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Readers Respond: When did you get to see your midwife or doctor?

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Updated January 14, 2010

From the article: Anatomy of a Prenatal Visit
It can come as a shock to many people that when they call up their doctor or midwife for a prenatal appointment at the beginning of their pregnancy, their appointment can be a ways off. Some practitioners want to see you right away if you are having problems or if you have known issues of need an ultrasound. While in general practice many don't see you until well into the first trimester or even at the beginning of the second trimester. So were you 8 weeks, 12 weeks or what when you had your first prenatal visit? How did you like that system? Share Your Experience

first prenatal visit

6 weeks with #1 , 7 weeks with #2 , 9 weeks with #3 witch ended the following week 7 weeks with # 4 , 5 weeks with the 5th , 9 1/2 weeks with my 8th that one ended the day before my appointment. Now 10 weeks and haven't made my app. :-( all with the same doctor
—Guest ak4x4girl

Leaving till ms has gone

I'm suffering really bad with morning sickness at the min. I'm 10 weeks with my 5th !!! My midwife is happy for me to leave it another few weeks so I'm going to wait till I feel better . As they say if u have morning sickness it's a good sign .
—Guest Natty

Go to the doc early

I wasn't going to set up my doc app until 8w or after. But thank God I went around 5 or 6 weeks early. I didn't see a doc that day, but I had lab work done to check my hcg and progesterone levels. When the results came back, my progesterone levels were very low. When your progesterone is very low that is one of many reasones for a can cause early miscarriages; the nurse quickly sent my prescription to the pharmacy and started progesterone the same day...Imagine if i waited until 8w or later. I'm 13w now so far so good. Praising The Lord each week that goes buy!!
—Guest Anne


I am comfused cause i have been preggos MANY MANY times have 4living children& 2 that r in heaven w/our lord as well as ive had many unsucessfull pregnancies2.Even b4 i had my 1st miscarriage i always was seen by my reg doc as soon as i took home test w/positive result&then my obgyn w/i a couple wks or sooner depending on how booked they were. My obgyn ALWAYS want2see all us women asap cause the earlier seen in pregnancy the better4momma&baby So it confuses me a lot that any obgyn wd refuse2c u for so long.I just dont understand that&wd find a dif obgyn 4urs and ur unborn childs health!! There r so many things that can be prevented/safely treated IF under docs care!!!Btw i havent always had same doc over the 13 almost 14 yrs of having my kids or even been in the same state ive had my kiddos in 3 dif states over the yrs tennessee,Michigan,&California&in ALL states and with ALL docs they ALWAYS seen me right away!!! Everytime!!!! Id go nuts if they ever made me wait til 2nd trimester
—Guest Tanya

Not impressed

I don't understand why doctors make you wait. Even if they can't perform the majority of the prenatal tests until 8+ weeks, what about the ladies who are having their first child and have no idea what to do? I had to spend hours looking things up online and in books, because I had NO clue whatsoever what I needed to do or what to expect. I think it's rather ridiculous that doctors won't even take the time to give you a short meeting to explain things or answer any questions you have.
—Guest Aynessa


As soon as I got a postive pregnancy test (a few days after my missed period), I called and made an appointment with my OBGYN. I'm not really sure why you'd wait. I learned a lot of important things during my first trimester with my doctor.

5 weeks.

Found out I was pregnant around 4 weeks. Saw midwife at 5 weeks. Will go back for ultrasound this upcoming week where I will be 7.5 weeks along, that is the earliest they would do a scan. PCOS, on metformin, and getting progesterone supplementation on my first trimester.
—Guest ArmyMommy


I'm not seeing a doctor until my second trimester- even for my booking appointment! I'm struggling and have no support. I feel desperate. I'm in an area without friends and family and my partner is currently struggling with personal issues too. I'm sick day and night relentlessly and am worn out. Even if I phone the doctor to get an appointment, they will just phone me up rather than seeing me.
—Guest Uk Anna

12 weeks with midwives

My midwives schedules my appointment at 12 weeks to hear the heartbeat. That makes sense because they cant do anything right now. It is up to me to mame healthy choices now and take prenatal vitimans. Once i have that appointment though, i will feel much better.
—Guest nicole

Long time to wait!

On November 1st I found out I was 2 months pregnant! I was surprised to hear this news because all of the pregnancy test I had taken before this were showing negative results! I called and made an appointment but its not until December 3rd! I'm super nervous! Especially since I haven't had any prenatal care and this is my first child! Ughhh!
—Guest Guest


If you're healthy and taking a prenatal there is really no need to see an o.b. in the first trimester. There is nothing they can do to prevent miscarriage. Trust your bodies! They're doing all the hard work, not the ob. I'm currently pregnant 9 weeks with my 4th and not planning on getting an app. for a long time. As long as you're not high risk, your baby will grow fine.
—Guest Guest

7 weeks

I am currrently estimated 7 weeks pregnant I've been to my normal regular dr after takin 3 tests that were positive the dr confirmed yes I am pregnant estimated 7 weeks I am trying to get my insurance organized so I can get to a obgyn this is my first child I just wanna make sure everythings ok I've started my prenatals caffeine free soda and water should I be concerned.I don't have nausia all I have is stomach cramping I hear its cuz my body is expanding to make room. Any suggestions?
—Guest jones

4th child

I am currently pregnant with my 4th child and I have never heard of them not seeing you until second trimester I say find a new doctor. I always see a doctor the first time between 7 and 10 weeks. I am currently expecting my 4th and I am 12 weeks I had my first appointment and sonogram at 7 weeks and my second appointment was Monday and I was 11 weeks at the time. Find a different doctor there is so much amazing stuff you can see and find out the first trimester and you get to see your little bundle of joy and see the heart beat for reassurance right now!!! Good luck!
—Guest Ashlie

Go with your guts.

I missed my period for about a month before realizing i may be pregnant. I usually get my period towards the end of the month but sometimes it changes to the beginning of the month. So when i started feeling different, i took s home pregnancy test & i was about 5 wks. I scheduled an appointment with my primary dr. & did bloodwork. I also had an OBGYN appointment, but they wouldn't see me until my 8th wk. I was so worried but my friends assured me I'd be ok since it's normal to be seen around the 8th wk. Well, i just had a miscarriage a wk ago. I was 10 wks & 6 days pregnant. I feel like i could've prevented it, but God knows why he did it.
—Guest guest Mrs.keller

Do not delay to go to ur OB

I don't really understand y people take risk by not visiting doctor. I had ma first visit as soon as I missed periods..it was really helpful as I could take early folic acid which will help babys brain devo. I m in my 11th week and did scan...growth is normal just coz I had an early consulting n proper consumption of medicines....so soon to be mommys don't hesitate to go to your OB once you came to know the good news

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When did you get to see your midwife or doctor?

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