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Readers Respond: How do you calculate the months of pregnancy?

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Updated June 08, 2011

280 days, 40 weeks, 9 months, 3 trimesters... it can be confusing, but nothing is as confusing as trying to calculate the months of pregnancy.

Some people calculate from the moment of conception, others start at the first day of their last period. Sometimes it's a quick math calculation of how much time your have left in pregnancy and some moms don't ever bother with months.

So how many months is 26 weeks? What about 13? Share Your Explanation

Start calculate after yo last period

My last period was on august so i started calculatin da next month.so da easy way is to count by months.
—Guest Tina:D

am i pregnant?

i missed my period for the past 10 days now. I feel constant headache, my stomach makes noises, i gas all d time, am having waist pain. But i don't have the urge to vomit. But for the past 6days, i have be having pains in my lower abdomen which is my usual pain for my mensuration. Plz i want to know if am pregnant.
—Guest sally

how many month I am now

I try to see how many month I am now because I take prenant test and I am have a baby boy
—Guest yanizette

how many months am i pragnant

my last period was july 10,2013. now iam pragnant but i dont no that how to calculation month of oct 10 2013 please tell me that my answer
—Guest anitha

Pegnency calculation

I want to calculate my pregnancy and i dont know how to do that
—Guest Lily

29 weeks- i see as 8month has just start

i look at it as 10months from last period...ie 4weeks a month (its not techniqually correct but its easy) 4weeks-1month 8weeks-2months 12weeks-3months (1st trimester completed at end of 12weeks cause less risk of miscarriage) 16weeks-4 months 20weeks-5 months 24weeks-6 months 28weeks-7months (2nd trimester completed) 32-8 months 36weeks-9months 40weeks+ -(10 months) i know it confusing the way i do it !
—Guest jay

want to know

Am 6weeks pregnancy is it normal for my stomach to be showing
—Guest justina obi

calculate month pregnant

if my first menstruation of my last month is 19 september 2012,
—Guest bubly

Personal contribution

I guess the actual way to calculate is from ur ovulation period which comes two weeks after mensis. Conception cannot take place before ovulation. Like ur last period was on the 28 of Dec. 2012 and u missed ur period which shld be on the 24th of Jan, this means that u are jst two weeks pregnant.
—Guest Ifeoma Eze

pregnancy calculating..

i am just 16 days pregnant.my last period was september 27 and i was guessed my baby formed from the next period date of oct 27.today is nov 11,2012..so 16 days passed.
—Guest farzana

How many months am I

My tummy is all ready big and my baby is has been moveing around and now my tummy looks like iam about 7months
—Guest Shonta

works for me

I have always calulated it by looking ahead to the same day on the next month. Like, the last day of my period this time was February 1st, so I count myself as one month pregnant on March 1st, two months on April 1st and so on. It's the middle of August so I say I'm about 6 1/2 months pregnant. You can do this if you calculate starting from last period or date of conception depending on how important the technicalities are to you.
—Guest Suni


I was told that you figure out the months by taking how many weeks you are (like say 17) and dividing it by 4.3 (thats the number of weeks in an average month) so at 17 weeks you would be 3.95 months pregnant.

Skip the first two weeks...

Since I'm not really pregnant those first two weeks, I usually say I'm one month pregnant until I'm six weeks and go every four after that.
—Guest Mom2BabyG

It depends on my mood...

I know it sounds crazy but how I calculate months depends on my mood. If I'm enjoying pregnancy I usually calculate lower months but if I'm tired or hurting, I calculate higher. I also have been known to calculate higher to seem very pregnant, you know, someone asks me to do something I'm not sure I want to do like attend a function, so I say "Oh I'm 8 months pregnant, I don't know..." As opposed to saying I'm 33 weeks or something.
—Guest Treya

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How do you calculate the months of pregnancy?

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