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Readers Respond: How did you feel in early pregnancy?

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could i be pregnant

Hi.. Well i have a question i had sex on the 5 of september and i didn't use any kind of protection for the pass 2 weeks I been having mild cramps and lover back pain. I had some white discharge but not that much and I been eating a lot my breats and nipples look kind of weird and also peen.. I'm expecting my period on the 23 which is tomorrow. I don't know if I'm pregnant or is just my period
—Guest saqolla

pregnant or all in my head?

For two months me and my fiance have been having alot of unprotected sex. And last month i would be bloated all the time , pee like a race horse, and get slight cramps. My period was unusual because its usually a heavy flow. This time it was much much lighter. I had sore boobies and towards the end of the month i would be nauseous but could not throw up. I took two pt's and a big fat negative. This month i've been bloated, headaches, slight cramps, really gassy, my moods will switch in seconds (from happy to angry and back), and my period was light and more of a dark brown then red. Also i pee alot and im not on any bc. Please help ive never been pregnant before and im nervous to test again. Thanks so much. xo.
—Guest Miss B

so confused

I had sex with my hubby barely 5 days to my period and now am late. No symptoms of pregnancy none of my flow coming. But I rush to d bathroom all the time feeling warm n wet but nothing. Could I be pregnant? Pls help
—Guest lexy

i dont know if im pregnant

My period is late 7 days and I took 2 tests and they are negative ..I feel dizzy tired sleepy cramping in my belly I think just gas...something when I ate after I feel pain like I want to vomit ..
—Guest soukaina

Help me

I have been feeling nasueated, light hesdache I have been having a metallic taste in my mouth that makes me want to throw up. Also my lower back have been hurting and feeling a little light headed at times and my stomach feels real funny. Has anybody experienced this? Do I need to get a test?
—Guest Re

so Confused

I've been stress for about since on the 6th of september until today because I've been spotting on my periods on a brownish blood for about 4days.since then I've been having cramps in my stomach,being hungry every after 5min nd worse part there is this over sleeping I have now.so I wonder now what da hell is happang to me.am I preg or wat?
—Guest LINDA

soooo confused

Last month I ended up missing around 16 ramdom pills. Then at the end of this month I missed five in a row starting saturday through to the white ones. Monday night I had cramps. Then tuesday and until today I have felt nauseous and dizzy and supper tierd. And throughout yhe week having headachs. My period was 2days late and when it came it started oit brown then turned mucousy and loght red then increased flow and bright red. I took three test throight the past weekand all came negative. Could it even be possible I could be pregnant
—Guest molly

Hopeful Mom

If i read all the symptoms of being pregnant, i guess not all of them i'd experience for the past days. I am already 10 days delayed, feel heart burn for a week already, my breast were tender (not that much), had a bloated stomach that i can't even wear my fitted shirts, i pee for a couple of times in a day unlike before. i just hope it will turns out positive, i'll try PT this coming Friday. Wish me luck...
—Guest Lally

lost my baby

in my pregnancy I was felling slight pain in my hips and I was getting ill a lot I would have very bad cramps and suffer with belly pains after 1 month I lost my baby I was devastated and the pain was terrible but I managed the worst part about it is the emotional side I would get upset about everything through the pregnancy and after
—Guest lola blackmore

Never felt this before

Im 7 weeks 6 days pregnant with baby number 4 and im miserable im exausted drained and weak if i eat i get nauseous and if i dont eat i get nauseous all i can do is lay around because me trying to do anything else makes me sick... i know every pregnancy is different but i never experienced this
—Guest Mom of 3


Ok ive had gas for a month , nausea, sensitive Smell, sore boobs, emotional and peeing a lil to much...Lord knws ill love to be preggo but scared to take the test from previous disappoints...last but least I at times feel lil thumps but I think its gas but not sure...
—Guest 1OfaKind

Fingers crossed

I have almost all the symptoms..feeling dizzy all the day..pain in my lower abdomen.. cramp My periods due date is already gone .I feel constipated all the time.. my breast are so painful and need to pee a lot.. a part I have sneezing in the morning and it goes away as the day passes.. I will be taking test Hope to hear something good as we are waiting for the moment desperately..
—Guest Ayesha


I am 18 years old pregnate with my second child and i feel more symptoms than i did when i was first pregnate . And much earlier, i am about 5 weeks . I feel like i have to pee aloooot . I have crazy back pain. I feel tiredd all the time and lazier . I feel like ihave to throw up alot . Everytime i eat something or if im not. Ihave my first appointment soon and def am going to ask if thats normal this early in pregnacy . With my first child i could barley tell iwas pregnate. Never felt like anything.
—Guest kristen

2nd baby on the way

This pregnancy has been...a challenge. I'll put it like that. I'm 12 weeks now, and before I get sick and throw up my chest hurts like nothing else. It literally feels like someone has a hold of my esophagus and they're squeezing it. Everytime my heart beats I can feel it hit my esophageal walls, it's kind of a disturbing feeling. It gets so bad at times where I have to sit down because I can't breathe. It's truly that painful. The only relief is when I vomit, but then it irritates my stomach and diaphragm and makes eating anything difficult. I've lost 12 lbs but I've gained two of them back. Thank God. I had no symptoms but sore breasts and a missed period with my last pregnancy and this one is come with symptoms galore. I wouldn't have it any other way though, I hope the second trimester comes with a vanishing of these symptoms. It sucks being sick at work and at home.
—Guest Crystal


—Guest JOY

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