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Readers Respond: How do you get people to stop touching your belly?

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Updated August 18, 2009

Not soo cool

I did not care so much until I realized a particular lady always stretching her hand to rub. Once or twice she was actually looking for my belly button! I was so unhappy that I now hated touching my own belly button when I rub myself something I enjoyed doing and now hated remembering her touch. Now I try to avoid her if I can. She can't get it why.
—Guest Angei

Pregnancy is a blessing

I read many comments on the topic and it is understandable as to how many ladies don't like others touching their belly, as rightly someone said HORMONAL PREGNANT LADY. one might have many emotions. but for me, I have never come across anyone touching my belly, maybe because my belly doesn't show much although I'm almost 6 months pregnant. yeah, but if someone (a lady or a kid) does approach me and touches my belly, try and talk with my baby, I would be happy to share my happiness! it feels great as this is a blessing and people realize it. I don't find anything wrong about people touching touching pregnant ladies' bellies, but again one never knows what hormones can do to a pregnant woman!
—Guest Gur

Touching Prenant Bellies

I once had a woman that I did not even know walk up to me from behind and start to caress my belly as if she were my husband. Well I felt really uncomfortable and mothers instinct kicked in to watch out for my little one. I told her that I was about to hit her because I didn't even know who she was. Well she apologized. I don't think people should touch a pregnant woman's belly without her permission. It's like walking up to someone and grabbing/touching them in a private area.
—Guest Soon To Be Momma


If they grab my belly, I grab their boob. I don't like to be touched. Period.
—Guest Mel

Respect the parent's wishes.

It's not mean for someone to not want other people to touch them. It doesn't matter that the person doing the touching means no harm, it's still an invasion of personal space. Telling people to "enjoy the attention" that they have already explicitly said that they DO NOT WANT shows an incredible lack of respect.
—Guest Anne Jobb

Respect my space

I just say please don't if it is just the one person. I don't want to embarrass anyone in front of other people. It bothers me though. If the baby is moving when they ask I will help them feel, but otherwise I don't want them touching my belly. People were touching me before I even had a baby bump back when my uterus was barely above the pelvic bone. They were not touching the baby then, they were touching me (probably touching my squished intestines or other organs). Ugh. I understand people wanting to touch the baby, but please ask. I need a shirt or a sandwich board that says, "Touch the belly, lose the hand." Maybe some belly armor even. I wonder if there's a market for that...
—Guest Sarah

Could care less.

I could care less. I love being pregnant! I love people asking me about my pregnancy and it's just fine if they sneak a little pat. It does however depend in the person. I have noticed that some men really LIKE pregnant ladies.... ewwww!
—Guest Guest

Its Not That Serious!

I'm 5 months pregnant,with my first baby, and it doesn't bother me like that. Iv always thought pregnant women were the cutest of women,and was amazed at the blessing to come! No I would never reach out and touch a stranger,but we are special to others as well! Yea, we aren't in the mood all the time for anyone to touch,but if they do,it shouldn't be taken so harshly,or just nicely say your annoyed w/the touches already,no disrespect..I love the attention myself, everyone that matters to me are excited with me and are GIFT givers, so they're entitled to a touch! Be cool!
—Guest lil Mommy

Woah there!

On the street I usually pat people back. If they get too handsy or don't take a hint I'll move back. I work at a cashier at a local market, at my counter my supervisor let me put up a little Buddha statue for people to pat instead.
—Guest pregnant with twins

Thought it was just me!

OmG! Im so relieved to know that I'm not the only one that gets SO irritated. The only people I want touching my belly are my mom,sis, and boyfriend! That's it! My mom gets down and talks to him and I think its adorable. This is her first grandbaby and she is excited but I EVERYONE comes up and doesn't just pat it but stands there and rubs and rubs! And my manager thinks I should name him Sebastian! And shell get down and talk to him and call him Sebastian and it drives me freaking crazy! I can't stand her for one. For two she is touching me and for three shes talking to my son and calling him Sebastian?! Ah! Hate it. Really really hate it.
—Guest 37 weeks

I think is funny!!!

I'm 5 moths pregnant and starting to show at the beginning it was wear but now I find it funny, people doing the baby talk or rubbing belly and making wishes. I just find it really amusing just seeing there reactions, I would never do that...

No way

I hate being touched by anyone that isn't the baby's dad. I tell every don't touch me, but I get a "I don't care what you say, that's my (insert relation here)"..drives me insane!
—Guest blah00

Not OK

I'm only 14 weeks pregnant, but people at work are already touching my belly, even giving kisses (WHY??!), and it is extremely annoying to me. Ask first, and then if ok, you can touch. Otherwise, leave the hormonal pregnant lady alone!
—Guest Guest Mom2B

Belly Rubbing

For those of you who say enjoy the attention some people aren't into that. I don't mind if my husband touches my belly but it makes me very uncomfortable when other people do it, even family. I didn't like being touched before I was pregnant and I especially do not like it now.
—Guest Alicia

Ask first

No I do not think its okay to walk up to someone and touch there belly. It's rude and inconsiderate. Some people are okay with that and some aren't. So please people ask first!

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