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Readers Respond: How is a second pregnancy different from a first pregnancy?

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Updated August 13, 2010

2nd Pregnancy...

I just found out that I am about 5 weeks. The only major symptoms I have experienced so far is frequent (VERY) urination, feeling bloated, and being very tired...some of the comments above have me a little nervous. I am definitely excited as my daughter is 6. I definitely think it is time. It may sound strange but I was actually hoping to have some naseau and vomitting...maybe to just make me feel more pregnant. I will say that I am nervous this time around because I had been on the implenon for 6 years you never know how that affects things. Been to the ER once to make sure it wasn't ectopic and my little sesame see is in the uterus where it belongs! Good luck ladies!
—Guest Vee

2nd pregancy totally different

On my first pregnancy - i had morning sickness the whole time .. i couldnt eat breakfast because i would throw it up (i had a boy) My second time around i've had thrown up only a few times ... totally different symptoms (i'm hoping for a girl)
—Guest guest

Second has been a breeze

I was reading these post and I was really surprised at all the women struggling with their 2nd. It was starting to make me worry a little that its what I have to look forward too but I want to share how this has been better for me this time. Number one I know I must eat healthy because I gained 70 lbs with my daughter 7 years ago. Number two I exercise almost everyday to keep my energy up. Number three I get 8 hours of sleep every night. Number four I stay active and continue on with the things I need to do. And last but most important I dropped the attitude that I had with my first pregnancy that I could use "I'm pregnant" in my head as an excuse for everything. You are what you think you are. Power of positive thinking ladies!! I'm serious... Give yourself many pep talks because the more you lay around thinking about how miserable you feel... The more you feel that way. Taking care of your mental and physical needs is the best advice I can give you. I'm 8 weeks now and it's a breeze!
—Guest Lacey

this is actually my 3rd pregnancy

this is my 3rd baby, but with a different man. it's his first. it is making this whole process sem new again, which is god and bad. he tends to wory more. i have the experience to no what is worth worrying about. i think it will be interesting to see how this plays out in our parenting when the baby actually comes.
—Guest Shannon

8 weeks pregnant w/ 2 year old son

With my son I had mild morning sickness for a few months, no pain or any other symptoms and a healthy appetite. With this pregnancy i had round ligament pains within my first couple weeks, am already beginning to get a baby bump that doesn't quite fit in my regular jeans, and morning sickness hit right around 5 weeks. The nausea is a little easier to ignore since I have a child to care for around the clock. Also, with my first pregnancy I was very energetic, was always out and about with my husband and friends. With this one all I want to do is sleep and lounge around. Definitely recommend napping when your children do so you can keep up with them! It helps to stay positive, especially knowing that it will all be worth the blessing of being a mother to another precious little one! (:
—Guest Misha

2nd pregnancy kicking my butt

My daughter is 4 and I am not 8 weeks pregnant, i had such an easy pregnancy with DD no nausea no vommiting slight fatigue.. This pregnancy is kicking my butt, Im nauseous all day, everything. I eat and drink leaves a terrible taste in my mouth. I just don't understand it.
—Guest DL

Newly pregnant with my second child

So I just found out I was excepting my second child, I already have a19 month old. I'm feeling overwhelmed . I was hoping this one was going to go easier then the last, but now I hear its usually harder; this is discouraging . I wasn't super excited about being pregnant again, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one. I'm an only child and I worry how my daughter will feel, will she feel rejected I don't want her to be sad . This scares me. We are so close I don't want to mess with our special relationship. However babies are a blessing . I feel very blessed to have my daughter! and look forward to another amazing child. I'm optimistic . Heres hoping it will be easier then the fist. Mel
—Guest Mel

2 yr old toddler and 5months pregnant

I really hate being pregnant. Be it the first, and second. With the first pregnancy though morning sickness was not that bad but the wierdest symptoms haunted me throughout the trimesters. On top of that, was on STRICT BED REST for 2 months before reaching 38 weeks and finally gave birth. With the 2nd one, morning sickness greets me on a constant basis. Every now and then low BP comes and surprises me. Though I'm the least bit entertained by it. Since I need to drive about 2 hours or 1.5 hours just to get to work daily, it makes my work slower. I hate pregnancy. Seriously. Period.
—Guest Lin. A.S.

Second much different

My son was my first and I gained almost 100lbs! Five years later I'm pregnant with a girl due any day now, gained 12lbs so far. I have a heart arrhythmia and it didn't bother me last pregnancy but I'm on beta blockers with my second one. I learned that you can't eat for two, and am more active with my second.
—Guest Nikki

never again!

I'm so done with being pregnant! This is my second pregnancy and it is terrible! I'm always sick and my fatigue is terrible. Maybe its because I have an 11 month old daughter but I feel like a bad mom when I lay her down for a nap so I can nap as well :( I have already gained 12 pounds (I'm only 15wks!) And I am extremly moody and totaly out of the mood with my husband! :(
—Guest ashley

2nd Pregnancy

My first pregnancy, I was in and out of the hospital from the first 2 weeks, til about 10 weeks from nausea. Couldnt keep anything down. Was sick all day and all night. Only med that helped was Zofran, which helped me the rest of the pregnancy. Found out we were having a boy. This pregnancy, I'm 5 weeks with my only symptom being fatigue. It's kind of scaring me, but I'm trying to keep in mind that each pregnancy is different.
—Guest Alicia

4 weeks and a 6mthn old

I hve a beautiful baby boy, during my pregnany the first time i had NO problems what so ever... this time around my stomach feels so bloated . I wounder why?? Were really really really wishig for a baby girl ;)
—Guest guest amanda

second pregnancy 5 week's almost 6

This pregnancy is definitely harder than first hope it gets better
—Guest mallorie

5 weeks with a 15 week old

I had my daughter November 17th. Found out a week ago we are expecting again! 5 weeks today, and I already look like I did around 10 weeks, so this makes me feel better to read how a lot of people were showing (bloating while pregnant, to me, is showing even of it is just bloat) so much sooner! Last time I had the worlds easiest pregnancy. This time, I was nauseated 3 days before the positive. Last time, smells didn't bother me. Now, onions and tomatoes make me wanna run to the bathroom!
—Guest Tayy

Comparing 1st - 2nd

With my first pregnancy with my son I had really bad morning sickness! And now I'm pregnant again I'm only 6 weeks along and don't feel like I am having a baby bcos I feel I should be sick! Totally different it's crazy! Hoping for a little girl :) and kinda hoping morning sickness does not pop around.
—Guest Mummy2isaac

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