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Readers Respond: What will you wear when it's time to have a baby?

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Updated September 04, 2009

Hospital gowns. Certainly they aren't fashionable. But they are also not comfortable. They crunch. They are too big, too small and open in all the wrong places. But what's a laboring mom to wear? When it comes time to give birth, what will you be wearing? Something of your own? Something you bought for labor? A baby shower gift of a fancy maternity gown? Will you be naked? Maybe a t-shirt is your style?

Laboring women wear what they please

Psshhh. Hospital gowns are unstylish? So is everything about labor and the first two months of being a mom. I was just glad not to have to do any of that laundry. I wore that gown for my entire hospital stay. Let them wash the milk and assorted bodily fluids out of the linens. It's a small but important form of pampering to be taken care of like that. The gowns are also practical. They give good access for breastfeeding, and one size fits all. I just hadn't even known what size clothing to buy for postpartum when I was pregnant with my first. This pregnancy, though, I'm hoping to deliver at a birth center, which means no gowns. I'll bring a few comfortable options including nursing nighties, but if it's anything like my first birth, I'll probably spend a good deal of time naked in the tub. That felt very soothing in my first labor. Hormones take you from sweltering to shivering in seconds during labor, so be prepared to mix it up between nudity and cozy warm blankets.
—Guest KateC

No time for fashion!

Never thought about that, but I'd rather not be totally naked! I think I'll go for the gown during labor and birth, and then I'll get into an outfit of my own for the hospital stay. It's no time for fashion worries!
—Guest Raya

Who knew this was such a huge topic

I plan on wearing the hospital gown for delivery then changing into a t-shirt since staff and dr. will most likely want to check you after the baby is born "easy access." Then the next day I'll throw on some sweats and a shirt until I am able to go home. But like most people said your typically only in the gown for delivery and can change right after.
—Guest bebelove

Thought I didn't care, but I did

Wearing an alternative to a standard issue gown isn't necessarily about vanity (but if you want to look good, good for you). I thought I didn't care about wearing the gown, but ended up feeling trapped - between the IV, the monitors, the rails on the bed, the people crowded around me...the gown was just one more thing to make it hard for me to get up and move around where I was most comfortable. Also could not picture trying alternative positions (like squatting) for pushing so ended up lying on my back the whole time. Needless to say, could not push the baby out and they had to cut me to get him out. I'm not saying that's the fault of the gown! Just that I found it to be way worse than I imagined. Next time I'll do something that's 2 piece - a sports type bra and some kind of under the belly skirt. Hopefully something I can put together myself so I can toss it if it gets yucky!
—Guest cate

I wore the hospital gown and it sucked

I went into preterm labor on Halloween morning, was admitted and was wearing a very uncomfortable hospital gown for 4 days... it got stuck under me, it pulled on my neck and choked me, it didn't cover my bottom, etc. So I found out that I could order a hospital gown on ebay that was specifically made for labor and delivery. I ordered one and I pray it will get here before my baby does! I also ordered one for after that is pink with polka dots that is made like a hospital gown but more custom. They weren't that expensive & to me the additional comfort is worth the price!!! The labor and delivery one was called "pretty pushers". I have 2 other kids, and I really hated how uncomfortable the gowns were, and I hope this time it will be different.
—Guest Dee

Modesty's all gone...

With my first I didn't have any medication to dull the pain, I ended up naked and really didn't care. Childbirth, for me at least, just caused all modesty to go out the window. I imagine the same will happen with this one.
—Guest Jen


I will wear a hospital gown for labor and bring a one from home for afterwards, just so I can be a little more comfortable. :)
—Guest Bertha E. Reyes

Hospital wear

I just want to be comfortable and have a healthy baby. It's no fashion show for me.
—Guest Natalie


Something comfy, with easy access for birthing and nursing. Light material, not really warm or cool, soft, comfortable and silky. Yup, I think a low-cut, short-hemmed negligee. :)
—Guest Kimmy1

My own hospital gown!!

When I was a little younger I was hospitalized for a long time and someone made me my own hospital gown. Whenever I have to go to the hospital I bring it to wear and that is what I am planning to wear when I deliver. It's cute, comfortable, and I know where it has been.
—Guest Happy hippo

Be smart to wear...

I'm having baby in 2 months and it's my second baby I will be wearing hospital gown and will change after the baby is born, so I can feel comfy and relax with my new baby and hubby.
—Guest Aqsa faisal

What will you wear during labor?

I'm wearing the plain old hospital gown that's comfortable and easy access for doctors.
—Guest Nadirah Washington

Hygene in gowns

I don't know why all these women are so worried about the hospital gowns. everything is thoroughly cleaned before another woman is using it. And if it were really in horrible shape, they'd throw it out. Not only that but hospital gowns are used in cycles.. pretty much they use them for a few months, throw em out and start with new. So you're not going to end up with some disgusting gown the woman who had a kid 5 minutes before you was using. Every thing is clean, and I think you guys are over reacting. I, myself will be wearing a hospital gown and proud of it.
—Guest Due any day now and a nurse.

ended up naked

The 1st time, I wore a baby doll style dress when I 1st got to hospital. After I had a shower at 9cm dilated, I just stayed naked! This time I'll probably do the same, but I'll take a short dressing gown with me.
—Guest Chloe

Who cares

For those who have been in labor before, I believe you know what it feels. Naked or dressed no one is staring at you or laughing. You might end up naked if you plan to go with those closed stuff. Two months to go, I will wear the little hospital gown.
—Guest Jojo

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