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Readers Respond: Did you experience pregnancy symptoms before you missed a period?

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Updated September 01, 2010

I am not sure

I had unsafe sex about a week before my period should have shown up but it is late now 4 days I am scared I do not want to be pregnant ... I am sick cauthing with temperature too.. I am skinny type maybe too skinny... I am intensivly dancing and everythign ... and I am streesed out of that unsafe sex...
—Guest meow

It said "share early pregnancy symptoms"

The comments are not for asking if you're pregnant, people. Seriously. If you've missed your period take a test or go to the doctor or a free clinic. If you are a few days to the missed period, most tests are accurate anywhere from 4-6 days before you miss your period now. Get a test people. Heck, Walmart has tests for 88 cents. That's the cheapest you will find them. If you don't have a Walmart (which most places have one within a 20 minute drive) then try to find a Dollar Tree. Everything is a dollar and those tests are as sensitive as First Response (First Response boasting accuracy up to 6 days before the missed period). Even if you use a condom AND birth control you can get VERY pregnant. I have two step siblings that are proof of that and my step-mom miscarried a third child that was conceived while using both forms of contraceptive. Most early pregnancy symptoms are also PMS symptoms. The mind can make us have symptoms when we don't. Just take a dang test and get the answer.
—Guest Already Blessed

skipping periods and feeling like vomiti

I am 28 year old married,planning to have baby..my periods was on 3 last month n it is was continuing same from last many month after having sex without precaution.Now this month i havnt get period but feeling like vomiting anf having cramps on lower abdomen.Is it the symptom of pregnancy.Kindly tell me asap.
—Guest parulagrawal

can this be pragmancy

I was expecting my period on 20th of this month it's 31st and have still not seen any sign. However, I've been feelings pains as if the menses is coming for the past three days,yet i've not seen my period. I've been feeling dizzy can't eat much and all these happend in two days. I scared I don't want to do the test because I don't want to be disappointed. Please advice
—Guest ama

I'm scared

Hi, I'm turning 17 in a month and I've had unprotected sex at the beginning of the month after my period, and at the end of the month, and both times he ejaculated inside of me, & I want to know if I'm pregnant help!
—Guest 111511

Dont wana b disapointed

I was bleeding for two weeks.i want to get pregnant so bad. I have a 7 year old son. I feel stomach cramps at night,tired,nausuas.hungry idk i doubt it i wont check becsuse i dnt wana stress and end up disapointed
—Guest Ashley

Cramps, no period, period due in 3 days

Okay so me and my boyfriend have unprotected sex all the time considering that I'm on the pill and the fact that he pulls out. I've had pregnancy scares before where I am in the same situation, but this time I feel is different. I usually get my period 5 days before the previous period of each month. For example, last month I got my period on the 25-26 (not sure) so I knew I'd get my period around the 19-20 of this month. Today is the 21st and I haven't received my period yet!! What makes this pregnancy scare for me different is that I got cramps on the 18 and I was positive I would start but it is now the 21st and no period. I would like some honest answers,thank you.
—Guest Ashley

May i be pregnant

I was having symtoms of preg but my period came and the sum symtoms are gone only an irritating stomach
—Guest Bonolo

Lords Child

i am 17 i was pregnant before and my boyfriend forced the issue of me getting and abortion so i did them months after (which is now) im pregnant again its kind of stressing because im anemic and my doctor said it would be hard for me to get pregnant (i also had irregular periods) i guess they didnt know what they were talking about because im sure im having a gorgeous gifted girl and her father is excited but yet still if im still a little stressed because im on scholarship and in collage... may question why i didnt use condoms well im allergic to latex and its hard to find non-latex condoms where i am so take my advice and always go on the after morning pill because withdrawal isnt an option
—Guest sweetzz

scared I might be pregnant

So I was suppose to get my period wvery begging of the.month an if I dont get ill be a week late and me an my boyfriend used protection. Can sex back up ur period an the sad part is im only 17. Im scared has hell I dont wanna be but I am can someone tell what to do.can it be stress could sex pull my period another week ?
—Guest cuddlebuddy

want kids one day . . . just NOT NOW

My period hasn't come on at all this month getting up for work and school in ther mornings is such a struggle for me now its horrible sometimes I throw up its yellow it happens when I'm brushing my teeth it hurts so bad I get up in the middle of the night and pee constantly! My breast hurt like hell and I really love my boyfriend but lately the sight of him makes me wanna puke. I want food all the time and I mean all the time especially candy because I have had this really bad taste in my mouth lately I haven't tooken a test but if that test is negative which I know is very unlikely iit will b a miracle for me I'm only 19 I wanna graduate college first and get a real job I know if I'm pregnant my mom my sister and my father would b crushed so would my pastor I don't wanna let everyone down they really believe in me and honestly I'm not sure if I see my boyfriend in my future or maybe its jus the way I'm feeling right now I really need some advice but this is my secret can't go to my mo
—Guest Dee

Hoping, but unsure.

Me and my boyfriend had sex 6 days ago. We have been together for almost 2 years and have had sex many times before and each time he used the "pull out" method, but this last time he came inside me a little then pulled out. It's too early to take any kind of test, but I've been having unexplained cramping (mostly towards the left side), I feel like I need to vomit every night, and things I usually can't get enough of tastes disgusting to me now. I didn't think it was possible for me to get pregnant because I'm overweight... Could I be? I kind of want to be, but I know me and my boyfriend aren't financially stable and we really wanted to be married before we had any kids.
—Guest HotTamale21


i.had sex with my fiance and that afternoon when he got off work and later that night i had some stomach and lower back pain but i just got off my period and finished my last birth control pill that day could i be pregnant
—Guest not so

omg am I pregnant

Okay I had intercourse 3 days in to taking contraceptive pill and my boyfriend accidentally.got. Pre cum In Me been feeling sick but not sick at night bloated stomach cramps and dizzy
—Guest unkown


I have been having crazy symtoms from last 6 days have been trying from a month but last days r really bad. Always suffer from the feeling of throwing up having strong cramping every night while sleeping. Wondering can I b prego. Still 4 days to go for my periods to come but according to the date of my last period but I so really hope they don't come
—Guest penny

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