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Readers Respond: When did your pregnant belly show?

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Updated July 05, 2009

9 weeks and belly showing

I'm 9 weeks and this is my 2nd. The problem is my belly will get bigger when I eat. It's like being in my 15th-16th weeks. but in the morning when I wake up, my tummy will get slimmer. It will be big again once I start eating, I don't know why. hopefully this time will be a boy.
—Guest young mummy

5/6 weeks and bloated!

I am having my second bubs and I feel fat. Haha! I already have a little bump try suck it in and it's still there... Guess it's normal. Hope not twins ahhh...
—Guest Sarah

7 weeks

I've worked out myself I'm about 7 weeks but unsure as I don't have periods anyway I'm showing weirdly. Its a bump on the front.
—Guest kfox1988

13 weeks

I'm 13 weeks with my first and I'm starting to show already. Of course, I don't look any different to myself but to my parents they can tell I have the bump. I'm 5'3" and weigh about 140.....well last time I checked I was. I have probably gained a few pounds since then. Good luck everyone!!
—Guest mama2be0704

Pregnant 13 weeks

I am pregnant 13 weeks now and no belly is clear. I am happy for that but what makes me so depressed is my fear of my belly suddenly showing. I love my shape and my body and fear that I look so disgusting with belly so I am depressed about this. I am tall by the way.
—Guest nimo


I started getting a bump very early, it has freaked me out a bit and friends that know and family have successfully wound me up that I'm having twins. I'm 4"11 and this is my 3rd pregnancy. People have told me that you do show quicker after your first baby, but my second I showed later and was smaller. Maybe its a girl this time? I'm now 8/9 weeks and due to being classed as high risk I'll get an early scan next week. Fun fun!!
—Guest Roxie

17 weeks

So I'm pregnant with my 1st, I'm 17 weeks but I don't look pregnant I look like I'm fat, but my tummy feels kind of hard?

4 weeks

I'm about 4weeks most people don't even know they are pregnant at this point but its my 2nd and I'm bloated and tummy is hard. I took test and its positive! I guess everyone is different but I'm thinking its just my body...its done it before! Will be keeping eye on what I eat and staying active but honestly....this time me personally...it's happening a litte quicker!
—Guest justice

15weeks 1day

This is my first pregnancy and when I eat that's when I look very pregnant but when I just relax it looks like my normal self. My cousin is one month ahead of me and her belly is very big & this is also her first pregnancy. Why am I barely showing? Is my baby gonna be small?
—Guest Mami 2 be :) First one on the way


This is my second child, (3rd pregnancy...lost my last one @ 12W) With my first child, my son who is 3 now I began showing at about 16 weeks, and after the little bump started it never stopped. By the time I was 6 months along I looked like I was about to pop! Now that I know that this one Im carrying now is healthy and have a low risk of loosing it, I told my family and they all laughed and said "we already know" I asked how?? "BECAUSE YOU HAVE A BUMP DUH!!" was thier response. So I am 13 weeks and 2 days, and am showing. I did notice that after I eat, my lower ab, becomes hard, which really makes it round out. I can already feel the "flutters" of the baby moving around. I am however 5'3 and weigh 140. Before my first child I only weighed 115 so you would think that I would have shown earlier with my first then my second because I weigh more now then I did then. But everyone's body is different, and I have noticed the taller you are, the longer it takes to show. Good luck everyone!!
—Guest Tearia

17 weeks

I'm 17 weeks with my 1st and I only "look" pregnant after I eat. So I def know it's not my lil one. When I first wake up (full bladder) I see my lil big baby. I love it. When I've not eaten (when I'm starving), my stomach looks normal, like before I was even pregnant.
—Guest nicolee

I'm one week and 5 days pregnant

1 week and 5 days and I'm showin already I dont know why. It's my 4th child.
—Guest tamy

9 weeks.

So, today is my 9th week. I'm barely showing, I have gained a bit of weight and my abdomen is coming out just a bit.
—Guest HelloMom

20 weeks and still not showing

The doctor as assured me everything is fine, but being 5 months pregnant and not showing seems weird to me. I'm 5'11 and have an athletic build and I'm long-waisted so maybe kiddo just has plenty of room to hang out...
—Guest Stephanie


My belly showed when I was about 18 weeks, people didn't belive when I say am pregnant because I didn't have a big belly.
—Guest mannyane

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