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Readers Respond: When did you have your first period after baby?

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Updated December 26, 2011

From the article: First Postpartum Period
Having had a baby, you've not had a period or menstrual cycle for over nine months. The sad part for many is that this time frame comes to an end and your periods return. When this happens varies widely from six weeks to well over a year. This is partially due to whether you had a vaginal birth or cesarean birth and whether or not you are breastfeeding. When did you start your period? Were you breastfeeding? Did you have a previous experience that was similar? How was your baby born? Share Your Experience

asking a question

this is my first c section my son is three months now I am breastfeeding.my period don't come as yet is that normal I see my doctor an I told her..how long do I have to wait for my period to cum. thank u for your help
—Guest empress

please help I'm freaking out here

My baby is 6months old now and I didn't have my period yet, apart from slight spotting 2days about 3months ago and that was it I can't be pregnant again and so soon since I had a cs I'm worried please help
—Guest sam

7 months bt still no periods

i have a seven mmth daughter and my period has'nt arrived i only go 3 days after having sex and the pt says am not pregnant
—Guest TRACY

At 7months old

I exclusively bf for 4half months and combined till 5half months and my period started yesterday its not heavy just yet, but I'm waiting for it, but so glad as we go on holiday in 2weeks and didn't want first period then. Not sure if cycle goes back to normal, as in monthly I hope so! I had a natural labour.
—Guest A


My first baby was thr c.section and my period returned when my baby was six months. My 2nd baby is 13 months yet no period. I bf her always and is a normal delivery. I don't know what to do. I need my period back?
—Guest Cynthia

first period after pregnancy

Geez's I exclusively breastfed my now 3 month daughter for 2 whole months and my period came back when she was only 1 month. However my period hasn't come back. Iam wondering if iam pregnant again :0
—Guest Anabela

my baby 1year old and breastfeeding

after c section no periods came. when will my periods come back 1year is gone. please help me am so worried.
—Guest anchal

sex after child birth

have sex one month after child birth 2days after i start bleedin is that normal but am not breast feedin am wonderin if is my period comes back
—Guest stacey-ann

1st postpartum period at seven weeks

Just wanted to say I got my first postpartum period at seven weeks while exclusively breast feeding and pumping 10 to15 extra ounces a day for when I return to work. So anything is possible.
—Guest Happymum8

do LA reoccur even after periods retur

I got my first period ehen my lil one turned 7m.now he is coming to 9m but this time periods are delayed ..I checkd Pk but was-ve.even after getting periods 2months do lactional amenorrhea returns...I still BF my kid frequently ..
—Guest shammi

still nursing

Okay I had my baby 1year and 2months again I just got my menstrual cycle 3days ago super heavy. I hope it don't last long heavy.
—Guest alainna.a

21 months and 6weeks

My 2nd daughter was 21monthe and the 3rd was 6weeks im still scared because me and my hubby have an intercourse exactly 6weeks and were using pull out and im getting crazy because I don't want another one still I don't hqve yet my period I got confused about my ob's Secretary instructions about my injection contra I hope im not I don't know what to do and I stop nursing when my newborn was 2weeks old b cause of fussines and gas. Need some advice
—Guest lastog1217

Late heavy

I had a c-section then breastfed for 10 weeks before returning to work. I did not get my period until my baby was a lil over 3 months old. It was very heavy, to the point that pads and tampons together couldn't even keep me from bleeding out. Cramps were also unbearable. I'm praying my 2nd one will be much easier.
—Guest Amber M

2 months after & still no period

When will my period come back. Its scary because my boyfriend refuses to buy condoms but I can't get on BC until I start my period. We have had SC a couple times but he pulls out. But still I'm not comfortable with that. No way do I want another baby this soon.
—Guest baby mama

Have a 1 yr & 2 mnths old

Just had baby # 3. I have had unprotected sex and my period is lighter than usual. I only use 1 pad a day. Help
—Guest HelpMommy

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When did you have your first period after baby?

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