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Readers Respond: How did you feel in early pregnancy?

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Updated April 19, 2013

6 weeks

Breasts have been swollen since day one. Mood swings and unavoidable dairy cravings. Cannot get enough dessert. Bloated and very sleepy during the day although like clockwork, I wake up at 3:07 a.m. every night and stare at the wall.
—Guest Sharon

3rd time is a charm...right?

My husband and I have been trying for awhile now.I have been pregnant 2 other times but both ended in miscarriage. I'm 2 days from week 5 and I'm excited but nervous and scared all at the same time! I really hope this is really my lucky charm!My husband has an interview with a good paying job and everything! Maybe this is what God was waiting for. Pray for me please!
—Guest Angela Sut

5 1/2 weeks!

I'm about 5 1/2 weeks pregnant right now and I feel tired ALL the time! I only feel slighly nauseas when I eat certain things, and I get full very quickly although I'm hungry often. No morning sickness yet, but I heard it often comes around week 6. My husband and I had only been trying for a month and we are so excited to be having a baby this early! We can't wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl!
—Guest Bailey

POSITIVE ! Excited but Nervous...

My period is 8 days late. My breast are very sore, I'm eating a lot, and having mild cramping. I thought it was stress making my period late but something told me to take a test. Just took two digital test and both say POSITIVE! I'm happy but having a ton of mixed feelings. I'm in nursing school with a lot of goals I want to accomplish. I hope it's still possible. Going to the doctors tomorrow...wish me luck!
—Guest Alison

5 weeks

I just took a test last week after being only about 4 days late, but I could just feel that I had to be pregnant. I took one test that had a very faint plus sign, so I bought the clear blue easy tests that actually say "Pregnant" or "Not Pregnant" and both were positive almost immediately. I don't feel pregnant at all yet, except for having very sore breasts , my stomach feels weird occasionally like mild cramping and I'm VERY tired. Haven't noticed any heightened sense of smell yet. I'm 26 and me and my boyfriend are VERY excited. My first appointment is in a month. Can't wait!
—Guest Melissa

1st pregnancy now around 5 weeks

I had no clue at first because I had all of the symptoms of getting my period (cramps, sore breasts, mood swings). It wasn't until I was 3 days late that I just knew!! I should have known because the week before I had a dream that I was delivering a baby. I am now around week 5 and I am always tired! But it's more like my eyes are tired my body feels very relaxed. I get full very easy but I'm hungry every 2 hours. I seem to feel nausea in the evenings but nothing too overwhelming. I am also constipated. Another interesting fact is that for the past few weeks, my cat that never lets me hold her or never lays on me has been all over me! She lays on my stomach and follows me around EVERYWHERE! I thought it was just because she was warming up to me but it's just so unlike her (I've had her for 3 years)! I think she knew before I did!
—Guest JLJC


I am getting sick all the time, my head is killing me and worst of all I can't stop the mood swings! LOL
—Guest amber

Hoping and praying

I'ive never wanted a baby till now and im praying I can have kids. I have an amazing and blessed new life with someone very special and just hope I will be blessed with my first child.
—Guest marina

So confused

So my period is 5 days late. I've had spotting and light cramping. I feel dizzy when I don't eat and I feel very bloated in the afternoons. No breast tenderness or sickness but I am tired all the time. I find myself napping in the afternoon which I never used to do. I've taken two tests but they were both negative. I'm so confused whether I'm pregnant or not. It's driving me crazy!
—Guest Taetae67

Not sure but excited to find out...

I am a week late and I'm worried. I am excited at the same time but I am having weird feelings. I am sore everywhere very worn out from doing just nothing. I feel bloated and "thick" is a good explanation. I can't seem to focus on things to long just kind of zone out. I also have mild back pains and tender nipples and a few cramps here and there. My worry is that I'm not because I do have irregular periods, but if it is positive when I take the test I am going to be so happy.
—Guest britt

5 weeks!

My husband and I have been trying for 5 years and to my surprise yesterday's test was positive! So excited but calm at the same time.. constant sore breasts that hurt extremely bad when I get up from laying on my back. My uterus feels full and heavy. I get hunger pains every couple hours. Need to pee quite a lot more and can barely poo. :P Getting heartburn which I never get. All in all...looking very good! Cant wait to get to 5 months so the little worry in the back of my mind can subside.
—Guest Shauna

Thinking I am pregnant...

My boobs are hurting soooo much started out like a stitch or cramp now both are so sore I can't touch them or lie on them, been to two doctors today who both think I am, but the blood test said otherwise. I've been off the pill 6 months now and my partner and I are trying.
—Guest Sam

9 Weeks

Exact same symptoms as I had with my daughter 5 years ago, from what I can remember anyway. Tired, tender breasts', nausea and vomiting. This time though I seem to be extremely hungry all of the time, with no strong cravings, just a need for food.
—Guest Jess

Afraid of pregnancy and birth

I have been told by midwife that I'm 6 weeks but I think maybe 4? I'm so exited but so scared as I have a huge phobia of being sick and I had a bad time with my first, a blood clot on the lungs and it went unnoticed for ages I could not breath and it was found 2 weeks after my C-section. I'm so afraid it will happen again as I could of died and then I had awful anxiety and postpartum depression for a year after. I'm praying I wont get sick. I'm so scared but want to enjoy the excitement.


My fiance and I have been TTC for awhile. My symptoms as of today are: - mild boob pain - cramping - fatigue - headaches - mood swings :D
—Guest Harley (San Antonio, TX)

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