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Readers Respond: Have you ever had implantation bleeding?

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Updated January 09, 2011

So you're trying to get pregnant and all of a sudden, you're bleeding and your period isn't due. This early show of blood may make you concerned about miscarriage or make you think that you can skip a pregnancy test this cycle. But sometimes it's implantation bleeding. So how did you know if it was implantation bleeding? When did you take a pregnancy test?

Be Careful and Get It Checked out!

I had started my cycle almost like normal. I spotted for 3-4 days before I took a pregnancy test. It came back positive. The doctor was concerned so I had 2-3 appts a week, but 3 weeks later I did miscarry!
—Guest Sharon

Trying to figure out...

Not sure if I've just had my period or not ? I normally 'come on' on the 8th. Which I did... But it was a pinkish brown discharge (spotting) lasted for about 3/4 days but it was barely anything... Never had this before!
—Guest Natalie


It was a week before my period was due and I got up in the morning and there was red blood followed by brownish blood, I thought oh great I got my period and then no more bleeding for days so I took a test and YES!! I am prego.
—Guest Lisa


For the past week when I wipe its a pinkish color but my period isn't due till next week. I wonder if this implantation bleeding.
—Guest wanabe a mommy

Implantation bleeding

I've been trying to conceive I got off the Nuva ring a month ago and I had a period and now I. Have had very light brownish blood not when I wipe but its in my underwear. I've also had slight cramping.
—Guest bekka

Im not sure

I had something I thought was a period it was a squirt of blood in my pad very light then after that it was no more blood I'm still not sure.
—Guest Esther

1 Day Period

I had a light 1 day period which is unknown for me. I'm always medium to heavy for 7-10 days, so I became very concerned. When I typed it in online the response said implantation bleeding. So I decided to take a test. Surprise!!! I'm pregnant!
—Guest Michelle

I bled and had no idea!

I didn't take a pregnancy test because of the bleeding I had. It was a slightly early period in my mind. So I missed two periods before I figured out I was pregnant.
—Guest Amber
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