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Readers Respond: When did you have your first period after baby?

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Updated December 26, 2011

From the article: First Postpartum Period
Having had a baby, you've not had a period or menstrual cycle for over nine months. The sad part for many is that this time frame comes to an end and your periods return. When this happens varies widely from six weeks to well over a year. This is partially due to whether you had a vaginal birth or cesarean birth and whether or not you are breastfeeding. When did you start your period? Were you breastfeeding? Did you have a previous experience that was similar? How was your baby born?

About 2 months

I had a vaginal birth and stopped breastfeeding when he was a week old. So my period started about 2 months after the baby was born. I know it was different than the bleeding I had after baby. That stopped about 4 weeks after birth and wasn't red when it stopped. I had almost a month between the end of that and my first period which was slightly heavier at first and red again. My mom kept trying to tell me that it was just the bleeding after birth, but it came every 29 days...
—Guest Jake's Mom

Just after I quit nursing...

Both times my period returned within 2 months of stopping breastfeeding. With baby #1 I stopped breastfeeding at 3 months and my period returned at about 5 months. After my second baby I breastfed longer and stopped at about 13 months. So then my period returned just shy of 16 months after his birth - that was almost 2 years period free. YAY!
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