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Readers Respond: What was the worst thing about pregnancy for you?

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Updated March 24, 2009

Pregnancy is supposed to be something that we're happy about. It's the pregnant glow. The baby moving. It's also morning sickness. Labor and delivery. Waiting. Various pregnancy symptoms and did I mention waiting? Share Your Experience

Everything about pregnancy is hard!!!

I'm 8 weeks pregnant and I hate it!!! I can't eat I can't sleep I can't go nowher! Honest to god I don't know if I can do it... it's the hardest thing I've ever experienced, don't let ppl tell u its magical and fun cause it's NOT!!! I can't leave the bathroom cause everything makes me wanna throw up, my husband's body wash his shampoo everything he makes in the kitchen just can't stand it! I spend all my day in bed or in the bathroom - it's been awful and nothing helps I tried everything!!! I hate bring pregnant! !!!!!!!!
—Guest maria

Nausea and pains

Why do they call it "morning sickness" I just do not know! At 6wks and 4dys the storm set in. It was there morning, noon and really bad at night whether i ate or not. This went on til like my 18th week. My doctor even wanted to admit me to hospital since I was losing instead of gaining weight. Then came the back and leg pains esp on my left side at 26wks. shed too many tears here on out. All in all - I ENJOYED being pregnant, I LOVE my daughter dearly and WILLING to go again. LOL
—Guest No pain, no gain (lol)

Oh the joys

I am 6 weeks prego and this will be my first baby , I've the little baby so much already , I've been really sick since day one always up chucking , even when I do take things to calm my tummy , the oy thing that seems cure it is hot wings , I have gas all the time , and right when I think I need to poo I can't even poo , but I'm sure it's worth it , I can't wait to see my string bean :)
—Guest Hot wing lady


i have ever been horny like this in my life be4 it's so annoyin.
—Guest soraya

worst part of pregnancy

I was always hungry even after eating. Even at 2am in the night I needed a good plate of food. Boring expirience. Sex made me angry & irritated.
—Guest sdue

Worst Acid Reflux Ever

The acid is churning in my stomach, up through me esophogas to my throat. It literally feels as painful as someone throwing acid on my face. I just started taking antacids, I wasn't sure if that was ok during pregnancy? The acid was unbearable. It burned so badly! I also have bad nausea but can't vomit. I wish I could to alleviate the sick feeling. I'm 8 weeks along and haven't experienced this much pain since my appendix ruptured. (pain from acid and nausea)
—Guest Beth

11 weeks

I have so many complications, a cyst needing to be surgically removed in my 2nd trimester, big E antibody, and lovenox injections... ugh. But aside from all that, my biggestissue is gas. It is embarrassingly excessive, and can clear a stadium, much less the room. It literally makes me queasy, and no amount of dietary changes help... :/
—Guest sk

acid reflux, nausea, fatigue, cant eat

I honestly hate being pregnant. This is my 3rd and the worst. Zofran doesnt work for me. I cant eat anything and I just want to cry. My husband has been a great helpwith the kids and things around the house, but damn I want me back.
—Guest Jasmine

worse part during my pregnancy

Well starting I had morning sickness almost for d whole day for five months as I was carrying twins n my weight was rather reducing. When I conceived I was 51kgs. And when I delivered them I was 114.7kgs. Last semester I was not able to walk freely or even sleep due to overweight. I could not enjoy shopping for my kids. I was like totally dependent. Dr even stopped my diet only boiled n semi solids were allowed. But when they turned one year I was too back on size.
—Guest Pooja harit

early signs

Wow and omg,think am prego,was reading all of your post and had to run to toilet to puke. Its 8 days before my period and been moody, always fatigued nausea, love my bf and hate him type crankiness,wanna kiss him, hug him then wanna choke him lol...we are distant 2 days now but I noticed he' s eating more and sleeping a lot earlier. He had an upst tummy and I almost asked if he asked if he was prego,lol..we are brsnd new and not sure how he will take the news if I am and dnt know if we will last but my breast are sore and all I wanna do is sleep,I would be blessed if am prego and very happy. Am 40 and this could be my last shot at motherhood...bless you all :-)
—Guest sweetlips

worst pregnancy symptoms

starting from the time I got pregnant through the entire second trimester, I could barely keep any food down. I kept getting very sick. I also had a really bad UTI that would not respond to medication and even landed me in the hospital because it had reached my kidneys. I had to continue taking medication up to a month after I had my daughter because it still wasn't gone completely.
—Guest charissa


I have been pregnant before this is my fifth child and i have never experienced this with any of my other pregnancies but this time around i have the worst acne ever. It's like i am a teenager again as a matter of fact i never had acne this bad as a teenager! It's the worst.
—Guest mandy

second baby

It's really annoying. I always thought my second pregnancy will be as easy as my first but oh! It's so horrible. Heartburn, intolerable, unbearable, distasteful and ugly CONSTANT BACK PAIN, constipation, nausea, fatigue and everything that's not present during my first pregnancy!!!!!

insomnia, not funny

My period is unusually late, I haven't tested yet but I feel pregnant, tender breast, enlarged nipple, armpits pain, nausea(no vomiting though)they started out as PMS and subsided. What I can't seem to deal with is waking up by 4 am, and the constant gas.
—Guest Shining Star

No sleep

I am due in 2 weeks and haven't laid down in almost 3 months. I have to sleep sitting up on the couch with my feet propped up. When I tried to lay down, the back pain was so intense it would take me and my husband almost 20 minutes to get me out of bed. And by that time, chances are the pee I had to get up for in the first place is now all over me. It wasn't worth it to try and lay down again, so I haven't slept more than 2 hours at a time for the last 3 months. Not to mention the heartburn, aftertaste food leave, cramping and swelling. No one ever told me about all of these joys of pregnancy! I am excited to meet my little one, but if I hear "it will all be worth it in the end" one more time I will scream! I still have to go through the labor and delivery yet to get to that point! To all people giving what you think is good advice to pregnant new moms...don't give it, we don't want it! I do not need to hear your 24 hour labor horror story when I am due in 2 weeks!
—Guest New Mom

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