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Readers Respond: How did you feel in early pregnancy?

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29 days..

I'm 29 days late on my period. I took a test like 3 and a half weeks ago because I was feeling very nauseous but it was negative. I've been extremely tired, constipated, boobs are getting bigger, and I've been breaking out on my face some. Oh and ive been having crazy mood swings!! I'm pretty nervous to take a test again just because it'll be my first baby if I am pregnant. I'm having mixed emotions, just ready to find out for sure!!
—Guest Chloe


i am 20 am miss my monthly thing i never miss and my belly hurts i a sweating like crazy i cant sleep right i took a test a to said not pregnancy so i do not know whats wrong just hope i am ok =\
—Guest jaime


Hi, I'm 37 and almost 7 weeks with my first pregnancy. I'm excited and scared all at the same time. I had some brown discharge for about a week after I tested positive, but apparently that's not that uncommon. I've had some dizziness, but nothing too crazy. Had breast tenderness but that's already easing. But I am sooooo tired!!
—Guest Janine


Like I been having lower back pains and I had spotting for 2 days I felt sick and also felt like I wanted to throw up , and I felt dizzy , tired all I do is lay down what can that be somebody help me please!!!!
—Guest Tea

I am sure I am pregnant

I am 2 weeks already for my period and then I took 2 home pregnancy tests.They came out positive.I have PCOS since I was 18 and this coming week I'll be going to have a pregnancy test again at a clinic.Which I know I'll have the same result.I am very excited to see my baby.It has been 1 and a half year and this is the first time I got positive result!!!! I am very blessed. To all PCOS women who are trying, there's still hope for us!!! :)
—Guest Fidelity

I didn't want 2 believe it

Wen i 1st feel lazy is wen i missed my period on May n i was lyk wat is going on,i neva thot abwt prgnancy test coz i ddn't believe it ,it ws a plight 4 em bt after May i went 2 buy pregnancy test n it ws positive,i i was cryin bt nw am gud,i feel 2 mch tired n tearsful n i evn woke up late,vomittin bt i dnt vmt,i jst dnt knw i evn feel pains lyk is my period week.
—Guest Petronella

Not a clue whats happening

i feel nausea, tired, bloated, hot flushes at night, eat when i feel like it, struggle to sleep at night but yet i did a test and it shows negative. Is it in my mind or can it be early?
—Guest Unsure

i am confused !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am 10 days late, had extremely lower back pain, cramps (like I'm about to start my period) and have all been happening for over a week. I took 2 tests today, both negative. I don't understand?!
—Guest suru

im waiting for god's gift

My period is on july 18 nearly before 1 wk i had feeling my breasts are so sore,im too tired,slightly incresad weight im sure these and al different and smthng happnd in my body.i hope god gv a beautifl gift bcse v tired it 4 1yr.anybdy tel if im pregnant atlst tis tim?
—Guest Janki

My feeling in early pregnancy

I felt very sick, always vomiting and not being able to eat. But now i don't know if I am pregnant, my period is late with one week. Can I be pregnant? Because I lost my first baby a day after birth two months ago so I really need a baby right now.

Could i be pregnant?

I feel nausea rvery night last 3-4 nights i havent been on the nuva ring since may had a normal period last month im 2 days late so far been cramping having lower back pain sore nipples and think i may have a yeast infection. I hv 3 kids already but nvr felt like this w them.
—Guest Jess

could i be pregnant

I have been having abdominal pain for a little over a week and lower back pain. People are saying maybe an UTI but I don't have those symptoms. I want to be pregnant but feel so disappointed that I won't be so I feel I have given up on the thought. Other symptoms are tender nipples, swelling feet, no appetite, and a Lil moody could I be pregnant? My period is not due until another 10 days and doctors appt on Aug 6th such a long wait!
—Guest katherine

Not sure what to do!!

Hi my name I's Vanessa I'm 25 & I kind of need advice from some one out thereI have been feeling like something I's up with my body last month I started only lasted for 3days witch not sure if it normal or not I was on the depo for 9 month got off it in feb this year 2013 didn't like how I was feeling well it's been about six month now that I'm off it well while I was ovulating my breast where sore witch never happens only when I'm about to start threw out my ovulation they where sore now I'm not on it & omg they r still sore ESPECALLY when I take my bra off at night I have & been feeling very light headed & been peeing but I'm not really worried about that I'm more concern about my breast they are still sore & it's been about a month now I dn't want to get my hopes up that why I hvent bought a pregancy test I do hve a daughter so kno what it feels like to be pregnant I've just not sure if it's cuz I was on the depo & it's messing me up on my hormone or if I am preg. Not sure what to d
—Guest VanessaSerenity

I am pregnant or nt

Me and my husband trying to get a baby I have give alouts of test the all negative. But this time I'm felling like I am pregnet but I'm not sure I'm going toilet alout for pee I had womating I'm felling dizzy all the time tired. I don't no whats going on with me I want to know do I pregnet
—Guest Fiza

no symptoms

I have three boys and in all my pregnancys I didn't have any symptoms I loved it I guess I'm lucky. In my last two pregnancy I actually didn't know I was pregnant until I was two months along
—Guest liz

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