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Readers Respond: Sex at the end of pregnancy and labor.

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Updated June 28, 2009

From the article: Will sex bring on labor?
As long as there have been pregnant women, there have been stories talking about how sex at the end of pregnancy will bring on labor. Some people say it's the actual intercourse, some say it's the orgasm, others claim nipple stimulation. Then again, there are people who say that sex will not cause labor, even at the end of the third trimester. What is your take on it?

Worked for us

My wonderful wife and I had vaginal sex 12 hours before our beautiful daughter was born. My wife swears that this act (orgasm) led to delivery.
—Guest JefTam


Been really sick all through pregnancy, so not really felt up to it, now 15 wks & 2 days, have wanted sex for a few days now, but when it came down to it I wasn't so sure... Maybe just the thought of it being different? Wasn't different at all,well maybe for the better!! :) loved it! Poor partner haha!
—Guest Poppy


I am 38 weeks I had sex, drunk castor oil, push ups, walking ,and nothing yet. What's going on?
—Guest quita


Sex worked for my 1st baby. Had sex n went into labor right away. He was 4 days early. Here I am now, on my due date and still no baby. We are having sex every other day. Not helping. I'm starting to think its just dumb luck. If the baby is ready they will be born. Until then .... It's all up to u .
—Guest 4o weeks and still no baby

Sex only on second pregnancy

Yesterday afternoon, me and my husband had sex. We've been having sex since I was five months. I didn't have any problems until yesterday. Right after we had sex, I started having contractions and lasted until 1 in the morning! It was painful! Going to call my doctor tomorrow. I'm 33 weeks long.
—Guest Baby #2

Started me off

With my 1st I didn't really feel sexually active but toward the end the midwife said it might help with me being in slow labour tried about 2 weeks before my due date and gave birth 6 days earlyy contractions got longer and stronger everytime I got active and alon with raspberry tea leaf
—Guest Guest 89

Love my man

My hubby and I have always had sex a heavy pace for years and we have a 15 month old. I just found out I am 11 weeks pregnant again and sex is just as good as ever. We had sex 3 to 4 times a day when I had my last one we still do and it will be the same with this one when I get further along. Sex helped me to get dilated to 3 . I would advise sex if you want it.
—Guest amanda

Labor and sex

Well for me I got pregnant when I was 16 but all the way through being pregnant I had sex I was 32 wells pregnant and my boyfriend came over and we had sex then but I went into labor after that and I still had sex in the hospital till I saw the babies head the baby was fine but I still have sex all the time I have 4 children and I still do it no protection at all people looking at my vagina the sex is amazing so why not have sex all the time while pregnant
—Guest Quinn

I tried everything

I don't know what to do anymore. I'm having mild contractions I'm 38 weeks prego. I TRIED walking, running, sex, teas - you name it and nothing yet...
—Guest mommy of two

Try it

I'm 38 weeks and 5 days I'm thinking about having sex and see if anything happens, the last time I actually did have sex was around 35 weeks and the after affect was painful, really strong contractions now that I'm 100% full term I'm going to give it a go.
—Guest love my daughter


In my first pregnency sex didn't help. I had to be induced so my baby girl came four days early. But I will always remember what my midwife said have as much sex as you can now and even if it doesn't induce labor maybe it will give your hubby his fill for the next six weeks.
—Guest mwm

37 weeks

Me and my partner had sex until the 37th week and it felt great. My Gynae advised us to stop due to severe bleeding, but all in all it was great
—Guest Rammy

I'm not interested at all

I am 10 weeks and I don't find it interesting at all having sex with my partner. I'm just irritated anytime my hubby demand for it.
—Guest Bola

Nothing so far

Well I'm 30 weeks! And me and my boy friend has sex & it hurts in the beginning then feels good in the end! Nothing so far! It gives me BH contractions nothing else. We're gonna really try when I'm 38 weeks. Good luck.
—Guest Guest mace'ciana


Me and my boyfriend have sex almost every night, I'm 39 weeks today and I'm due in a week... NO CONTRACTIONS... NO DIALATION! NO NOTHING!
—Guest DanariLove
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