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Readers Respond: How did you feel in early pregnancy?

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Updated April 19, 2013


I am 12 weeks now with my second baby. I'm feeling really crappy. I can't eat anything. I have this bad all day sicknesses as they last the whole day. My breasts are very sore but all in all am a happy mommy to be.
—Guest Lizzy


I'm not to sure if I can get pregnant, but my fiance and I are trying. It's been 11 days since we tried and now we are playing the waiting game.
—Guest babiigurl

Am i?

Ten days late, sore breasts, no spotting or sickness. I have thought I was before twice but I wasn't so don't want to get my hopes up.
—Guest toria


My husband and I, have been trying to conceive since last year. Nothing happened, so we gave up and trusted God's will. When I least expected it, I was 8 days late; took a test last night and it showed positive. I'm really happy and so is my husband. Can't wait to find out the gender!!
—Guest Marlynn

So Happy

I don't really feel much at this point some stomach discomfort, heartburn and a full feeling with pressure. This is our second child and a great surprise after having to try for so long for my daughter!
—Guest Desiree

Vague symptoms

I had vague symptoms that could easily be explained away by stress and PMS but my girlfriend (who's had 4 babies) convinced me to take a test and boy was I surprised to find it positive!!
—Guest nervous 1st timer

Pregnant after 7 months of trying

My period was 4 days late, but I had one that was 8 days late a few months ago and nothing, so I wasn't getting my hopes up. I was cramping for several days and just waiting for my period. I was also tired a lot and my stomach felt bloated and bigger for the past week or so. Finally, I took a test and was in shock that it actually read positive! I had taken so many with negatives before. It was hard to believe! I immediately showed my husband and asked him if he saw two lines...he did! We are over the moon! We can't wait to tell family at Christmas!! :)
—Guest Jen

Didn't expect it!!!

A few months ago, I got put back on the depo shot. And my fiance moved in with me. Surprisingly we didn't expect to get pregnant we were both expecting it wouldn't be until January after my shot time was up. Well a couple weeks ago I started being very moody and rude to almost anyone, and wanting to do nothing but sleep all the time and eating and craving foods I haven't ate much of before. He said baby maybe we should take a pregnancy test and just see. So we went and bought one and at first it just showed the negative sign so we let it sit for about 5 minutes and went back and looked and it was positive then we took another one 2 days later and it said the same thing. Were getting into the doctor within the next couple weeks. We are sure we are on week 5 as of today. We were very excited and our due date is only 11 days after the date for our wedding well see what happens. But other than that I have had a lot of morning sickness, headaches, and sleepy.
—Guest Shannon

Unsure of how far...

I've had four positive tests. Three different brands, three different days, two cassettes, and two digitals. I have irregular periods so I have no idea how far I am, but very happy that I am. I've always worried about being able, so that first test was pretty shocking. I'm tired, queasy, very very light cramps that come and go. I also have mild headaches and food aversion, but boy am I hungry. My husband was so shocked by the first test (the cassette) that we did another the next morning, a digital that night and another digital the next day. We're excited and just about to move into a bigger place anyway, plus my hubby is about to start a higher paying job so timing could be worse. I just feel calm and blessed. Baby dust!
—Guest Shell

A little angel perhaps

My boyfriend had intercourse for 2 times and it counted now as 16 days from now, just hoping I am pregnant.
—Guest kristine

Not Sure

I have been 8 days late for my period and something just didn't feel right. I was cramping severely but had no bleeding. So after 4 days of cramping and nothing happened, I just had a feeling of being pregnant. I took a home pregnancy test and almost immediately it came out positive. So tomorrow I go to the doctors to find out if my results were accurate.
—Guest Heather

Hope pregnant

Trying to get pregnant for about one year now, my cycles are not regular, so every time I'm late I think I'm pregnant and then a great disappointment, now I'm 1 week late again, and this time I felt different for the past 1 week being bloated, frequent urination, short of breath, tired all the time. But today I had leg cramps in the morning and that is my period sign and I'm so scared, I don't want period this time, I scheduled appointment with the Dr. next Monday, wish me luck.

Could it be possible?

I have had my period last month with a normal flow for 4 days and spotted for 2 days when I usually flow for 7 days on a regular basis. I have had the sore, tender nipples along with being tired more than usual and my appetite has picked up a lot.
—Guest Bobbie

I don't know...

I never have gotten pregnant before. I am one week late for my period and I am starting to having lower back pain and my belly feel like its more bigger than normal. I am starting going to bathroom more. If I see bathroom then boom, I needed to go! I did a pregnancy test on Saturday morning, it was negative!!
—Guest Guest Tara

First pregnancy

I'm 20 and my boyfriend always wanted a baby. I wasn't too sure. I found out 3 weeks ago on Thursday I was pregnant after taking a home test. My boyfriend was completely over the moon and crying. I was a little shocked to say the least. I took a test because after having a horrible virus (24 hour vomiting and diarrhea) I started getting really bad stomach cramps, and a week later I took the test. We both looked at it the same time and it was positive. I went to the doctors for another test and positive again. I'm not 100% sure what my week number is as I can't remember my last period dates... I never really do keep a note of them. I think I'm around 4-7 weeks and I'm getting really bad stomach cramps, back pain, (I did have vaginal spotting but that's gone), craving for chinese food & heartburn. Give me the chinese....mmmm
—Guest Becky

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