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Readers Respond: How did you feel in early pregnancy?

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hEaVeN sEnT

Well, after having 4 children 1 boy & 3 girls I thought are family was complete. I opted to have my tubes tied after my last child was born. A year later I started having a little sickness & bad back pain. Hubby suggested I was pregnant, but I was in denial due to the fact that my tubes were tied. I took a test & it was negative. A couple of days later more sickness & I began craving jalapeno peppers which is strange cause I don't eat spicy foods. Took another test-negative. Thought I had some kind of hormonal imbalance, so made a dr's. appt. They gave me an u/s after their preg. test came back neg too. I was expecting to see a cyst or something, but their was my little 10wk old baby in my uterus flipping around. My dr. that did my TL was baffled, because my tubes are not opened!!!! God really has a plan for this baby!!! No problems, except a little sickness & horrible cravings for jalapeno peppers!!!!

I just don't know!!

Recently I have been having headaches but only on one side of my head with a lot of nausea and plus I feel like my back is separated on the lower part of my back and it really hurts. I feel like if I have a little ball in my stomach. My hubby says that I'm gaining weight too. I just don't know and if I am pregnant is it too early to check?
—Guest becky

Not sure... Feeling weird!

Have been married for 8 months now. Haven't missed my period at all, its been 3 weeks that my stomach feels very weird! almost as if it was stretching! as well have been having A LOT OF lower back pain! Thanksgiving day I got sick, and my husbands aunt told me that maybe I was pregnant! I told her there was no possible way on earth! since I had just gotten off my period. She then told me she had per regular period one month and after she was over it she found out she was preggo! I'm nervous as to why my stomach feels that way! I would LOVE to be preggo but might be all in my head! but this weird stretchy feeling in my stomach is not normal! Hmmm.....
—Guest Teresa

Am i?

I missed my period and my breast are really tender and sore. I have back pains and I get bloated at times. I use the restroom constantly and I took two home pregnancy tests and were both positive!
—Guest april


I have recently found out I'm am pregnant after doing test have first appointment on Friday was unexpected but very wanted now worried about losing it!!
—Guest lisa

Tired with sore breasts

What made me start wondering was my nipples were hard and sensitive for 2 days straight and my stomach just felt weird. It was funny because I have never been pregnant before but I kind of knew I was pregnant! I was also more tired than usual. Took a test the next morning and positive! Doctors office confirmed the next day.
—Guest Angela


i think I'm pregnant. I've been nauseous, can't stand foods I liked, want noodles constantly, have a sore back, headaches, dizzy spells and feel chronically tired. Just like my first pregnancy, which miscarried, except less bad. Plus my breasts are so sore I can't run at all and apparently are bigger. The only thing suggesting different? My last period ended two weeks ago and ran it's full eight days, despite being a week late.
—Guest Jess

9 weeks

I'm nine weeks along with a planned number four, have three girls already; hoping for that boy. The problem: I'm depressed and not excited anymore...actually full of dread. Is it because I know what to expect already???
—Guest kel

Not Too Sure

I am a week late with my period. Took a pregnancy test it came back negative so not too sure at this point. Been having a lot of symptoms, nausea, bloated, hungry all the time, cramping, tired... Hoping I am, My boyfriend and I WOULD be so happy!!! Wish Me Luck!
—Guest Ashley


I feel like I have the flu. My period was two weeks apart. I have been peeing a lot.
—Guest rita

terrible back aches...6weeks?

For the past 2 weeks I have been experiencing TERRIBLE back aches. To the point where I cannot even bend to tie my shoes. I possibly could have conceived about 6 weeks ago. I had intercourse about 2 days after my period ended, and again on the 5th day. I was expecting my period to come on the 3rd of Nov, but it did not show. I usually have heavy prolonged periods, but this month, nothing. So pregnant maybe? My fiance and i have been trying for a year, so it would be the happiest moment of my life.
—Guest ch33kz

Ummmmmmmm....Not Sure Here????

Okay...I took a 3 pregnancy tests and one came back with 2 lines and the other 2 both had 1 line each. I believe that I have missed my period. I have had a lot going on over the last month, dealing with my College Graduation and my new job. So I am not sure if I actually missed my period or not...BAD ME!!!!! I am so confused right now...
—Guest BEBE1727

Who only knows...

I've been feeling weird.. having weird cravings been drink LOTS of milk... and dairy usually don't drink/eat that much... been eating lots of peanut butter.. it started tasting more like butter... back pain... lots of heartburn.. no missed period... and going to be taking a test... I'm absolutely scared... because if I am I have no idea what my boyfriend is going to think.. I didn't miss my period but been having major pains... feeling tired all the time. It could be all in my head.
—Guest dont know what to think

Having just found out...

I was feeling extraordinarily tired. I would sleep for a solid 12 hours, get up and 3 hours later finding myself barely able to keep my eyes open! Nausea would hit me suddenly in the evenings, usually when I started cooking dinner. Annoying. As was the fact that everything started tasting metallic (that turned out to be a lack of iron). However, it all paid off when I found out for certain I was 5 weeks pregnant - now, emotionally, I'm feeling terrified of miscarriage, and this nearly un-checked urge to go running through the streets letting everyone know the good news.
—Guest Noora

I don't know...

I don't know if I am pregnant... I have been to the doctors and got a pregnancy test done there and they told me to wait at least two weeks cause they said my hormone level is going crazy and they can't tell if I am pregnant. I have lower belly pain, I am tired a lot, I feel sick a little but don't fully get sick, I eat a lot and crave a lot, I am always in need of using the bathroom, and my periods are crazy, plus I am bloated...
—Guest cece

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