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Readers Respond: How do you get people to stop touching your belly?

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Updated August 18, 2009

From the article: Belly Issues
When you're pregnant it seems as if you might as well hang a sign on your stomach that says, "Free touches!" Pregnant women are always complaining about the unsolicited touche son the belly. People who want to pat the pregnant belly for fun are easily found. But what do you do when you do not wish to have your belly rubbed? Are you nice? Snarky? Do you have a fantastic comeback? Share Your Advice


Seriously when people touch my belly I hate it because people have bad spirits around them and my baby needs to be protected from bad energy!
—Guest carrie

Don't Touch Me AT ALL!

I don't like being touched, especially by someone I don't know. I'm still trying to get used to being pregnant again (#3). I hug my kids, family & friends all the time, but when I'm pregnant, I don't like to be touched. If I don't know you, don't touch me unless you want to be slapped. If I do know you, be prepared to get yelled at. My daughter even asks because she knows how I feel about my personal space. To each his own. If you ask to touch and I say no deal with it!
—Guest Guest Chris

To Lizz

Your right there not trying to touch your boobs, their trying to touch your uterus. It may not bug you and that's great, but to just go up to a stranger and do that you never know who has anxiety issues (such as OCD/ germ phobia) or may have been sexually abused in the past which any could lead to a panic attack that can effect the health and safety of both the mother and the fetus.
—Guest Shadystar

Some funny comebacks

If a random guy asks if he can feel your stomach- "can I feel your prostate/ penis/ testicles?" (He's basically asking to feel your uterus, which is still a sexual organ) If a stranger asks or just goes up and touches - "That's not a baby..." Or tell them you have a panic disorder and fake an anxiety attack (maybe they will think twice before doing that to another stranger) If someone asks comments on your pregnant belly- "What baby?" Or "I'm not... Yeah..." (Awkward) If you want to be more on the polite side, when someone asks if they can touch your belly you can tell them you have a high risk pregnancy and your doctor wants as little pressure on your abdomen as possible or that you have an anxiety disorder and have issues with being touched period (this is actually true for me)
—Guest Shadystar

People Are Creepy

It is so creepy for people who are not your intimate partner, to touch any part of your body. Normally, we shake persons' hands, but the stomach is never rubbed, so why do people think it is okay to rub a pregnant belly? I mostly find it wierd when a male relative or friend does it. Do men understand that the is overstepping the woman's boundaries. I think it is weird when a woman's brother, brother in law, uncle, father, or father in law touches her belly. Soooo weird. That creeps me out. Too close to the woman's boobs. Back the heck off.
—Guest Pam in the Valley

I am not a Buddha

Do not touch my belly! I am 32 weeks and NOTHING bothers me more than coworkers and random strangers reaching out for my belly. I am just as entitled to my personal space bubble as any other person on this planet that is not pregnant. I remove the offending hands and simply state, I am not a Buddha. I have also smacked the offending hands away which some how offends the toucher. Um, excuse me, you are offended because I won't allow you to touch me???? Seriously, I am not the rude one here!
—Guest am

touch at your own risk

tell them it's contagous. this should keep all the single men away.
—Guest Dave

a little sensitivity...

I came across this article when looking for tips on how to stop people, because the strategy of putting my hand in the way or moving away haven't worked (are people thick?). I decided to add my 2 cents worth to enlighten those people who say 'relax! why are you getting so upset?' In our 5 month scan it was found that there are some problems, we are facing the very real possibility that our baby will not survive long after birth. So my husband and I have a damned good reason for not wanting people to touch, ooh and aah and get all personal, we are going through a very emotional and uncertain time. It's hard enough having to deal with this without people rubbing my stomach. Strangers are bad enough, but I wanted to slap my sister-in-law who kept rubbing my stomach and telling the baby it's going to be ok. I ended up explaining that my husband keeps crying when he looks at my stomach, and her rubbing it makes me want to burst into tears. How do I stop the strangers without crying myself?

Cruel comments From Some People

How dare we tell pregnant womento allow belly touching. How evil!!! Now, to the persons who said to pregnant women, to let people feel all over their bellies,, that is unfair for you to make that comment to women. We have got to stop scolding women just because they don't want hands on their private bodies. How unfair to women! Suppose I said to men to allow people to touch their testicles to feel the texture. And then I told the men to be nice or stop making it a big deal. Do you see how cruel that would be? Maybe you don't, because some of us are so cruel to pregnant women just because they are women. Women have attacks on all sides. Speak up women and tell people to back off!!!
—Guest Pam in the Valley

Kissing it... REALLY!!

So my mother in law is very over bearing in general. Now that I am expecting baby #2, it has gotten even worse. She insists on KISSING and rubbing my belly so the "baby can get use to her voice". She even tries to get my father in law to do it. (Thank god he isn't comfortable either!!) I don't mind if my son and husband want to feel the baby move. My son (3 yr old) thinks they play together when he can feel her move. I have actually gotten to the point where I ordered a maternity shirt that says "if you didn't put it here, DON'T TOUCH IT!!" And she still didn't get it. I don't know what to do and my husband thinks I need to just let it go!! Ummm... Not so much! I shouldn't be out in situations where I am uncomfortable. She has even done it in front of a group of like 25 people!! I don't know what I am going to do!!
—Guest *Annoyed*

12 weeks. Seriously.

I had an acquaintance come up last night and rub my belly all over. He didn't ask if he could. He didn't stop doing it when I politely blocked his hand and I HAVE NO BUMP. I hadn't even told him I was pregnant and he just heard it on the grapevine. Because I kept saying "that's not a baby, that's just pies" he eventually asked "you are pregnant, right?" I really wish I had said no. Rude bastard.
—Guest Edwina

Can I touch your private areas?

It's weird for any man to touch. I expect women to when they ask. But it's a woman thing. Men do not need to put their hands onany woman unless, it's his mate, otherwise, it's like rape. It's weird men. Please do not touch other women's pregnant bellies. You could get arrested.
—Guest Jean (Wildcat Fan)

Touching Bellies

Ususally when you read that it's not a big deal, the comment is coming from a man. Well, I'll tell you what. To the men who ask waht's the big deal. Let people walk up and touch your testicles and thenlet us hear you say, what's the big deal. Men are always undermining women for having their own opinions and feelings about their own bodies. WTF!!!??
—Guest Jean 4-2013 (Wildcat Fan)


I really don't like when people touch my stomach. I also don't like when people comment on it either! I am over the moon about having a baby but I am not a touchy feely person and I just really hate the attention. To the women who do like their bellys touched - that is fair enough, everyone is different - u shouldn't tell another women to get over it or advise her on how she should or shouldn't enjoy her pregnancy! Especially in the first months of pregnancy most of the belly is just bloat and it really bugs me eh people touch my stomach and say ohhhhhh look at your belly. Even if they are saying it in a completely nice way, it's like "seriously, I just ate, I'm bloated this is not my baby - don't touch me"!!! Makingsomethingspecial.blogspot.com
—Guest Making something special

Seriusly WHO CARES!

I am 16 weeks pregnant and I love it when people touch my belly. I'm so tired of all these mom-to-be's saying they get all "freaked out" when someone touches their belly. It's like who cares aren't you happy your baby is getting attention?? Moms need to take a chill pill and enjoy this while it lasts.
—Guest Jeri

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