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Readers Respond: When did your pregnant belly show?

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Updated July 05, 2009

From the article: When will I start to show?
The pregnant belly is a miracle. It stretches to accommodate your growing uterus and baby and then shrinks back down. But most pregnant women wonder when in pregnancy their belly will show and let the world know that they are pregnant. So, when did your belly show? Was it the second trimester? Maybe the first? How did it show? Was it different with subsequent pregnancies? Who noticed it first?

17 weeks

I'm 17 weeks pregnant with my first baby at 31. My belly started to get a rounded small bump at 15-16 weeks. I'm relatively tall (5" 11) slim & had a small pudge prior to getting pregnant. (I suffered a lot of bloating in my first trimester). I've been told I'm carrying quite low; hopefully not from poor abdominal muscles!
—Guest clare

4 Weeks - Looking like a baby whale

I'm a mommy of 2 girls, and had a recent miscarrraige, resulting in a d&c. I am 4 weeks, and my belly looks as if I'm about 6 months pregnant already.
—Guest Janke

5 1/2 weeks

I'm 5 1/2 weeks pregnant I believe and this is my 2nd pregnancy and I feel like I am 3 months pregnant and VERY BLOATED.
—Guest Amilee

possibly pregnant with 4th baby

I got off the nuvaring at the end of last month and my husband and I "weren't preventing" at the beginning of this month. I know that I get pregnant easily anyway, but about 10 days after our first "try" I had really bad menstral-like cramps which I think (If I am pregnant) could have been the implantation. Now, my belly has grown 2.75 inches and I can't be but 2 weeks along. I don't know if this makes a difference but I have also had 3 c sections and I didn't lose all the weight after the 3rd baby?
—Guest Katie

18 weeks

I'm 18 weeks and its my first baby, not showing in the slightest. Kind of worries me, but reading these entries is making me feel a whole lot better.
—Guest tiffany

4 Weeks

This is my 5th pregnancy. Only 2 actual births. So I have had 4 miscarriages. This is my 6th pregnancy. My belly looks like I am 4-5 months.
—Guest Latiaa

25 weeks and looked 4 months

My name is Chelsea I'm 18 and a second time mom expecting with twins. My belly had stopped growing 5 1/2 months but I'm just going to have eat more and have a healthy habit.
—Guest gothicvamp1993

18 weeks

This is my 5th pregnancy/baby. I am on the thin side anyway, but am only now starting to notice. Normally 110 lbs at 5'7", I've only gained about 3lbs. Every response here is "normal"! Don't worry ladies! With my first I only gained about 17 lbs, he was 7lbs, I didn't show until 6months along. My second I gained 30lbs and he was 6lbs 2oz, I started showing around 3 months. My third I gained 45 lbs and she was 7lbs 10oz, I started showing at 4months. And my fourth I gained 25lbs and he was 6lbs 6oz, started showing at 5 months. So everything and anything can be normal!!! Good luck ladies!
—Guest guest stephanie

25 weeks and 6 months long

My name is Chelsea, I'm 18 years old, and I'm 25 weeks and 6 months long. I'm going to be a second time mom expecting with twins this year. My doctor told me that my belly won't get big enough to make it to 7 months like my first pregnancy which worries me too much but not all the time.
—Guest gothicvamp1993

24 Weeks

I'm 18 years old, I'm expecting with twins, this is my second time being pregnant, and my belly is not showing that I'm 5 months, its showing that I'm 4 months and my Dr. told my not to stress to much on my senior year, my 2 jobs, and my wedding arrangements and stuff. All I have to do is to got with the breeze and relax.


I am 7.5 weeks pregnant n my belly is making me look like I'm 5 months pregnant. This is my third pregnancy. My first pg (my daughter) I didn't start showing til I was 7 months. My second (my son) I started showing at 4 months. I am amazed with the differences in my pregnancies. I'm kinda thinking we might be having twins. Excited but frightened at the same time.
—Guest NMsami

8 weeks and 3 days

Im 17 and this is my first child. I had no stomach at all before I became pregnant and now being 2 months I look like Im 4 months pregnant.
—Guest brooke

4 weeks today and look like 4months

I started showing about a week after conception! i have two girls and had a eptopic pregnancy before them so this is my 4th pregnancy! Kinda worried about twins as it runs in my family and the fathers!!!!!! Kinda excited though ultrasound next friday!!!
—Guest Mommyof2expecting

10 weeks

I'm 10 weeks pregnant and have no belly. Looks like it will take a while longer for it to grow. Its my first pregnancy and I am 29 :)
—Guest Cristina

I'm surprised!!!!

I am 4 weeks pregnant and my belly looks like if I'm 3 months, this will be my second child and it's different than my first pregnancy. Why????
—Guest yesica
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