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Readers Respond: Did you experience pregnancy symptoms before you missed a period?

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Updated September 01, 2010

lower abdominal cramping, back pain

Hi.. everyone. I am new here. my last period started on 5th July 2012 and finished on 7th July. I am regular. 20 and 21 I got suddently diziness. on 22 my abdominal cramps and back pain and sore breast.sometime I got nausea. could I be pregnant? I want to be a mother. I trying for 1 years already. still cannot get the baby. If anyone can answer me, please help me to answer
—Guest skystar


No I have not experienced any types of preganancy symptoms only cramps but that's about it and I feel bloated but I think it's caused from my period coming
—Guest Guess


My period isnt due for 3-4 days but I feel like I could be pregnant bc of subtle signs. First, sore breasts but this can be either. Second, been moody. Third, been really tired and just wanna relax. Today, I didnt sleep until 9am. Woke up at almost 3pm, very clammy, mind you, and I am wide awake but still feeling like I wanna lay down. I took a pregnancy test last night it was negative. At that point this was 4 days before my missed period... Kinda confused because I was almost sure it would say +. Me and my husband had intercourse almost every day I was fertile... And aside from that, I had a sharp pain in my lower abdomen 2 days ago.. I believe it was only once but I think I just passed it as being gas -shrug- I am going to post again soon and let readers know of my results. I guess my biggest indication that I could be pregnant is the lack of energy and feeling tired lately. Wish me luck!
—Guest Rose


Well the past few days I noticed my boobs started hurting and soon after that I started feeling a weird sick feeling I get nauseas but nothing comes out then I started having back pains and about 6:30 that night I got so tired that I was about to pass out plus added with dizziness. This morning I really feel achy in my stomach and just don't feel well at all my boobs still hurt I'm still dizzy my stomach it tightening it's so weird and when I laughed it hurt inside like I was going to pop something. And I had the littlest cramping at the beginning of my symptoms what do you ladies think ??
—Guest Shyann123

6 days

Hello girls I have been trying for 1 year and I'm due my period in 6days but I feel sick at night never in the mornings one of my boobs are very sore and they doubled in size and the lower of my tummy. Hard as rock couls I bee pregger ! And I'm not sleeping please help
—Guest sarah


I had my period on the 10th Which was early and it lasted about a week. I also had sex on my first ovalation day. I been having sharp pains in my lower stomach, headaches, dizzy and I been bloated for a Month I started my period again on the 28th and its July 7th and im still on it. It went from being really light to a heavy now a brown light. Can some one tell me what's going on.
—Guest star145

I think i'm pregnant

I have been having hot flashes, runny nose, sore breasts, lack of sleep at night, frequent urination, and last month for the first time 2 periods in 1 month...
—Guest Nay-Nay


I've been feeling so tired lately and my stomachs been aching. I've been nausea but no throw up. I've had lots of headaches but I don't know if I am pregnant or not. My period is suppose to come next week. I don't want to get my hopes up because I've had many disappointments :/ but last week I was cramping, not too bad and I am kinda gasy also which is embarrassing. But I don't know, I'll have to wait till next week.
—Guest Dontknowmaybe

Increase in libido

I always feel like having sex and also feel sharp pain in my lower abdomen each time I do it. My breasts became bigger & fuller, then I started feeling light headed, so I had a test and it was positive.
—Guest Jummy

Hopes Up

I have my hopes my period is due today have feeling like my period is coming about 2 weeks back and increased appetite
—Guest Portia

feeling nauseuos

Hi Im 40 years old had my tubes tied 8 1/2 years ago Im feeling nauseous and bad headaches usually get my period on the 6th of every month its now the tenth my last one only lasted about 3 or 4 days could it be possible to get pregnant after tubes tied?


Tingly breasts heavy breathing cramps I had bad nausea up early all time craving foods
—Guest Jo


My last period was 2 weeks ago but my breasts have been feeling really sore, my lower abdomen has been feeling a lil painful like cramps. There has been the slight nausea and i have had just felt very weird lately. I get easily upset over the dumbest things and coffee tastes nastey to me. I drink it on a daily basis. I have also been wanting milk more.
—Guest Mandy


Feeling cramps for about a week in the lower abdomen and increased apetite...My period is due in next 3 days....Keeping my fingers crossed
—Guest madhu


I am experiencing nausea a little vomiting. I'm always tired I feel just plain weird, my breast are NOT sore but my belly has been slightly bloated, my period is due on the 7 th could I be pregnant Also lots of back pains / neck pains
—Guest juliea10

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