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Readers Respond: Did you think you were having twins?

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So your belly is starting to show really quickly. Maybe your pregnancy symptoms are a bit extreme or you feel like you have morning sickness for two. What made you think you were having twins? Sometimes it's physical evidence like two heart beats or an ultrasound. Other times it's mother's intuition or a family history of twins. Did you think you were having twins? Why? And were you right? Share Your Experience

I felt am having twin

I have a doubt am having a twin baby am in 6 weeks old I got a symptoms very fatigue always am eating plz gv any solution its twins or not am waiting for ur reply
—Guest prema

Pregnant with twins

I knew it was twins right frm the start because with my son I had morning sickness that went away at about 10am, this time I have been sick all day everyday right from the start. Went for a scan at 7 weeks 2 days and we were able to hear 2 beautiful heartbeats.
—Guest Jenni

am having twins

I have being feeling it inside me that am twins pregnat until I went to scan today to comfirmed it, am so happy.
—Guest queen

not sure

Been getting such bad morning sickness that I'm ALWAYS nauseous and nothing stays down but I'm always hungry. I sleep about 15 hrs a day and I'm always tired and not motivated to do anything. I am only 8 weeks and I'm showing like I'm 5-6months and I can feel movement. I have a lot more ligament pain than with my past 5 pregnancies. I just recently had a miscarriage at 20 weeks, had 2 periods and got pregnant again... I am kind of hoping for twins but I'm not really sure I could handle twins.
—Guest lindsay

I 've twins

It was my first pregnancy n as a surprise I was blessed with twins boy n girl on New year morning.. I was extremely happy n excited. I m expecting again hope I experience single baby this time..
—Guest pooja


I'm 18weeks and i look like,I'm 8 months. I feel two different heart beats on both of my sides, i also have fybroid tumors. I'm scheduled another ultra sound in two weeks. My husband has alot of twins in his family. Someone please tell me, twins or what?
—Guest guest sp

Double Trouble For Abby?!

I was only twenty-two, still in college and on birth control! When I took the pregnancy test I had to have my friend read it, so when I found out there were twins, I went bazurk! The woman had been staring at the monitor for a good two minutes, then smiled at me. "Your thoughts on having your child?"She had asked. "Nervous, scared and very excited!"I declared, smiling back. "And having two?"She questioned. I had stared at her like she had three heads until it finally set in. Then, I screamed. I was absolutly petrified, yet happy, yet confused- all at once! After much hypervenilation and nearly having a panic attack, I started laughing like a mad woman. Then I started crying a river. I hadn't expected two, considering the fact that there were no multiple births in my family, nor my husbands! We now have our wonderful Margret-Grace and Sofia-Grace, who are six this October! On top of that they have their younger siblings: Jean-Luc who is four, Annabelle-Evangeline who is two, Philippe-Pierre and Celestial-Fleur who are eight months and a mystery sibling, due Febuary!
—Guest Abigale

Possible Twins?!

I am currently 9 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child, I understand your belly knows what it's doing after the first, but I look and feel 6 months along, my breasts quadrupled in size almost immediately, friends and even acquaintances I rarely see say I'm having twins, I had slight morning sickness at night with my lil girl and none at all with baby boy but this time I'm ill constantly. No twins on either mine or my husbands side so hopfully they will be identical twin girls!! Scan in a week and a half and soooo nervous to see how many hearts are beating in there!!!!
—Guest Chelsea

Im sure im having twins

This is my 5th pregnancy and im currently 12 weeks and just have the strongest feeling that Im carrying twins. Im not the only one to think this either as my partner does also and so too do my family and friends. Chronic morning sickness, moody as hell, dreams of having twins, seeing twins everywhere I look lol, bigger belly than any of my other pregnancies. I have my scan on Monday 15th so Im excpecting the words TWINS to be said lol. Oh well we just cant wait and maybe we will eat our words but were very much hoping it it twins xxx


No twins in our familys and no reason to suspect ever having twins. We got pregnant naturally like our other two kids and from the day I took the pregnancy test I just knew. I joked with my husband and shared all these twin dreams I was having. I was 2x as tired as I was in my past pregnancies and gained ten lbs right away. Went in and in my head I was waiting for the doctor to say one or two. She said two!! I was right and that creeped me out the most.
—Guest Jocelyn

trust your intuition

I didn't find out until 19 weeks that we were having twins via ultrasound, though I knew long before that. I was showing at 9 weeks. Felt fetal movement at 15 weeks. My uterus was measuring above my belly button at 16 weeks and I asked me doctor to look for 2 heartbeats and sure enough, there were 2! She believed it was an echo but I had been saying all along there were 2 babies! My aunts are fraternal twins and my intuition was right! I am now 32 weeks and so excited for them to arrive!!!
—Guest Ellicia


This is my 16 pergnacy, I have 8 children I been wanted twins ever since I lost twins throu a miscarriage. I had had two scan doctor and me only seen one but I feel like there's two I been feeling movement since 6 weeks. now I'm 11 weeks and can't wait for my next scan. lillike like its twins I been felling movment
—Guest melisa

Munoz Twins

I am 10 weeks pregnant with twins the father Micahael is very super dupa excited we are having twins

GOD fullfill my wish with badluck

I have a5years old princess and on my 2nd pregnancy I wish for twins. I got it but god take that back.

Not sure....

It all started with massive pain in my tailbone and the worst nausea ever! Feels like I'm nursing a hangover. Plus I can't stop eating and I'm always tired no matter what I do. I have bloated right out and need to wear mat clothes already and I'm only 8 weeks. My youngest is 6 months right now and i had a full DnC due to complications when i had her. I had one period and BANG i was pregnate again. I have 5 girls in total so I am wondering if this one is soooo bad because its a boy or twins!? Btw twins runs in my family as well. Ugh.
—Guest Mom of 5 girls

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