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Readers Respond: How did you cope with preterm labor?

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Updated December 27, 2009

22 1/2 weeks

During my entire four months of pregnancy I experienced no pain. Until one morning I woke up around 4am to notice that my bed was full of water. I was so unsure as to what happened... I didn't think my water broke seeing that it was so early and I didn't have any pain. I got up and drove myself to the nearest hospital where I was told that I my water had broken and they had no reason as to why.... Was told that I would go into labor in the next 24 hours and that it wasn't nothing that they could do for the baby with him being that premature. I was transferred to a specialialty hospital where i was basically told the same thing and sent home until contractions startesd. Well exactly 24 hours later from my water breaking I was going into labor and gave birth to a 0lbs 10oz little boy. He had a heartbeat but there was nothing they could do for him. I lost him a few hours later. I'm still very sad as this just happened about a week ago.
—Guest Guest CC


I started having what I thought was Braxton hicks the pains were coming every seven minutes after an hour and a half of that I realized I was in preterm labour I had to wait 6 hrs before I could even be driven to the hospital where they admitted me straight away gave me medication to try stop the labour and steroids for baby's lungs didn't help my baby wanted out I guess I ended up giving birth to a lil girl she weighed just over 2 lb she spent three weeks in hospital she is now 17months and almost bigger then her big sister who is 11months older then her. :)
—Guest Mummyof4

29 weeks

Hi all, my son was born at 29 weeks + 5 days gestation. I had stopped working when I was 6 months pregnant but had traveled over 20 hrs on flight to and back to see my parents when I was 7 months. Summer in Italy was hot when I came back. Don't know for sure if all this contributed. I broke waters with M at 29 weeks and 5d. Bed rest for 3 days with tocolytics and steroid injections but having lost all the fluid, my OB decided to let nature takes its course after. 48hrs later M was born & was in NICU for 5 1/2 weeks. Thankfully no major problems. He's a little bit slower with motor development, more irritable and is quite small. But we are glad that despite that he's generally healthy, happy and he's a bright spark at 18mnths. Now expecting baby 3 and we're doing best we can to stop preterm labour as already cervix has shortened. Best prevention: knowledge, cooperation with OB and taking necessary precautions, and bed rest. Prevention is better but nowadays most preemies do well anyways.
—Guest Medic mom with ex preemie

Pre-Term at 22w 6d

I went into pre-term labour at 22 weeks and 6 days. In the days before I had been worried what was going on because of pain etc but being my first didn't really know. Went to the hospital to see what was going on -they did a internal exam & told me it was my 'stomach muscles stretching' nothing wrong... 2 days later I went into labour for real - I had a show - back to the hospital - by the time I was examined I was already 3cm & they couldn't do anything. I was transferred by ambulance to a larger hospital where I delivered. ( w/o any pain relief - Im kinda proud of that one, even though bubs was small I still had to dilated to 10cm) Bubs lived for 16 days in NICU before the Dr's said they could do no more. They removed Bub's breathing tube while he was in my arms and Jesus came for him 5 minutes later. To most people I look like I'm functioning normally now but part of me died when my baby did. All I seem to be able to think about is him and what will happen next time around.
—Guest Mopps

Listen to your Gut!!!

I had contractions stopped several times during my 34wks that I was pregnant. Every time I went they would not check my cervix and would simply diagnose me with "irritated uterus". This went on from 28 wks to 34wks. at 33wks 5 days I thought my son was in my ribs. I would push him down hold my breath and feel better. (this during birthing class about pre-term labor). The next day I still felt odd and finally went to LD. They pretty much told me I was crazy and to take some tylenol and go to bed. Thursday I woke up, ate two bowls of oatmeal, 2 bean burritos, a cheese roll up, and a chicken burrito. Dropped my Step son off at school, and went to my OB appt. (Drove myself). Walked from the back of the lot to the second floor (took the stairs like always) and told the doc if this was normal preg pains I wouldn't make it. When she checked I was dilated to a 5 and contractions every 1.5mins. Water broke in the office. ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR GUT!
—Guest MommyTo1

31 w 4 days

Having quite a few contractions not regular lots of pain in lower back had a very complicated pregnancy up to this point having NST twice a week but not feeling right tonight haven't left the couch all day ever since she went head down been having more n more pain.....not sure if its normal......
—Guest mariah

34 weeks preterm contractions

I have been having braxton hicks for at least a week. If I would stand for at least 15 minutes I would get one. So when I did I would sit down and they would stop. I seen my doctor on a Tuesday and told him and he was not too worried but said if I had more than 4 braxton hicks in an hour to go to hospital. The day after I worked all day and kept getting them but would sit down and they would go away. I was 34 weeks, I came home, started dinner and got one so I sat down, 3 mins later another, and 3 mins after that another. I called OB and they said what I already knew, "drink water, lay down, and if I had 2 more within a half hour to come in". Well they of course were still every 3 mins.. so I went. Luckily I was not dilated but was in preterm labor every 3 mins for 3 1/2 hours. They tried procardia pill with no change. Then gave me a choice of brethine shot or being admitted with Mag Sulfate! I took shot, had luck.. no contractions today luckily!!
—Guest Megan

