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Readers Respond: How do you get people to stop touching your belly?

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Preg. Belly button

I love when a woman still has her innie belly button while shes pregnant :D outies are groossssss :P GIRLS: Is your belly button extra sensitive when you're pregnant??
—Guest tacoredhead18@yahoo.com

i hate it

I'm 38 weeks pregnant and its so annoying when random people touch me for example today I was walking some random lady touched my belly and started rubbing all over then tells me oh they say its good luck to rub a pregnant persons belly and I was freaked out. I still am. Like its a complete invasion of privacy.
—Guest guest kay

Bad manners

It is just simply bad manners to touch a persons stomach un-invited. A pregnancy is the most personal thing a woman can go through. NOTHING is more invasive to your body. NO ONE has the right to tell you to relax, be humble or claim possession of the child - either in your body or outside of it. These comments are purely subjective and judgemental. If you don't care about the belly touch, great. If you do, then say so. People must learn to respect your privacy and remember you are not public property. You are a woman, a person a human being who is experiencing something unique to yourself. How dare someone tell you to calm down - they have NO IDEA what you are going through. People always assume pregnant woman to be in the perfect home/familyfinancial situation with perfect lives. Pffff - reality check! Allow yourself to be whomever you want to be during your pregnancy. Don't let others dictate ANYTHING. This strength of character will make you a better mum in the long run.
—Guest jodyjane71

picky with touchers

I'm 22 weeks and just turning bumpy. I don't mind certain coworkers touching yet I can't stand to have my mother in law or sister in law touch! They are already so overbearing and creepy about this baby! His sister has gone as far as trying to hold my belly with the excuse that she wants the baby to know her?? Weird!
—Guest Court


I dont mind my husband and the little children in my family to touch my belly...but the rest of the family, friends and stranger erks me. I didnt liked being touched before being pregnant, why would i like it now?.... gosh people, you think youre touching the baby but youre phisically not, you're touching ME... I told my mom: "don't rub it"...she said: "its my grandchild"... i replied: "its MY belly"... I told my dad: "don't poke it!"...he laughed and i was like: "seiously, i dont like it".....my grandma knows i hated to be touched and still did it it, I backed off and said: "please?".........
—Guest Kasey


If some pervert, male or female, touches your belly without permission, do one of three things: touch theirs - they'll soon realise how wrong it feels, smack them in the face, or insist the police arrest them for assault or/and harassment since there is no law that says you give up your right not to be touched by random strangers when you are pregnant
—Guest Me

Family ok, strangers back off!!!

I'm currently 23 weeks preggers. I think it's the sweetest thing when my hubby or other family members rub my belly. My daddy (who lives 4 1/2 hrs away) has to kiss my belly and rub it when we leave to come home, which is fine with me. He's very excited about his granddaughter. I've not had any strangers to come up and rub yet, but I don't think I'd like it very much. I just think it's weird to walk up to a total stranger, pregnant or not and touch them anyways. I mean you wouldn't walk up to someone you didn't know and hug them. lol. Good luck to all of you!!!
—Guest Tasha

Very Personal

This is a very personal choice. I am 18 weeks pregnant with my first much longed for baby and am filled with excitement. Right now I have no problem with co-workers and family/friends touching my belly but I really do think its up to the individual and women have every right to say 'NO!' to anyone making them feel uncomfortable. For those saying pregnant woman should relax, its no big deal, don't be rude and finally the one that really annoys me..Blame our hormones!!!! You really need to shut up. Its a personal choice and no one has the right to say what anyone should or should not allow where their body and child is concerned. Yes we are protective especially if, like me, you are very nervous about things going wrong and yes we have hormones but we have a right to say 'back off' and people sitting in judgement need to show more respect and mind their own business! So far I'm fine with it but if strangers push me when I am heavily pregnant and its a hot summer I will be saying 'NO!'
—Guest firsttimemummy1979

No way.

I'd only allow my husband or my mom to touch it.. or my other kids.. not strangers and my friends were good enough to ask first.
—Guest pumpkincat210

Please Leave Me Alone

I love it when my fiancé touches my belly but everybody else hands off please People don't ask they just do and expect me to deal I'm sorry yes I have a cute little baby bump with a wiggly little girl inside but she doesn't seem to like being poked and prodded either I just feel invaded you wouldnt touch a baby a stranger was carrying don't touch them while they are inside
—Guest Destiny


How would people react if someone went up to a non-pregnant woman and started touching her belly, that would be sexual harassment. How or why should it be any different is she is pregnant. No excuse. Regardless of friend, family, or stranger your touch should be invited by the woman, not asked for by you.
—Guest Guest

not a big deal to me..

I am 26 weeks pregnant and I don't mind to be touched as long as I know the person. It don't matter to my husband too because were proud that after 4 years I finally got pregnant. I am trying to enjoy my pregnancy so I don't mind to be touched. Its an awesome feeling when I heard them saying congratulations, praying for your safe delivery. Sometimes we make fun they ask me what cause of my belly getting so big? I just replied its ahotdog.. LOL.. take it easy mommy's to be and just enjoy your pregnancy.
—Guest via

I didn't like being touched BEFORE!

I'm just at 12 weeks and I'm paranoid about this already! I don't like to be touched as it is - my father-in-law has to head me off at the door if he wants a hug! One of my closest friends was the first (besides my husband, whom I'm okay with for obvious reasons) to touch my belly the other day and even THAT made me uncomfortable - I think I will seriously lose it on some random stranger if they try! I like Krissy's idea of charging for it - 5 bucks a touch! I guess I could just tell people I don't even hug my own family so I can't handle people touching me.
—Guest Deb

But Why?

To the one that titled NO. Why do you or others feel the need to touch the belly? There is other ways to be happy for the expecting mom, then to molest her belly. I don't like the attitude that if I didn't want random people touching me, then I shouldn't of gotten pregnant. It wasn't a random person that got me pregnant, this is something that was intimate between my husband and me in our private bedroom. Touching my belly brings joy to others and discomfort to me. I'm not sure how that seems fair? I should be discomforted by others so they can feel a part of our pregnancy? Did they not notice they weren't invited to the making of the baby in the first place? I have been on the other end, w/ friends that were pregnant, didn't feel that my rights out weighed hers on invading her space and molesting her belly. I respected her and kept my hands to myself. It was not my pregnancy it was hers and her husbands. When my space is respected, it says to me, that they care and respect me.
—Guest Kay

To each her own...

It seems as though the people who feel it is "no big deal" for strangers to touch your belly always mention something about the fact that they love getting the attention. For the rest of us who are not attention whores, it is not about "getting over it". It is an offensive act that one only has to worry about when pregnant. It is somehow deemed acceptable only when you are pregnant. But no one goes up to an overweight person and rubs their bellies and asks how far along that hamburger is. It's ridiculous and invasive.
—Guest je

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