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Readers Respond: How do you get people to stop touching your belly?

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Updated August 18, 2009

I LOVE the answers here!

I have always had a fear of people touching my stomach when I'm pregnant. I really love the idea of reaching out to touch the "toucher's" stomach, in return. That's a great idea!! I will only want my husband and little sisters to touch my stomach. It is a very private matter and anyone else who does it (mother-in-law included) will be embarrassed by me!!!
—Guest Jennifer

It's Different for Everyone

Some people say you should appreciate the attention and share your happiness with everyone. For the people who are like that; that's a good thing for you, but not everyone. Some people like it and others don't. I'm 17 weeks and I've found that it bothers me with certain people. I don't want most people touching me at all as I'm a very "hands off" type of person normally. It has nothing to do with scaring anything with anyone. They can enjoy the baby from a distance with it's in me as it is my choice to not be touched. However, I have noticed that some people I don't mind. I don't let family, except for my closest sister, and only one co-worker and my hubby. I think everyone else understands that I like my distance. If you like being touched, good for you, you have nothing to ever worry about. But you shouldn't tell others they need to cool it if they don't like it. It's a personal choice and one that should be respected as it is their body.
—Guest lmk

These are great

I am in the stage of we haven't had pregnancy confirmed either way, but I feel so different, I loved reading these as that is totally how I feel, how would they like it, and don't get all in my space, I would only share with hubby now all in sundry now back off.
—Guest Sabrina

Not my favorite

What I do is when people start to reach out, I start to rub my belly. But I love it when my hubby does it. :)
—Guest Anonymous

Oh hell no!

I am 35 weeks and when someone starts to reach for my belly, I slap their hand.
—Guest patricia93


I don't like people touching my belly but if they don't ask - you better ask me or I'm going be very angry.
—Guest nicole

So glad I'm not alone!

Just reading this is making me giggle, but also super relieved that it's not just me. I'm currently 14 weeks and made it clear when we told our parents that this one of the things they must not do! I hate being touched at the best of times & my family & friends know that. Happy for hubby & me & only when I give permission to people. Nothing worth feeling at the mo anyhow! Just a little bit fatter! I am tempted to make it quite clear by putting it on Facebook as my status if peeps do feel the need to pat & stroke! I'm so excited about 'growing a baby' but please don't touch me, you will clearly see my pregnant state! :D
—Guest Charis

who cares?

I actually don't mind at all when people want to rub my belly. I'm 9 weeks pregnant with my second child and kind of look forward to the attention! As exciting it is for me...i'm not afraid to indulge someone elses curiousitly. However...i am aware that most women are freaked out by stranger belly touches...so I def don't invade someone elses belly space!
—Guest Angel

A little ask

I'm pregnant with triplets, and it seems people always want to touch my hyper-extended belly. I always grab their hand if they just reach for it, though the ones who ask I let feel it. The people who just reach out and touch my belly, I just look at them and say "Did you ask me?" or if I'm in a bad mood "How would you like a hand removed?". I've only ever had one girl try to ru her hands all over my belly, and it got creepy enough I just decked her. People have to learn that expectan mothers are VERY preotective of their belles, whether that be though forcible means be up to them. I think it's an invasion of personal space, and paramount to people walking up and touching someone's newborn. Would that go over well with anyone? No. So why do people keep wanting to touch? I mean, I understand curiosity, but if you are curious, ask, otherwise keep your hands off or they will be torn off.
—Guest Maia


I think that letting your family, hubby, and yourself to love on your belly is plenty.
—Guest Kristi

Might as well touch your privates

I am also from the Caribbean where believe or not people there tend to be of a superstitious culture. I am 5 months pregnant and I swear if anyone comes close to touching my belly I will lose it.it's uncomfortable enough that before someone sees your stomach, first questions are always 'who's the father, how far along are you? Like what the heck are you gonna be getting the check for me at the hospital of what?people need to respect people's bodies regardless.I thinking why don't you go touch yourself? It is gross it is pure perversion if you ask me.

Know what you mean

I find a good way to stop people touching my belly is to intercept their hand as it comes toward my stomach and shake it really hard, while saying something like "I didn't know we were married, I mean, seriously, why else would you be trying to grope me?" Usually stops people pretty quickly. It's really awkward tho when you see that hand extending out toward you. Never be scared to tell people how they are making you feel.
—Guest 24 weeks

Does it happen that often?

My belly is just starting to show. A good friend said I was starting to look pregnant and didn't touch my belly so I have high hopes for the next 26 weeks. Do people really touch your belly that often or are people just hypersensitive to it? I can't imagine strangers wanting to touch me since I've never once wanted to touch a pregnant woman's stomach.
—Guest ambie18


I will never understand why EVERY WOMAN I know feels the same way but acts like they don't know when someone else is around. I have never been a touchy feely person and feel rude telling people "don't touch me" but dang. You know you didn't want peoples paws all over you when you were expecting so really....
—Guest Angie

Shouldn't Matter

I don't care if you think it is fine to touch pregnant womens' bellies. I don't care if you don't think it's a big deal. I don't care if you think there is nothing we should be upset about. The fact of the matter is: it's MY BELLY. You can make the decisions on your belly, but nobody else can tell me how I should feel about my own belly. I don't like to be touched (except by hubby and some family) and that did NOT change when I got pregnant.
—Guest Not Your Decision to Make

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