24wks + 2days

At 24wks I woke up bleeding & drove straight to hospital. At 9am the doctor & midwife examined me then the midwife held my hand while they told me I was 3cm dilated, the consultant came & checked to see if he could do a stitch but said he'd wait to see how things progress. I was given drugs to slow down my labour & steroids for my babies lungs. At 2pm they checked me again & I was 5cm dilated & they told me it was too late to do the stitch. The midwife said I was having contractions but I couldn't really feel them until that night. My hospital only deal with babies from 27wks so the following day I was transferred to a regional hospital who deal with babies from 23wks. At 1.20am the following morning I had a baby girl weighing 1lb 6oz. She was born with a bleed on her brain & at 3weeks old had GBS & meningitis. She was in NICU for 12wks & didn't need to come home on oxygen. She was fully breast fed & was home a month before her due date weighing 3lb 9oz. She's now a healthy 15lb 1 year old.
—Guest Tara

very early baby

I lost my twins in 2007 with preterm labour at 24 weeks, My hubby and I tried again and at 27 weeks my water broke and I was admitted. I was so scared because I needed my baby to live. the Dr gave her steroids for her lungs to develop and I stayed in bed for 2 days after she was delivered via Caesarean. God blessed us & my baby girl was discharged from NICU after staying for 2 months. She's very Healthy and she makes my world go round. I feel like having another baby but I am scared; I've now learned about cerclage of where they stitch the womb; but I am once more very scared of going through that process. Has anyone done it before?
—Guest Shaz

28 weeks

I went into labour at 28 weeks with my daughter in 2005. I was working long hours in a stressful job and did not have time to notice anything untoward. On a really bad morning in the office I complained of mild stomach pain that I believed to be wind. It was suggested that I go to the hospital and be checked over and I reluctantly agreed as it meant the rest of the day off work. I drove 40 minutes to my local maternity ward to be told I was 9.5 cm dilated and my baby was too be be born any minute. She was transferred immediately after birth to a neonatal unit nearby and cared for for 4 months, during which time she had breathing difficulties throughout. Now at aged 5 she has only mild asthma and is smaller than other children her age. This is amazing considering her very early entry into the world.
—Guest Emma

A little worried.

I am 26 weeks and have been havin braxton hicks for the past week or two... This is baby number 4 and I don't remember ever having them this early. This worries me a little!
—Guest Fishes

Preterm Labour

I went into preterm labour at 35 weeks. I just felt "funny" and didn't feel right all day. Finally it got to 8pm and I couldn't get comfy no matter what I did. Off to the hospital my partner and I went. I was on the monitors for 45mins and they said I was in preterm labour and in the grey zone as to weather or not I would get steroids to boost my sons lungs. I was crying at this point. I begged them for the steroids and they finally gave in and gave them to me. I was put on a drip to stop the contractions although the Dr didn't like the chances of it. Thankfully my son co-operated and stayed in there until 39w2d. On the plus side his nursery got tiled, painted and decorated in 3 days while I was in hospital. Sure way to get Daddy and Pop to move.
—Guest Cassie

Pre-term with both pregnancies

At 35 1/2 weeks pregnant with my first daughter I woke up and thought I had urinated on myself. Didn't think much of it, cleaned up went potty, got back in bed. Realized 10 minutes later it had happened again. Went to Hospital, they checked and sure enough my daughter was born that night. My second pregnancy was with twins. At 27 weeks I started feeling a tightening in my stomach almost like cramps. I timed them and noticed they were regular so I met my Dr at hospital and sure enough, pre-term labor every 3 minutes. They stopped the contractions and I spend almost 2 weeks in the hospital. At 32 weeks I got out of bed and again, I thought I had tinkled. I waited a few and when it happened again I knew what was going on. Sure enough my twins were born that day at 32 weeks weighing in at 3 lbs 15 Oz and 4 lbs. Nice size for twins that early thanks to the steroids for their lungs!
—Guest Twin Mom


I am 30 weeks and I have had nothing but problems. my water has broken and sealed back up I keep having contractions off and on and every time I go to the hospital they make me feel back about going. Like I am wasting there time. Does any one have any suggestions for me?
—Guest Joy

Stressed caused preterm labor

At 31 weeks I didn't know I was having contractions since I've had all sorts of pains and discomforts since day one of pregnancy. The only sign I had was pressure/tightening of my lower abdomen on and off all day. When I look back I realize it had been going on all week but maybe only three times or less a day. When I went to my scheduled Dr. appt. two days later I told her about it thinking it was probably nothing. She immediately checked my cervix and uterus and said I was 75% effaced. She explained what that meant, which scared the hell out of me. My cervix was still closed. She put me on a monitor for a couple of hours where I used every relaxation technique I know and when she checked again I was back to 60% effaced. She ordered me on house rest, no work no cooking no cleaning no nothing. Just rest. I believe the combination of stress and working (I'm a house painter) and dehydration, since I live in a very dry area, were the causes of my early contractions.
—Guest Christy

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