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Readers Respond: Sex at the end of pregnancy and labor.

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Updated June 28, 2009

From the article: Will sex bring on labor?
As long as there have been pregnant women, there have been stories talking about how sex at the end of pregnancy will bring on labor. Some people say it's the actual intercourse, some say it's the orgasm, others claim nipple stimulation. Then again, there are people who say that sex will not cause labor, even at the end of the third trimester. What is your take on it? Share Your Story

Sex at 34 weeks of pregnancy

I never seen any problem on my wife while i had sex with her. But now she feared it may bring labor. 10u!
—Guest Firomsa

will I got pregnant 3 after mensuration

Plz give me so advise 5 day's before this happen l need your help
—Guest sonia

It's ok/normal

I too was worried about hurting our baby but after much re-assurance from the docs and books things got way better. In fact it set the stage for gr8 a sex life after our daughter was born.
—Guest Satisfied

sex once a week @34 weeks pregnant

My husband and I used to have sex about 3 times a week, sometimes more. Now that Im advanced in this pregnancy, I just don't have the drive, we are together once a week. Last week I had severe BH contractions for 36 hours after, even though we were careful and I didn't O, and now I don't wanna do anything... This was never an issue with prior pregnancies. He loves me, wants to be with me, dosn't make me feel bad about my body or anything, but honestly I just don't have it in me these days....
—Guest sordid

Pregnant Sex is great

We are old and grey now, BA k in the day my wife a d I had Sex ever night up until the Las week of her pregnancy. No we do it three times a week:-)

It works

Yep 38 weeks I was 3 cm dialated and stayed that way for days... Till I had sex the contractions started right up baby born the next day :) it might not work for everybody but sure did for me :)
—Guest Carrie

Does sex bring on labour

I think if a woman is due , sex will bring on labour , it made me smile because it speeded the birth of my 2nd child , he was 2--3wks early and perfectly healthy , no problems.
—Guest Margaret Osgood

Waaay to huge...

I'm 39 weeks 5 days and feel gigantic. Soooo ready for baby to come. Everyone says to dtd. My boyfriend and I just can't find a comfortable way. I miss sex and so does he
—Guest Julie

sex during pregnancy

had sex with my husband 38wks pregnant wit my daughter the next mornin she was here the same with my son born the next morning it works
—Guest chocolate

do frequent sex stops menstruation

I was wondering if frequent sex can stop menstruation? My part has been very wild this days and we had sex often. But of course, he is equipped with condom. After a week or two, i was expecting my menstruation to come but it hasn't. It's been two weeks now and i still don't have my period. It is very delayed and this troubles me, what could be the problem?

Wondering MoM

I am 37 weeks & 5 days pregnant if me and my husband have sex could it cause me to go into labor?
—Guest First time Mommy

Kinda scared to have sex

I'm 39 weeks & 2 days pregnant and my due date is in five days to a beautiful baby girl. I'm worried that if I have sex with my husband that it could hurt me & the baby. They say being on top when pregnant is the most comfortable way to go when having sex. But idk if I should.
—Guest Mommy to be #1

I love it

My sex drive has definitely increased since I've been pregnant. I'm fifteen weeks and four days but my increased sex drive didn't really start until I was about thirteen weeks. Although sometimes I get an irritated sensation in my vagina, it feels amazing. Pregnant sex is the best sex, haha.
—Guest Riah

It's a question

I'm 16.just had unprotected sex wit my boyfriend about 7days ago n i've been feelin kinda weak.bt my period started yesterday in d normal way,can i be pregnant?
—Guest Favour

I love our sex

I'm 37 wks, n this last mth the sex has been amazing, my lAst doc appt, I've dialated 4 cent now he doesn't wnt 2, but I need it n wnt it
—Guest Ready @ all tymes

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Sex at the end of pregnancy and labor.

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