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Readers Respond: How is a second pregnancy different from a first pregnancy?

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Updated August 13, 2010

6 weeks with a 4 year old

With my first pregnancy, I had literally NOTHING no aches, no pains, no morning sickness. With this one, my whole body hurts, and I have morning sickness all day everyday. I hope this means its a boy!
—Guest Rachel

24 weeks with an 11 month old

This pregnancy has been so different! I have been way less sick, I was nauseaous the entire pregnancy with my daughter and this time I've felt great ( it's a boy). But like other moms here have said, I feel very distant from this baby and also guilty about the time he take from my baby girl. I've also been having Braxton Hicks this pregnancy, which I didn't have last time- very bothersome but apparently totally normal. Blessings to all!!
—Guest Lisa

39 weeks and have a 30 month old

I'm near the end of my 2nd pregnancy now and have continually been surprised by the differences between the two pregnancies. With my son I had mild morning sickness that stopped when I was 12weeks along. With this one I'm still getting the occasional bout of morning sickness. The babies personalities have also been very different even in utero. With my son if you poked/rubbed/patted my belly he would respond with a flurry of kicking. With this one she stops as soon as she knows you're there (which is great for when she's kicking so hard it hurts but it's frustrating my husband because he has trouble feeling the little one move).
—Guest Becca

Turning 30, 2nd Pregnancy

I have a 3 Yr old girl turn four this year. I am now 5 weeks Pregnant. With my first pregnancy I didn't realize I was pregnant until 6 weeks no morning sickness. This time I knew shortly after conception.I have had a lot of bloating and pull/aching this time.More hungry, and definitely feel that I am going to be bigger this time round. A bit scarey. Can't wait to share my Journey with my Daughter. Good luck to all.
—Guest Terry

Newbie Prego with 2nd child

I have a 11 month old daughter whose birthday is coming up and just found out this week that I might be 6 weeks pregnant. I go to my first visit so they can confirm it, but I already took two tests that said I was definitely positive. My 1st pregnancy was rather great! I didn't have any vomiting, but some occasional nausea. This pregnancy, I feel more thirsty for water than the last. It was my Hubby who made me drink gallons of water each day, now I'm the one needing water without him telling me. I sleep a lot more too this time around. We're hoping for a boy. I'm hoping that theses symptoms are leading towards the sex of the baby being a boy. Have A Blessed one!
—Guest Lady "So Grateful" Lott

2nd baby

I have a 1 yr. old little girl an I'm 21 weeks along with another little girl an this time around I haven't had as much trouble as I did with my first one, actually things have been really smooth this time I just hope my oldest doesn't get to jealous about the new baby when she comes.
—Guest Kellie

11 weeks pregnant and have 9 month old

I am so tired all the time! I have had dizziness and fainting this time round. Although I'm still not showing ( seems odd for 2nd pregnancy) I'm so bloated I look about 30 weeks not 11! I have finally started eating again tho as nausea was so bad nothing could pass my lips. I also have a heart murmur this time round. Plus my baby could have RH disease ( didn't have any anti-d first time round.)
—Guest Jenna

2nd pregnancy 5 wks

Wow. Reading all these posts gets me scared ha ha...as of right now I only have some headaches and feel tired with cramps. Hope this one is much easier than the last!
—Guest TMarie

Knew before I done the test..

On my second pregnancy (5 weeks) with a 2.5 year old. First time around I peed a lot and had heart burn but other than that I was fine. This time my stomach has felt funny, not painful and not cramps but def. something. I feel nauseous and spaced out. I've not told my work yet but my uniform is already getting tight. Looks like I'm not alone though :-)
—Guest Jen

Second pregnancy with a 6 month old

I just gave birth in 6 months ago and now I'm 9 weeks pregnant. Hasn't been easy almost had a possible miscarriage. I still have a lil belly from the first but more is coming so I guess I'm showing. It's Harding also on top. I'm tired but my 6 month old doesn't understand that during the day. I bleed and have stomach pains but they put me on bed rest so that makes it harder giving him my attention because he I'd crawling and wants to stand and play.
—Guest Samoan, 21

Wow... I feel normal now!

Reading everyones posts makes me feel heaps better, I've got a 5yr old son n am now 8 weeks pregs with my 2nd. I had pretty much no symptoms last time but this time has been insane with nausea (no vomiting), back pain and sore boobs... thanx heaps guys cos now I feel better knowing that the exhaustion and everything is just a normal part of second pregnancy, cant wait til its all over and I've got bubba tho!!
—Guest Lorryn

Baby #2

I have a 6 month old little boy am I'm 15 weeks along with 2nd baby... Showing already.... Thank god he's a good baby I just hope being so close in age they get along!
—Guest jackie2

Thank God I am not abnormal

My son just turned 2yrs and I just found out 2 wks ago that I am pregnant. I am 8wks now and feels like I am 8months especially looking at a sis-in law who is 8month pregnant with her 1st baby. I was very sick, tired and vomiting with my 1st baby but just sleepy with this 2nd baby. I had been wanting another baby after 1st baby but nothing happened so I started looking into getting bariatric surgery because of my weight. It wasn't until I was done with all the requirements and ready to be scheduled for the surgery that I found out I was pregnant with baby no.2. My husband and I are so excited but can't wait for this sleepiness to be over. I still want to do the bariatric surgery after the baby so I hope the 3rd baby can wait. Is it me or is my top belly getting bigger and harder than the bottom belly where the baby is supposed to be felt? Just curious. For other women trying to have a baby, try and occupy your mind with something else instead thinking about making a baby and it will happen.
—Guest Uk

so far so good

My son is 20 months and I'm 6 weeks. Other than a backaches every now and then a mild heart burn I feel great. Showing already though.
—Guest India

Could it be a girl???

I have a 15 month old son.. Whom I just love to bits!! Pregnancy with him was a breeze.. Not one problem! I'm 10 weeks pregnant and this hasn't been a day I haven't just wanted to crawl into bed and not come out for 9 months.. In between throwing up and sleeping I'm missing going out and about with my son!! Worried I'll loss my close connection with him when baby arrives.
—Guest Abby

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