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Readers Respond: Have you ever had implantation bleeding?

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Updated January 09, 2011

So you're trying to get pregnant and all of a sudden, you're bleeding and your period isn't due. This early show of blood may make you concerned about miscarriage or make you think that you can skip a pregnancy test this cycle. But sometimes it's implantation bleeding. So how did you know if it was implantation bleeding? When did you take a pregnancy test? Share Your Experience

Periods 3times in one month?

I really need help, I'm driving myself crazy not knowing what's going on.. Around the 1st of jan I got my periods for 3/4 days which is completely normal I did have sexual intercourse before and after anyways 2 weeks later I started bleeding again brown blood but I keep getting bright red blood only a couple lines of it then it was pinkish sometimes well then went to a brownish pinkish watery colour for 4/5 days I have never had this before beside old blood right after my periods so a week later I started getting cramps in my lower abd & just sharp pains around my stomach, back pains what do you no I'm bleeding once again it was bleeding like a normal periods for 3/4 hours then spotting bam gone within one day! Any ideas? Anyone
—Guest Tay


I have my mc on the 12 of every month this month it started on 12 lasted 3days and 4th stoped. 5th day the when I went pee I whiped and I had bright bloody discharge and a couple of little spots n underdrawls. Had sex with bf on dec11th day befor perid and this month witch its jan. Little freaked out
—Guest mandaji

could i be pregnant

My period was 3 days late. I bled for 2 days and today brown spotting. 2 negative test
—Guest toya


i was suppose to start my period on the 10th of December didn't get it, on the 28th i started spotting light pink. Next day was brown very dark brown and gooey. I am usually very regular on my periods. I've taken a few pregnancy test and all came out negative. could i be pregnant...:)please help
—Guest hopefull

Odd 2day late "period"

My period was 2 days late, and I woke up this afternoon and felt "gross down there" I went to the bathroom wiped what seemed to be a lot of blood and when I looked in the toilet there was a big dark dark red glob about the size of my palm. It stopped bleeding bad about 30 mins later. And I have only spotted a little bit. Last one the blood was mostly in the discharge. Don't know what's going on. Boobs were sore, stopped being sore. And started being sore again about 2 days before my period was suppose to start. Any ideas? Sorry for the grody details.
—Guest Sarah

Period or Implantation Bleeding??? Help!

I usually start my period on the 20th; however, this long I didn't I was a week late and I was sure I was pregnant because I usually always start in the 20th and a week after it was due on the 27th I randomly started. It looked like I started my period but now I'm not so sure because after that one time I went to the bathroom and realized I was bleeding it slowed WAY down I just spotting and by the next night I wasn't bleeding anymore. I know that you can sometimes bleed whenever the baby is attaching which is why I'm not sure if I actually started my period or if I'm pregnant. I've take two tests and they have both came out negative but I know that it can take two weeks after implant. bleeding before you get an exact answer plus my mom and aunt didn't show up pregnant on pre tests only on blood tests plus they both had their periods until they were 4 months. I don't know what to do and I would really like to know if I am or not cuz I'm currently being prescribed tabs. Please help!!!!!
—Guest Confused Lady


November 20th was the first day of my last period and lasted for 3 days and was a light one compared to my regular ones. which last 5-7 days and are heavy. we are ttc and did 3 months of clomid because I wasn't ovulating. I did ovulate while on 50 mg of clomid but did not get pregnant. I think sept or oct was my last month of clomid because I decided to take a break from it. so any way last menstrual was November 20th and now 17 days later I start spotting and today 12-7-13 its medium and I'm bloated and lower back cramp and abdominal cramps. they aren't horribly bad but are some what uncomfortable. what is going on with me.

My little morning suprise

So all week ive had damn near every sign of an early pregnancy EXCEPT the implantion spotting and every thinks im crazy and i "think" im pregnant to the point i was thinking maybe im not pregnant maybe its in my head.so last night before i went to sleep in prayed.so today i woke up with cramping i went straight the the bathroom and Sure enough the lord had answered my prayers. There was a dime size drop of blood in my panties! Later on i went to go check if i was spotting still. When i looked down i saw a few drops of blood followed by a clear slimmy thing hanging. Sounds like what i been reading. Pray for me please! ~sasha


I have the implant I've had it in half a year I've not had a period in ages. I had sex with my boyfriend 3 days ago and now I'm having light bleeding with minor cramps, what does this mean? Is this a period or am I possibly pregnant?


Okay im currently 2 weeks late for my period. Im never this late ever. Im aware that myself and my partner had sex when I was ovulating.but for the last four days there has been a very small amount of browinsh sticky discharge when I wipe. Then it turned onto pinky drops when I wiped still very light very un noticeable. Now it has gone a little more heavier im wearing a pad to be safe but no where near as heavy as I usually am. Ive heared allot about implantation bleeding. But it is definatly no where near like my periods their usually extreamly heavy on time and I have blood clots aswell. If someone cam help me x
—Guest confussed

Could i be pregnant?

I always start my period on the 19th of every month lasting 7 days exact.In Sep. 19th,2013 i had a very light period only lasted 3-4 days,On Oct.3rd i woke up needing to pee and when i wiped i had brown discharge and i thought i was gonna have another period, then later on two small spots of red blood and it turned into light pinkish discharge for two days i had light cramping like if i was gonna start my period then stopped. Now its the 20th and i have'nt started took a test looked like it was gonna be a light pos. what does this mean? am i pregnant? was it Implantation? Ever since the discharge i have been feeling more tired slight constipation,moody,backache,hot flashes,cold feet,nauseous.

Light red blood

Me and my oh are ttc am due my period tomorrow but today I went to the loo and I had a tiny bit of light red blood mixed with my cm could this just be my period starting I don't never bleed or have spotting the day before I also feel bloated and tired alot more than normal
—Guest Lea


I was ovulation on the 3 of September and I am not due for my period until 17 the of sept why i'm wiping bleed five days before my period is due and it's very light red color please can somebody help
—Guest Unanimous

Implantation bleeding

My last period was 14-17 July,now in August 22-24 had this stretchy and watery like mucus with bright red colour. I usually experience pain, but this time around no pain.the bleeding just disappeared.Now 2 wks later am experiencing nausea in the morning and evening. To go for pregnancy testing.
—Guest jules

i wonder

I was due with my period 25 it came 26 last two days and its gone whipe third day it look like coffee I still have cramping but nothing my period always last 5 to 7 days, i m wondering what is gping on
—Guest mystery

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