day from the moment i wake up til at least 3pm, and I've learned today that crackers make me feel much better. I've been extremely tired, was really dizzy for a few days and have had more headaches at random time. I haven't missed my period yet, but I've always been irregular so I can't really depend on that sign to determine. If I was regular, my next period should be tomorrow. I really hope I'm prego, but I don't wanna be disappointed if I take the test and the result is negative.
—Guest Phung H

6 weeks Pregnant and worried

I have just had an early scan due to a suspected ectopic pregnancy, luckily the baby is in the right place and developing normally. I have some serious cramping and my whole pelvic area feels full and swollen... It's 18 years since my last pregnancy and I'm feeling anxious but I'm looking forward to having a baby around the house and starting a new chapter in my life... fingers crossed everything goes okay.
—Guest vicky1p


I am way over a month due for my period. I'm always tired but I work a lot too, my nipples are sore. I just don't know if I am or not, I really want to be but I hate taking tests and always seeing negative.
—Guest Meghan


It's been a crazy few weeks for me. I told my cousin that I was feeling nauseous one morning. She ends up telling me she had a dream about me being pregnant the night before. I've felt nauseous every morning ever since. I'm on birth control. I've had back pains. I'm always tired. I think I am pregnant. When I took a pregnancy test... twice (once when I bought them, second the next morning) they were both negative. I don't know what to think.
—Guest Anon

Not Sure!

I'm 28 and have been trying to have a baby forever. My fiance and I have sex very often. I have extreme nausea and have been really sick it feels like I have the flu. I have always had an irregular period but I would always at least spot when its about to come on but now nothing. I can feel my period just like I'm on it but no blood at all. my fiance sleeps a lot and is always tired but he works a lot so I don't know how to look at that. My appetite is weird foods that were my favorite now make me feel like I'm going to throw up. I don't have any tenderness in my breasts but I have crazy cramping and I'm really tired most times but can't get to sleep. This is my first time feeling this close but I almost don't even want to buy the test because I don't think I can handle another disappointment. Its sort of bittersweet right now but I guess better safe than sorry. Off to the drug store I go!
—Guest Toni


I felt fine till I found out that I was pregnant from my primary care doctor. Then I got sick and everything that could happen to a pregnant woman happen to me. Hemorrhoids, morning sickness all day during the first trimester, fatigue like you wouldn't believe, back aches, swollen feet. It was beautiful! I would change it for the world. I love em! Now, I think we're pregnant again....
—Guest Marie

Possibly preggers

My cycles range from 30 to 37 days in length, today would be day 37 and no period. I feel sick, been vomiting, severe nausea, low back pain and a bit crampy for the last 2 weeks. My hubby and I are excited, but not too excited as I haven't tested yet. Had an ectopic pregnancy 2 years ago so this would be a true blessing. We are actively trying, so fingers crossed there is a mini me in there! Good luck to all of you that are trying!! Here's to healthy and happy babies!! ♥
—Guest Mama-to-be??

I think I might be 5 weeeks preggers

My period is over a month late. I have slight cramping, lower back pain and tender breast, which I normally get when my period is coming all three symptoms , I find I am eating a lot more too, this would be my second child my daughter is 6 yrs and she is always asking for a bro/sis so I know she would be excited, my husband is already elated, haven't taken a test yet, but have the feeling i might be. May god be with you all through this journey of yours and may you all give him thanks knowing that we can't do this without his help.

I think I'm pregnant...

So my fiance and I have never planned to have a child, but about two weeks ago we had extremely unsafe sex and ever since like last week I've been feeling strange. Normally I don't eat a lot and my appetite stays about the same, but I'm always hungry, most of the stuff I love to eat I can't stand to, my boobs hurt more than normal, I have heartburn (which I've never ever had a problem with), I'm having serious cramps all the time, my back hurts, I'm always tired(which I'm normally always hyper), I'm craving weird things like peanut butter and mayo, and I can't stand to stay standing long.
—Guest wifeytobe

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