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Readers Respond: How did you tell your children that they're going to be a big brother or sister?

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Updated March 21, 2010

From the article: Where do babies come from?
Becoming a big brother or sister can be exciting. How did you tell your other children that you were pregnant? Did you engage them in your pregnancy? What did you do that was special? How long did you wait to tell them? What was their reaction? Did they ask questions? Share Your Advice

Gentle truth

my 6yo daughter asked where babies come from while I was pregnant with her little brother. I told her that there is a special place inside girls where a baby can grow, and that she has one too. i told her that when a baby is ready, it will come out. Thank goodness she didn't ask where!
—Guest GuestJess

In the loop

When I found out I was pregnant with my son, I told my then-almost-2yo daughter she was going to have a baby brother. She didn't ask any questions, other than where he was, so I told her he was in my tummy and he had to stay there for awhile so that he would be safe while he grew. All she really asked was if that was where she came from, which was an easy 'yes'. Otherwise, she was just interested in feeling him move when he was big enough.
—Guest NobodysAingyl

The toilet

My husband Kevin told my 6 year old son Spencer that babies come from momies poop! He always went to see if the baby was in the toilet! I HAD to tell him that babies stay in a fun place in mommy for awhile, and when the baby was bored, they came out!
—Guest Amanda

the test

My son(6yrs) saw my pregnancy test on my bed. He asked what it was and i told him. Later him and his sister(7yrs) asked how it got there. I told them my boyfriend helped put it there. I have a pregnancy app on my phone. Which has different videos of pregnancy stages. Its helped alot. They seen how the egg and sperm comes together. Far as when the baby will be here. Well baby is due in September which is my son birth month. So I'm always telling him he gets a new sister for his birthday.
—Guest largenloving

Mom of 4 year old one on the way.

When my 4 year old asked whair do babys come from I died. I thought not now she is only four. So I told her when a mommy and daddy get marrid a babby grows in your tummy. But of course she got the wrong idea and asked eneyone how wes big or (fat) if they were going to have a baby. So don,t tell them a baby grows in the tummy, good luck.
—Guest lora


My husband told our son, when he asked where do babies come from, that daddy put a little seed in mummy, he then asked how did he put the seed in? My husband replied with his tool! He then asked me what tool did dad use to put the seed in you mummy? I told him he used his willy! To which he shook his head and said no!! That was 24 years ago he has worked it out now!!!
—Guest Paula

Sexual intercourse

I told my 11 year old straight out - when the guy puts his penis in a vagina!
—Guest Momto3


Try this. Tell them a crane puts it in there tummy. Then when there older to understand tell them the truth about pregnancy.
—Guest sunaina

where do babies come from

My daughter now 10 yo has always ask simply questions about babies, how do you know when they are hungry, how do you know what they want when they cry etc... when I got pregnant for my son, she never really asked anything, but now pregnant with my third she has now a general idea of babies taught early in school just little detail and she wanted to know the detailed parts left out. My husband red in the face could not tell her, So I sat down after going to get as much info I could online and explain the human reproduction as best as I could, she had many questions, the one question which is common now in days is do you need to be with the opposite mate to conceive a baby, So I went through everything I in detail and I find she has a greater respect for men and women as well as her own body. The more mature the mind in a child the better the understanding to a difficult topic. Mom of a 10 yo, 2 yo and soon to be baby.
—Guest lisa

Just say the truth

Tell them the truth they may feel scared but just say we all had to be made some way .....
—Guest Sally

At The First Sign

My wife and I waited for the first question or curiosity regarding anything sexual to come from our daughter. We agreed that if no sign was forthcoming by the time she was 5 years we would gently broach the subject. The time came when she was 4 years old. To help us explain the birds and the bees we used a wonderful book from Time Life titled HOW BABIES ARE MADE. My daughter loved the simplicity of the words and concepts, and the gorgeous, bright paper type illustrations.
—Guest Harry

It surprised me

I told her the truth....."that mommy and daddy had sexual intercourse and that means, he put his penis in my vagina, and thats how she came to be."
—Guest Mrz.kevin webb


We always waited until we couldn't wait any longer without someone else telling them or saying something about it. That way it wasn't a long 9 (10) months of waiting. Plus it kept questions to a minimum when I felt so tired and drained.
—Guest MomtoaFew

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How did you tell your children that they're going to be a big brother or sister?

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