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Readers Respond: How did you feel in early pregnancy?

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Updated April 19, 2013

could i be pregnant?

I had my tubes tied 9 yrs ago. I'm 3 weeks late, which has never happened. Feeling sick for 3 weeks off and on and my lower backs hurts and bloated and can't get rid of this butterfly in my belly. Feeling really moody all the time and want to cry over dumb stuff. What you all of you think. Could i be?
—Guest Chrystal

At nine weeks I have felt fine

I am nine weeks almost ten I misscarried in May and it Aug so that is why I am so worried I go in for my first US today I am so nervous cause really all in all I have felt fine and I would not know I was pregnant if I did not miss my period and my boobs are only sore when I take my Bra off, so we will see ( Praying all is good)
—Guest Autumn

iam 6 weeks pregnant

im 6 weeks pregnant including gestational weeks but THANK GOD not feel sick at all except i feel sometimes minor cramps breast sensitive that is all ,good appetite glad to read above all posts by 1st trimester if wont fel other symptoms is it possible to have in 2nd trimeste? tc thanks
—Guest drhana

I don't know

I have bloating, stomache ache like slight cramping like I'm about to see my period, feel like vomiting, pee fast headache, hungry much! I really don't know :( my bf cum in me like 3 times in one week! Now I'm scared! I think its too early to get a test but I'm still wondering y I'm feeling this way! Could it be pregnancy?
—Guest chica

7 weeks 5 days

I am pregnant with my first child. I feel horrible. I am constantly extremely nauseous, but not throwing up. My breasts are sore and I am an emotional disaster. I am having some crazy nightmares about twins, and the baby furniture that keep me tossing and turning all night. I feel extremely sick in the morning, and extremely tired. I told my family at 6 weeks and they are not supportive. My beautiful baby is all I need, once this horrible first trimester is over it'll be ok.
—Guest Anna


Mine and my hubby was in anniversary was at the end of June and that was the last time we done anything. And in July my period was normal and this month I'm a week late and feeling sick late and early morning. Help please. I'm so confused
—Guest unknowkn


Mine and my hubby was in anniversary was at the end of June. And in July my period was normal and this month I'm a week late and feeling sick late and early morning. Help please.
—Guest unknowkn


I'm praying that when it's time for me to take the test it comes back positive, but I wont know for a few more weeks. It's only been a few days since my boyfriend and I made our attempt to get pregnant, and I already feel crampy, bloated and i have a loss of appetite. I'm scared to take the test though, because I'm going to be devastated if it comes back negative. I'm so anxious and I just want these next few weeks to go by fast so I can find out for sure!
—Guest Lindsay


Mine and my hubby was in anniversary was at the end of June. And in July my period was normal and this month I'm a week late and feeling sick late and early morning. Help please.
—Guest unknowkn


Last week had sex for the first time, mostly today had a severe pain in my stomach and feel bloated already.. Had many dreams of being pregnant and having a baby .. Feel sick but not thrown up.. Bad headache .. Bit of a temperature and such bad back pains.. Am i pregnant? I really hope i am going to take my test after if i miss my next period coming. Excited!
—Guest Sian

scared surprisingly ..hopeful?

I can relate to Dominique. I missed my period by about a week now. I just went back through my womens app & read last month I only had a faint period of two days. Two days ago I started to feel dizzy. I threw up once. I'm still getting dizzy spells, feeling like I might get sick but don't. Slight cramping frequent urination and an odd feeling in my stomach.very hard to describe. I thought it was gas. Tickles. I'm so tired. I bought a test. I'm terrified. I've always been terrified to get pregnant. But today I stood in a line and watched a mother w her new baby.. I looked down at my test and smiled. Hopeful.
—Guest anna

Wondering if I'm pregnant

I've been feeling extremely sleepy all the time and My tummy feels heavy. My last period was on the 13th of July. On the 23rd I had some bleeding it went from brown to red Nd then brown again. My period is a day late. Been also cramping as if my periods coming with back pains. I don't know if I'm pregnant. I took 2 tests and they both we're negative. Still wondering.
—Guest Patrice


I've been trying to get pregnant for the past two years and nothing seemed to shake me and my boyfriend were scared I couldn't get pregnant . Then one day I realized I was getting sick in the morning and at night. So my boyfriend decided to buy me a test I took both of them and walha it was positive were so excited
—Guest Jay

Up in the air

I am 23 almost 24 my partner and I haven't been trying but I have this suss feeling that I have fallen pregnant, 6-7days late. But my PT came back negative I'm not sick or stressed!!! Feeling so tired, weird headache, feeling quizzy, having hot flushes at night and starting to crave for food especially after I have ready had dinner or breakfast it's so weird would love it to be true :)
—Guest Jb

also have cramps

ive been having unprotected sex for almost 3 weeks now, a day ago my ovalution started and had unprotected sex again yesterday , i feel pulling then cramping but very mild pain -im due for my period on the 19th.i dont wanna test just yet. but the wait is killing me.
—Guest sexy sue

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