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Readers Respond: When did your pregnant belly show?

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Updated July 05, 2009

When did my belly start showing?

Well I'm under 5ft. My belly started showing at a little over 9 weeks.
—Guest Jasmyne

11 weeks

It's my first pregnancy and I'm 11 weeks but nothing is still showing yet. And honestly I can't wait for my belly to start show...
—Guest Guest excited

17 weeks

I started to show around 17 weeks. I felt much bigger than I actually was because of bloating the first four months. A good way to gauge your baby belly size vs. bloat is to lie on your back and gently suck in! You will see the bump if it is actually there!
—Guest jackie

25 and nothing yet!

This is my third child and everyone keeps commenting that I look like I'm losing weight and don't look pregnant at all. I'm still in all my normal clothes. The doctor says the babies fine though. But I wouldn't mind starting to show!!!
—Guest V

14 weeks

I'm pregnant with my 2nd and just popped at 14 weeks. Didn't show till 6 months with my 1st!
—Guest jules

I feel better about my size

This is among the first to address my concerns of my belly size and whether my baby is healthy. While I understand this article will not directly address my babies health, it does confirm that every women is different. I am 5 10' and I am constantly being told that I am too small. This article confirms that everyone is different. I workout for at least 30-40 mins a day. I thought my routine was negatively affecting my growth. Looking at these pictures confirms that I am perfectly fine & my doctor reassures me. Honestly it's a little stress having a baby especially when others comment about your progress and where they think you should be.
—Guest marie

no bump

I'm 18 weeks and in not showing at all. My friends come up to me and ask me if I'm still pregnant all the time, I hate it.
—Guest bri-bby

Baby Bump

I'm in my fourth pregnancy, hoping to carry my second child to term. I showed very early with my daughter at 10 weeks and am having trouble covering it up. We wanted to wait until 12 weeks but I can't wear my pants. I guess things are looking pretty good.
—Guest 8/9 weeks

My Belyy Doesn't Show

I am 11 weeks pregnant and my belly doesn't show at all.
—Guest ally

I'm at 14 weeks and..

I'm starting to show, my stomach has gotten harder and pushed out more. I am too impatient, I wish it was bigger already! :)
—Guest Lauren

7/8 weeks

I started showing around 7 to 8 weeks. I was underweight when I got pregnant, weighing only 100lbs. I'm now 27 weeks weighing 139lbs. I'm still small body wise just mostly belly. My belly was as big as my cousin's who was at the time 32 weeks pregnant with twins, and she and I are both smaller built women. I've been asked if I was sure it was just the one in there.... LOL..... I just have a growing little boy in there! :-) this is my first child and I'm so excited!
—Guest celeste

6 weeks

I'm 6 weeks pregnant and not showing at all. I'm not concerned about it since I didn't show with my other 2 children. When I brought them home from the hospital my neighbors asked if I had adopted!!!

Pregnancy belly at 5 months

I'm 22 weeks pregnant and people don't believe that I'm pregnant. I can now feel a lump and am starting to fill out, but look more like I've had a few too many doughnuts. I love that it's taking longer to show.
—Guest Dawn

8th Week in

In my 8th week and already got a lil pouch showing.
—Guest Texas Blue

8 weeks pregnant with my fourth

I was wondering when I was going to start to show since this is my fourth, but within the last couple of days I have started showing just a little pudge. I can still fit in my regular clothes, but there's definitely a little bump going on...so excited!!
—Guest Liz

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