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Readers Respond: Did you think you were having twins?

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Updated January 07, 2010


This is my 16 pergnacy, I have 8 children I been wanted twins ever since I lost twins throu a miscarriage. I had had two scan doctor and me only seen one but I feel like there's two I been feeling movement since 6 weeks. now I'm 11 weeks and can't wait for my next scan. lillike like its twins I been felling movment
—Guest melisa

Munoz Twins

I am 10 weeks pregnant with twins the father Micahael is very super dupa excited we are having twins

GOD fullfill my wish with badluck

I have a5years old princess and on my 2nd pregnancy I wish for twins. I got it but god take that back.

Not sure....

It all started with massive pain in my tailbone and the worst nausea ever! Feels like I'm nursing a hangover. Plus I can't stop eating and I'm always tired no matter what I do. I have bloated right out and need to wear mat clothes already and I'm only 8 weeks. My youngest is 6 months right now and i had a full DnC due to complications when i had her. I had one period and BANG i was pregnate again. I have 5 girls in total so I am wondering if this one is soooo bad because its a boy or twins!? Btw twins runs in my family as well. Ugh.
—Guest Mom of 5 girls


I'm 11 weeks pregnant today, I have a 4 year old daughter but my last pregnancy I had a miscarriage, this pregnancy I'm feeling slightly nervous I've been having dream and feeling I'm pregnant with twins, my mother had twins but sadly died not long after birth, im keeping my fingers crossed all is good this time and maybe 2 inside scan date on 23 April :)
—Guest Jade


Sickness all day everyday, had a scan @ 6weeks showed one baby, 12 week scan this Monday just gone and told I'm expecting identical twins!!!! My husband kept joking I was having twins as so sick and swollen stomach. Still shocked as also have 3 yr old son. Fun times ahead for us but will be worth every minute!
—Guest Tanya

think im aving twins

This will.b my 16th pregnancy and my belly is growing really fast and that's not like me at all, I feel quite under the weather and emotional, I'm only 6 wks and I keep feeling bubbling sensations in left and middlish abdominal, what do u think?
—Guest penlope

darn..not me

I wanted to have twins in the worse way. I thought I'd have a pretty good shot, My mother was a twin with a brother, I am a identical twin. But, after 6 babies 2 miscarriages I believe I'll wait for grandtwins!!
—Guest karen

Surprise Twins

Had nooo idea I was pregnant with fraternal twins untill I was 5 mos. pregnant & went for my 1st ultrasound! Was wondering why I felt so sick all the time & why I was measuring farther along then what I was. Didn't know twins ran on my dad's side untill I called him with the big suprise. Am now 28 wks. & expecting to see my little girl & boy sometime around mid-June. :)
—Guest Leticia Lucio

ive got that feelin that in having twins

Im 8 weeks pregnant my belly looks like im about 5months, fell sick all day, really tired, im a very moody human rite about now lol, Ive got 2 boys 10 and 8 and had 8 miscarriage over 12years me and my husband did just give up.... but by the looks of it, it maybe 2... ;D scan in 4wks and really cant wait.
—Guest kb..


I had a feeling I might be having twins,but it was only because I was so sick and the feeling of been sick was allways there even at night.i am now nearl 14 weeks and im huge,look more like 5 month,but most of it is because im bloating so much after eating.im also constantly tired and acheing.this pregnancy really is totally different to my two others x
—Guest adele

am i having twins?

this is my 4th pregnancy, i am 9 weeks but my womb measuring 12 weeks. i am quite big aswel dont have my scan while the 18th and its dragging like mad really want to no lol. i have alot of cramp and mt midwife said it cud be coz ther is 2 and its making more room
—Guest becki


im 6 wks i keep feeling movement, bubbles are something on my left side. No pain wat could this b. Uterus stretching or twins?
—Guest mbranch

I'm having twins

I never thought I would be having twins I found out when I was ten weeks. This is my third pregnancy I can't be more excited...
—Guest Brittney


I'm a little over 5 weeks and very overwhelmed about having this babies I know its a blessing but I just want to cry, and I don't know what to do, my husband is so happy. We have a two year old already. I need help how I can deal with this.
—Guest jennifer

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