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Readers Respond: What do you need help with after your baby is born?

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Updated January 01, 2011

From the article: 5 Rules for Postpartum Help
After your baby is born, you're likely to need help. The problem is that many times, the help you have, isn't all that helpful. Whether it's someone who hods the baby for you while they expect you to cook them dinner three days postpartum or someone who tells you everything you're doing wrong, it doesn't help. What do you need after your baby is born? What is most helpful? Share what you'd love help with and your stories of not so helpful things.

alone :(

My baby is only 2 weeks old and even though I live with my mom I have NO HELP AT ALL. It sucks living with your family but at the same time you feel so alone. It is so hard for me to have to cook dinner & take care of my other kids since my husband works the whole day, he helps as much as he can but let's face it he isn't the best cook. I wish I would of had a doula to help me maybe I wouldn't be so unhappy right now.
—Guest vero

Postpartum doulas rock!

My family didn't live very close and so my mom gave me a gift certificate for a postpartum doula service. I was slightly annoyed, figuring it wouldn't be very helpful. But I did it anyway. It was so wonderful and beyond my expectations. The postpartum doula actually knew what I needed and I didn't even have to ask for it, it just happened. She only came a few days a week for two weeks, but it was so helpful and really allowed me to get to know the baby and not worry about dinner or the house. She was also pretty helpful with baby tips and breastfeeding when I asked her. I miss my postpartum doula!
—Guest Riley's Mom

No help!

After my first baby was born, we had no help. Our family was too far away and we were fairly new to the community so we didn't even really have friends. It was so hard. Having our second we have lots of help from friends, it made such a difference. It was also great that they asked me what I needed help with because it changed on a daily basis. Sometimes I needed laundry help, sometimes I needed some food, sometimes errands or sleep. So find someone who can be flexible!
—Guest Hailey
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