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Readers Respond: Have you ever had implantation bleeding?

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Updated January 09, 2011


i got this brown sort of discharge before my period then when my next period came around that was normal. what does this mean?

very worried

so my boyfriend and I decided to try something new and about a week or two later I started brown spotting like slimy brown stuff for a few days then bliss mixed with it now it's just extremely light bleeding like maybe 12 drops worth or so... I can't see my doctor until September 18. also I'm on birth control and have been since late January of this year. this started happening two weeks before next period now one week till. I'm really scared...
—Guest Persephone

32 & No Baby Yet Blues

Ok, I went to urinate a little bit ago & this time. No blood was rearing it's ugly head at me! Is it true? Could I be spotting as if I'm experiencing "Implantation" bleeding & "not" starting my period?! Oh how I hope & pray so! I've been wanting & trying for a baby for far too long now. It gets depressing! My 18 year old niece that I helped raise has 2 baby's & I just hope & pray that Gox could give me just one of my own.
—Guest guitars fastcars

Power of Prayer

Really, I just want to ask for prayers for me to be pregnant. The more people who join together in prayer the more powerful the prayer becomes. I'm very thankful for each & everyone of you who join me in prayer for a baby of my own. Again.... Thanx Ladies:-)
—Guest guitars fastcars

32 & No Baby Yet Blues

My fiance' & I have been trying to have a baby for over 2 years. Niether of us have any children from previous relationships either. He's 39 & I'm 32 with our Biethday's both coming up again soon! Well, lastnight there was little blood one time when I wiped, then nothing & I just woke up a little while ago & there was that little bit of blood on my T-P rearing it's ugly head at me again! I'm afraid my period iz trying to start but so hopeful that it's implantation bleeding instead. Any thoughts on my situation would be awsome. Thanx Ladies! Hoping for a Bleesing
—Guest guitars fastcars


First day of my last period was 25 / 07 / 2013. Was due to begin again on Friday 23/ 08 / 2013. Have not started and now 4 days late. Did a test last week, with one extremely faint line, following day did another - only one line on the test. Today I started with a mucuosy like brown discharge and not cramps - but a bit uncomfortable in abdominal area. Unsure if this is period which is late or implantation? any advice?
—Guest LaurenR


I've had two miscarriages in the past. One November of last year and on early March. My fiancé and I have been trying to conceive as of last month. My last period was July 12-17. My period was 12 days late. On the 12th day I started lightly spotting. I've had barely any cramps. The ones I have had were very small and nothing like period cramping. I've taken 9 negative test during the time I was missing my period. I have about all the pregnancy symptoms nausea, tiredness, sore breasts, weird cravings, etc. Ive had a little belly fir tha past two weeks. I usually have a flat tummy(I'm really small) and I've felt tingling a couple times by my belly button. I'm scared of having another miscarriage. I have been taking prenatal a just in case I am. I'm not sure what to do. I've been told that its possible that your body won't secrete enough of the hcg hormone to give a positive test until after a couple months and causes negatives. No money for the doctor and no insurance. Any help for me?
—Guest Alexa

light red blood only when i wipe

I had my Period about 3 weeks ago, I noticed this morning when I wiped that the tissue had light blood on it I'm confused as I follow my Birth control schedule, my period is only in the next 10 days please help.
—Guest megan

Straight forward

I wasn't planning a pregnancy at all and I'm a late ovulator...18 - 19 days. I missed my period and started seeing brownish fluid mixed with pink. This happens during the day for a few hours or more but then stops. I had all colors but day two was a lot of brown and strikes of bright red pinkish fluid. I'm very bias so what I say is not to convince myself of being pregnant. Each day I had red blood but it was minor. I don't know what's going on???
—Guest Anya

blown period

I had blown discharge b4 period and a very dark period just for 3days.
—Guest Ahuoyiza


my cycle came on a week early, very light cycle it bright red blood for 2 days could of worn a a panty liner, but anywho on the 3 day nothing my cycle was gone. i feel very bloated im not experiencing any other symptoms other the increase appetite and FATIGUE all the time i tested on the 25th and it was negative, but my body feels different. idk why my cycle came on early or was this implantation bleeding?? im just not sure... has this happened to anyone else??

What could it be

Me and my bf had penetration (just the tip) on the 11th of July I have been on the pill for a month. My period was due the 20th of July nothing has come yesterday I started have brown discharge not a whole lot just a little, today it's bright red about the same amount I took a 2 pregnancy tests one for the 20th and one 2 days ago both are negative. Only sign I have is nausea no vomiting but that might be nerves could I be getting a false result from the tests
—Guest Cinner


So I had two miscarriages last year & now I might be but it feels different I had fun for like a week straight & then on the 7th & 8th of this month (July 2013) I had light red spotting & a lil brown discharge I'm scared to know but I wanna know... Do you ladies think I am... I go to the doctor this Wed for a test...
—Guest Twin

brown discharge

Hey guys.. Can anyone help pls.. I got this brown discharge from past 9 days before my periods are due and now am noticing slight brown reddish discharge. we are ttc and is it a possible implantation bleeding or my pms is due.
—Guest preetha

implantaton bleeding??

Im not sure if it is or not im hoping it is but i started spotting 2 days ago its only when i wipe i dont even need a pad this is not normal for me my period is not due for 5 more days could this be implantation bleeding??
—Guest shellbells24

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