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Readers Respond: How did you feel in early pregnancy?

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Updated April 19, 2013

could i be pregant 4 weeks after msc

hi everyone, could i be pregnant again, 4 weeks ago, i have a miscarriage, bleed for 2 long days then Sunday me and my boyfriend started trying again, i started ovulating on that Monday now its been 2 weeks since then ive been getting paids in my groin area, very tried, very moody, today i have a taste of plactics in my mouth and starting with a cold. any ideas people?
—Guest sam

9weeks and 4 days

My husband an I have been tryin for 2 years and finally after all those negative tests a positive result!! :) I started getting these heavy migranes, nothing helped and very sore breasts then I realized I had skipped my period by almost 8 days when I made an appt at the doc because I had bladder infection, the doc did blood test and they came back positive!! I am so happy, I can not wait for my next ob appt!!

prego @ last

Hi,this is my second. Hav been trying for two month and its here ( just hope it a boy cus my first is a beautiful gal). My first was quit blissfull, cus I had no morning sickness, no one even knew I ws preg until I was five month gone. But dis one is exaltly d opposite. Feeling excessiuvely sleeping, craving for unneccessary thing. Terrible temper, fatigue getting bitter than suppose. And am just six week my tomMy is already protuding( that big) excess bowel movement to mentiooon a few. Just hope its a twin.cus I actually used comid breifly. Goooood luck to d expecting mums out there.
—Guest dididid


My boyfriend and I have been trying from June 2013. Its October 2013 and I'm feeling pain in my lower back, I feel like i want to sleep more, I'm more moody than I ever was,.. Could there be a possibility that I'm pregnant ?
—Guest shanbaybee

too normal its worrying

I am technically 5 weeks pregnant. . And before boobs felt tender and I can eat for England. . Now.. I dont feel much... im glad im not sick so can hide pregnancy till at least 12 weeks.. but its agonising waiting.. hoping all is ok.. I had a miscarridge last year and so hope all is ok..but because I dont have any real strong symptoms im gonna be on edge for ages yet... im trying to stay positive.. and this time try and forget im pregnant and just git on with daily life till the scan.... I guess the worry is just the start of being a parent.. you'll always worry every step of the way... ;-)
—Guest freckles


I'm 4wks and 2days and for past 2 weeks I've beeen having horrible back pain and frecuent urge to urinate . Gosh like 12 times a day I've been craving spicy food I hate chicken mind u before I loved it ... I'm sooooooo sensitive I cry for everythinggg I get angry easily and I'm super superrrr attached to my fiance
—Guest Stephh

8 Weeks Pregnant

Today I found out me and my fiancé was expecting . He was super excited but I was a bit of nervous. Excessive Salvia , breast soreness , and not eating or drinking at all . Was throwing my stomach lining . Went to the doctor & he said I was fine. I'm a tad bit Nervous about this tingling feeling . Hope everyone has a safe delivery :)
—Guest Guest_0000

Please help me...

Okay so my periods irregular....Haven't had my period. Nauseated...tired all the time.. Having bad headaches..when I use the bathroom..or take a shower this clear LONG discharge will appear.. I have been peeing a lot!! my hormones has changed rapidly..I'm hungry a lot more then usual...and Thursday I was throwing up. And I FEEL PREGNANT.. And it's been a week in a half...sense I've thought..That I was pregnant.
—Guest 2 weeks.

Could i be pregnant?

could somebody help me please. i had unprotected sex but got my period like a clock and it lasted only for 2 days. usually i have for 3 or 4 days. although feel dizzy all the time. feeling fatigue, sickness and temperature. my breasts hurt and are enlarged. is it possible that i'm pregnant? or maybe all these symptoms are caused from some virus or infection.
—Guest Vika

symptoms light after ttc

I got off the pill and immediately had morning sickness, sore breasts and all sorts of symptoms. When I finally did get pregnant, it was actually the first month I DIDN'T have those symptoms. I didn't feel pregnant until about 2 months in, and never had morning sickness.
—Guest Melly

I have cramps and 3 weeks late

I have pcos and I have gone six months without a period b4 but since then they have been regular,but for the first time in a long time I'm late...3weeks late and I have the period cramps but no show my nipples are sore but not my breasts I feel that sick feeling but nothing comes,and I get little pain sometimes on the right of stomach and sometimes on the left,I could be preg but could it also be this annoying pcos arrgh! I'm gonna go buy a test today, I am scared though!
—Guest Cass

am I pregant

I have my periods on aug 29th and sep 1st is my wedding day I had sex with my hubby for 12 days only since he want to go out of station soon. Now am having breast pain and hip cramps.still now I didt get my periods? Am I pregant?
—Guest nicelyy

l o s t

me and my boyfriend recently had sex unprotected for the past few weeks and he ejaculates inside of me each time with a huge amount of semen. for two weeks i have been feeling fatigue and having a bit of mood changes but i remain calm. abdominal, lower back pains and i feel nauseous every day as if i have to vomit but it doesn't happen. my appetite has increased, meals i never finished before has become the total opposite within a few days. everyone around me believes i am pregnant and so do i but at the same time i don't want to get my hopes up due to the previous failed attempts. for some strange reason every time i believe i am pregnant i go through this faze where i notice everything revolves around pregnancy and babies. i'm confused and need guidance.
—Guest Nicole

pregnancy symptoms

This is my second pregnancy and each time i found out i was pregnant is when my bronchitis came back i constantly coughed for a month straight each time while my husband threw up almost every morning i have slight fatigue and thats it other than that great experiencess
—Guest savonne

Am I pregnant or what?

I'm 2 weeks late on my period, and I've been feeling very tired, moody, lower back and stomach pain (like period cramps) sometimes nauseous but no throw up and I took 2 tests, they both came back negative soo I'm really confused on what's going on.
—Guest Little mermaid

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