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Readers Respond: When did your pregnant belly show?

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Updated July 05, 2009

From the article: When will I start to show?
The pregnant belly is a miracle. It stretches to accommodate your growing uterus and baby and then shrinks back down. But most pregnant women wonder when in pregnancy their belly will show and let the world know that they are pregnant. So, when did your belly show? Was it the second trimester? Maybe the first? How did it show? Was it different with subsequent pregnancies? Who noticed it first? Share Your Story

14 weeks pregnant

Ill b 14 weeks Thursday n my stomach is getting bigger but not hard is that normal
—Guest ms pooh


my tummy only feels hard @ the bottom. I found out I was prego last week I had no symptons of pregnancy. I was shocked! I bled for a day and a half then stopped, I didn't really think much about it though, was this normal?
—Guest 5 1/2 Weeks! (Britt)

my belly is small

im 4 to 5 months now but my belly is not showing should i be worried coz it gets big at night and small in the morning
—Guest vukosi

my belly is small

im 4 to 5 months now but my belly is not showing should i be worried coz it gets big at night and small in the morning
—Guest vukosi

17 weeks pregnant

Am 17 weeks pregnant and my belly is not sure yet but I can feel my baby..and am still seeing my monthly is something wrong with me... Am looking for answers..
—Guest Akisha

When did my belly show?

In my first pregnancy i was 17 years old and my belly started to show at 5months maybe it was because i was hidding it to my parents i was still a teenager in grade 10,now am 22 wit my second and am 3/4 month and my belly is small in the morning and getting big as the day goes..oh anyway congrats 2me because am married this time but he'z not the father of my first but he love my son and cant wait 2meet our girl or boy lol
—Guest Thembi Gwantya

11 weeks and showing

got special milestone of pregnancy. little bump coming out to give people hint of him around. is that okay in 11 weeks
—Guest nupur


iam startng forth week now but alrdy am feeling tired jst cnt do the stomach in anymre and my stmch iz growing alrdy .....is it normal
—Guest cindy

17weeks and not showing

im 23 y/o and im 17w4d but not showing a belly but iv gain weight and i cant close the button of my shorts this is my first
—Guest liljasrace

14 weeks pregnant

Am 14tn weeks pregnant and my belly seems not to show eny sign at all wat do i do? Cause am really scared.
—Guest Ivan

7 weeks pregnant

Im 7 weeks pregnant 2pregnancy first ended up in miscarriage and my stomach is flat in morning and gets higher when i eat
—Guest ashley

20 weeks and 2 days

its my 20th week but i only gained a couple of pounds, i am not sure if i should be worried or not, i'll be seeing my ob-gynecologist sometime this week and i wish to hear positive news! (now i am really worried) ;(
—Guest Triah

pregnant bt nt showin

im 30 weeks bt im flat nt showin dat im preganant is it normal and healthy?
—Guest mamdinza

13 weeks

I am 13 weeks pregnant and am not showing yet except my stomach has gotten a little Bigger and harder. I am scared because at my last ultrasound the baby measured 2 days later than what they thought.
—Guest Mommy2be

For all those "1st" time moms

Okay I'm 8 weeks and I realize everyone is excited. I was reading on here on how some girls are showing at 2 and 4 weeks.... Do you realize that they calculate your due date from your last period? So.. At 2 weeks you haven't even ovulated and at 4 weeks the baby just implanted into your uterus. I think it's a lot of miss informed teens who's posting things like that. And to answer a lot of people's questions if your tummy gets bigger after you ate it's because you just ate.... You might not of noticed before but now since your 6 weeks pregant it's a big deal? The babys a size of a seed. What happened to the education. Hell I'm 19 I freaking know better. Every body is different and everyone is excited but if your not provided with the right information it makes you look stupid. No matter how skinny you are your not going to show at 4 weeks
—Guest Reality

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When did your pregnant belly show?

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