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Readers Respond: When did you show in your plus size pregnancy?

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Updated December 08, 2011

In a plus sized pregnancy, you've got a variety of factors that go into when you show, how your belly shows, etc. So take a minute and share your story about having a big belly before you were even pregnant. Did you worry about looking pregnant? Did you worry you'd only look "fat" or "heavy?"

When did you show in your plus size preg

I started showing on the 6th week of pregnancy. Though before that, I had pms.
—Guest Pheez Risnab

I'm not just fat, I'm fat and pregnant!

I am 7.5 months preg with my first child, I am 28 years old and am 5ft 5inch and weigh nearly 300lbs. It took a while for even my husband or I to notice a change to my stomach. When I was 5 months along, we were in the shower and my husband said..hunny, look..and he grabbed our long mirrior we have in the bathroom, he said look at your belly, I saw that right above my vagina, a bit under the belly button had increased in size. I am now almost 8 months and to people that know me and know that I am pregnant, can see that I am showing. To thers it is not as obvious. But I went shopping for clothing that tied in the back, to crop around the stomach, and boy pant that helped form the roundness shape to my stomach. People are now starting to ask, "how far along" "girl or boy" It is exciting that they can see that im getting larger because of the baby. not just adding extra weight. I had a man say lay off the tacos one day, and I responded I'm eating for two now...
—Guest tears of a biggy


I thought I looked pregnant, but at the very end of my pregnancy someone asked me to do something and when I responded that I'd have to wait until after the baby, they were all like, "WHAT?" So yes, you will show, but it may not be as obvious to others. Or maybe that person was just clueless...
—Guest Sara1982

I'm a big girl!

But I still showed when pregnant. My belly took awhile to show to others but I could tell it was changing really early. I wore maternity clothes when I could, just to say, "Hey world, I'm pregnant not fat!" It worked pretty well with only a few gaffs.
—Guest Harmony

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