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Readers Respond: What will you call grandma and grandpa?

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Updated October 04, 2012

From the article: Names for Grandparents
Now that you are nearing the end of your pregnancy, have you thought about what you are going to call the grandparents? While grandma and grandpa are fairly common, there are plenty of others names to use for grandparents. There is mawmaw and pawpaw, nana and granddad, bubbye and zaidye. Some of these names herald from family tradition or personal preference. Some grandparent names come from whatever the new baby learns to say first. Are you having any conflicts? What names are you choosing to use? Share Your Grand Names

Names for grandmother

I'm considering Ouma (Afrikaans) or Bibi (Swahili). I also really like that Lollie and Pop idea I read above. I'm 43 and grandma still sounds a little harsh to my ears. Plus everyone calls my mom grandma, even people who aren't her grandkids.
—Guest Toni

G'parents names

Where to start? I have 2 sets of parents so my mom & step dad are Nana & Papa. My Dad & Step Mom are Granpa & Altie (derivative of her 1st name her first grandchild started) with my 2 grandmothers still alive they are just great grandma +(last names) My husband's dad died when he was 15 so its just his mom & she was supposed to be Abuela but my son couldn't say that so he called her La, she loved it and so the rest of my kids called her that as well. My brother in law & his wife didn't like it so they called her G-Ma. Now that I am about to be a Grandparent and entirely too young at 40! I don't have a clue what I want to be called and really haven't given it much thought until today looking at this site, since the baby is due in a couple of weeks, still not happy about it either.
—Guest tooyoung

What my kids call grandma

Neenie is the name my son chose when he could barley talk and it has stuck with her for all family that is close.
—Guest Patty

Grammy Papaw

My parents go by Grammy and Papaw (my daughter was first grandchild on that side). My MIL goes by Mamaw or Grandma depending on which grandchild. My (great) grandparents have gone by Meemah, GrandDad, Mamah, Grandpa and Grandma. I am not sure what we'll go by. I think Pops or Poppy would be fun for my husband. Not sure for myself.
—Guest JavaMidwife

Maw Maw//Paw Paw

Being from the south, we called our grandparents Maw Maw and Paw Paw. I am not sure why but these are very popular substitutions to the traditional Grandmaw and Grandpaw. We always found it strange when grandparents were reffered to as the traditional names.
—Guest Kels

Whatever baby says

I will be proud to wear whatever grandchild #1 calls me, tho I DO like the sound of "Glam-ma"!!!!!!!
—Guest Lammiepie

Depends on the kid

I call my grandma Ema (E-ma) and my grandpa Papa. I'm the only one of 8 grandkids that calls her Ema. On the other hand all 7 of the others call our great-grandpa Honey (since that's what his wife calls him). My fiance calls his grandparents Papa and Nanny. So I guess it all just depends on the baby on what our parents will be called.
—Guest Ran


I know a grandma called Pita and I think its great. Pita stands for "pain in the ass" ... I know when im a grandma I will spoil my kiddos wrotten.
—Guest Ashlee

calling grandparents

We always called my Irish father's parents Grandma and Grandpa-dada, but no one else seems to use this title.
—Guest carol

Meme and Papa

Wow, before I read these, I thought meme was spelled with e's! Then I asked her about it, and she said she had spelled it wrong on purpose because she wanted it to be Me Me, like it was all about her! Lol! ;) But then I found a shirt at the state fair that said Meme!! (it wasn't even ordered specially!) So I'm very confused. But whatevs!
—Guest Claudia

Sandy of nc

My first child began trying to say grandma and granddaddy but ended up with gamma and gaggy. It has stuck thru the years!
—Guest sandy

New Lollie and Pop

My husband and I want to be Lollie and Pop. Our 1st Grandbaby is brand new so we'll have to see what he comes up with on his own.
—Guest anncasey

Mimi and Papa

I have a Grandpa and a Grandma on one side but on the other side, I have a Mimi and a Papa.
—Guest Shamalamadingdong

What our grandchildren call us

They call my husband Opa, & me Oma. German for grandpa & grandma:)
—Guest Rcastrop

Grandparent's names

My mom wants to be called "Honey". She remembers her friend called their Grandma "Honey" because they always heard their Grandpa calling her that! Now everyone calls her Honey :)
—Guest Courtney

Share Your Grand Names

What will you call grandma and grandpa?

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