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Readers Respond: How did you feel in early pregnancy?

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I felt really good never better I had lots of entergy and felt like I could run a marathon. I love being pregnant.
—Guest tammy

could I be pregnant??

For a week now I have been waking up drenched in sweat. I feel like puking almost for a week now. My boobies feel a lil sensitive and so do my nipples. I've had dull lower back pain and been really constipated. My period is due in 3 days and I already took a pregnancy test of course to my luck it was negative. Can anyone relate? ??
—Guest Deedee

im sick and in bed

ifve been sick for 4days now,i vomit,have a headach,fan my self the whole night and now have a running stomach and i havent had my period for 29days now,am i pregnant?
—Guest nokwandaD

i want to know mayb am pregnant

since August this year dat i have has sex since den ave been missin my period dat August dat ave nottice dat i dnt see my period i use an abortion drug i i saw my period after usin d drug d followin month i dnt see my period nd i dnt ave sex wit any body i went to meet one nurse she said mayb is missin soo she gave me an injection after dat i also saw it dis month now i suppose to see it on thursday whish is last week i dnt see it nd i dnt ave sex wit any body nd am feelin d stomach pain dat thursday nd am also feelin some things in my virginal lik mayb am havin toilet disease soo pls help me

worry wart

I am 18 years old. Me and my boyfriend have had unprotected sex for about a month. We are usually very careful but on one day that wasn't the case and it was around the time I should be obvulating. I've had bad cramps, gas, headaches, I'm very tired to wear I won't even go to soccer practice, I pee all the time, and I eat but feel as if I'm still not full. My discharge has been a whitish color. Am I pregnant or paranoid?
—Guest megan

Im not sure

I am 19 and my boyfriend and I have been trying.I have a brownish bleeding though its not my period.my stomach hurts but it might be the heat.my period is due in seven days from now.I so wish that Im preg.pls tell me if im.
—Guest Victory

need help

every month 10 days before I feel lower abdomin pain and back pain. but this month after conception I had experienced cramps in my lowercabdomin and during that time I had bad head ache..I thought tis may be a symptom of early pregnancy..but now as usual 10days before due date agai I am facing lower abdomin pain and my breasts are also heavy..can you pls help me whether this is a symptom of pregnancy or not.
—Guest happy


last mnth i hav all signs of preg until 18th i started feeling sharp pain on my lower abdomen then 19 i started bleeding with serious pain for 5 days but breast is stil tender but other sign disappear,now today 7th feeling heaviness ad tireness while walking any hope i need the preg.
—Guest adebaby

How did you feel in early pregnancy

I felt different, I didn't feel like myself. My uterus felt weird before I missed my period. Energy levels went down quicker and pee came out frequently! my nipples weren't swollen, but got bigger plus the soreness. Emotions were a little less stable, no implantation bleeding (I got lucky like my mom) no morning sickness either, but there was headaches, nausea and heartburn without eating food sometimes.
—Guest Ally

7 weeks tomorrow~

Today I have noticed my mood swings being off the chart. (like a period x 10) Cramps, bloating (makes me look slightly pregnant already!) I crave salty foods and when I get near any food whether I'm starving or not, I just can't eat! It's terrible. I used ro eat non stop and all that has came to a hault :( I've lost a pound already maybe even 2.. Still bloated, and even more bloated after I force myself to eat, (yuck!) My spouse seems to have had my symptoms run off on him. It's going by so slow, and they do not have me for my first ultrasound until December 2nd. I hope everything turns out better. This week I've started to feel more nauseous. D: Welp, Hope I helped!
—Guest Sierra

Just confuse

My period was late with 7 days,and am having lower back pain, Head-ache, sore nipples, laziness, feeling as to throw up, having 2 pregnancy test done, all nagetive.on the 8th day my period is out. Yet still feel all the symptoms, help me could it be that am pregnant?i just hope its a BABY
—Guest Mary Ann


I had sex during my period, i took the plan b pill the 3rd day. I was spotting a week later. Now my period is a week late! I have cramps and I've been having like cum in my underwear. I'm also having cold sweats! I am scared,anybody know what can be wrong?
—Guest neyyneyy

i need anwears?

I haven't had the shot since before Aug. I been feeling dizzy my head hurts I feel sick but don't throw up I can't eat with out feeling sick and I pee alot but my underwear are wet when I go to the bath room .. my belly hurts so bad) :
—Guest jen

I have no idea

I was on depo im now2 n a half months off I had unprotected sex then started bleeding two days after ..that lasted for a couple days. Then I started spotting. I have cramps sometimes and my stomach sometimes looks a lil bigger than usual . My stomach also makes funny sounds . What should I do?
—Guest kimmy


i found out that i was 6 weeks pregnant while i had corpum leteum cest that had burst, i bleed for 2 weeks none stop right now i do not know if i had bleed to a miscarige or not
—Guest lindiwe

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