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Readers Respond: When did you get to see your midwife or doctor?

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Updated January 14, 2010

From the article: Anatomy of a Prenatal Visit
It can come as a shock to many people that when they call up their doctor or midwife for a prenatal appointment at the beginning of their pregnancy, their appointment can be a ways off. Some practitioners want to see you right away if you are having problems or if you have known issues of need an ultrasound. While in general practice many don't see you until well into the first trimester or even at the beginning of the second trimester. So were you 8 weeks, 12 weeks or what when you had your first prenatal visit? How did you like that system?

19 weeks

I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child at 2-3 weeks. My ob won't see me until I'm 19 weeks. I had a miscarriage last year and I've been stressing out to the max about this appointment. I know I will settle down once I hear a heartbeat. I just wish I didn't have to wait this long.
—Guest Nikki


I'm 6 weeks pregnant and saw the midwife today. All she told me about was the risks, potential for downs syndrome etc no questions about how I was feeling or anything. Now I feel convinced something will go wrong
—Guest M

14weeks 17 years old

It feels like my fault that I haven't went but it was my insurance that kept messing up for me. I hope my babys okay I've been taking vitamins. Tomorrow is my first visit I'm scared
—Guest laurraa'

12 weeks with PCOS

I found I was pregnant at 5 weeks, I have PCOS. I feel as though no one is taking any worry or care about me and my baby. I booked a midwife appointment, telling them about my medical troubles they didn't care, booking it for my 11th week, I then had a letter through the post altering it to my 12th week. I still have not been advised as to whether I should continue taking my medication, the Doctor I have seen simply saying he wasn't a specialist. I feel completely in the dark, people within my area with no health issues at all are being seen quicker and more frequently.
—Guest Toni-Anne

10 Weeks - My Choice

I went at 10 weeks for my forth child. My first two children I went between 7-10 weeks which is protocol for my OB. My third child I went at 6 week and then we discovered at 12 weeks that her heart had stopped beating at 11weeks and 3 days. Now with my forth pregnancy, I have chosen to wait until 10 weeks to go in because I am well aware of how to take care of myself (prenatals, eat well and get sleep) and no matter how much one worries, the pregnancy is out of your hands. Obviously there are risks you can avoid, but the reality is that the Lord gives and takes away. We miss our Alivia, but only God will be able to craft this little one and I am resting in the assurance of Him making the best of every situation. Anxiety is far less, I'm not perfect, when I let this baby grow in the Lord's way. - praying and looking forward to holding our newest baby soon.
—Guest Monica

Before even trying

I had a Kidney transplant a year ago today and my doctor gave me the all clear and said that I could get pregnant in 8 weeks time after I have switched over to the new safer anti-rejection medication. I have to see an OB/GYN before I even start trying to make sure that my pregnancy is planned properly and me and hubby is counseled on the risks involved with having a kidney transplant pregnancy. I have already started in Folic Acid and might start a supplement in a month's time. So for me I have total peace of mind knowing that they will be there monitoring me from the start to finish.
—Guest Kidney Baby

Not being seen till 2nd trimester

I am currently 6 weeks pregnant & my ob/gyn office scheduled me for a date which will be towards my 2nd trimester... I'm so nervous about loosing the baby since this is my 1st child. But I hope everything goes ok when I go to the doctors.
—Guest Chantelle

trust your instincts

I started with one doctor that wanted me to come in every week from the time I was 5 weeks! He didn't give me any information at all just ordered blood test and urine tests and physically checked me every week. I started to think that was alittle strange even if I am 37 and have slight pelvic prolapse. We started seeing another doctor that only sees us every 4 weeks and has already done 2 ultrasounds one on my first visit and one because I have an anterior placenta and she was having trouble getting the heartbeat. Every doctor seems to have different protocol I think we all need to trust our judgement if something seems wrong it probably is!
—Guest danielle

Docs that are not worth seeing

If your OB won't see you from the beginning they are not worth it! Being seen not until your 2nd trimester is unacceptable in my opinion and I wouldn't be part of paying a doc's salary that's like that. A lot of critical development goes into the first trimester. What about a prenatal prescription? I'm on a special prenatal vitamin for high risk. I want some personalized care and support throughout my entire pregnancy not just support after my risk of loss has gone down... That's like they are just anticipating your baby's miscarriage without helping you have a good outcome in the beginning. Quite frankly I'm amazed at people that are in a club in the same due date month that are just going to a doctor in the 2nd trimester! I'm delivering early so at 19 weeks I'm already slightly more than half way through my pregnancy. I wouldn't go back to a practitioner that only gives one ultrasound. What a joke? What are they getting paid for? I don't want to take chances!
—Guest PregPro

10 weeks

I was 10 weeks pregnant when first see an OB, she just gave me vitamins and told me to come back on the 2nd day next month, with my blood test and urine test results.
—Guest Ana


I'm having my 3rd baby I'm 5wk5days pregnant!!!! With PCOS we've been to the doctor 2 times now and just now seeing the sac wondering when we will see the heartbeat. I remember with my 1st we saw early around this time but still waiting to see!!! Scared for the 3rd time!!!!
—Guest Teresa

9 weeks

I was 9 weeks pregnant when I realize I was pregnant. I usually skip periods, that is why I didn't worry when I skipped two. Went to the doctor, she did urine test and gave me a vitamin tablet, very good one. I am going now for my first scan. I am currently 13 weeks.

6 months

I was 6 months pregnant and I'd never been to the doctor or OB because I was afraid of what the result was. Then after a few days I went to the nearest health center for check up and they gave me a medication, a prenatal multivitamins.
—Guest erika

Not till at least 8 weeks

They wouldn't even schedule the appointment until I'm 8-10 weeks. I'm so nervous because I have PCOS and I read that like 50% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. This is my first and my husband and I are so excited and nervous at the same time. I just feel I need confirmation to calm down. I'm 6 weeks now and have a few more to go before being seen.
—Guest Nervous

Age 44, after a 10.5 year intermission

I fear spotting will lead to a spontaneous abortion. I had two miscarriages already. Don't want another. =( I am afraid I will not be able to get pregnant again at my age. My mom had me at age 43, though.
—Guest Alice
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