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Readers Respond: When did you show in your plus size pregnancy?

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Updated December 08, 2011

In a plus sized pregnancy, you've got a variety of factors that go into when you show, how your belly shows, etc. So take a minute and share your story about having a big belly before you were even pregnant. Did you worry about looking pregnant? Did you worry you'd only look "fat" or "heavy?" Share Your Experience

am i pregnant?

I had sex and two to three weeks later i took a home test because i didn't have my period. then i got three negatives after that. so i assumed that i wasn't pregnant but still i haven't had a period in 6 months. i get nausea throughout the day and recently i gained 16 pounds. i am also discharging. could i be pregnant after getting 3 negatives??? I'm a.size 16 and i haven't started showing yet. BUT I DEFINITELY FEEL PREGNANT!!!
—Guest Brittney

I looked pg since beginning

I am 5 4' and 170 lb before pg and size 12/14 uk and now I am in the 23rd week. I started showing since my 2nd or 3rd month. I had lots of gastric problem because of which my tummy used to bloat which has reduced off late.....but in my 1st pg, I was around 142lbs to start with and din't gain any weight till 6th month and din't show till 6th and in the 6th month suddenly my tummy popped out and by the time I reached end of 7, ppl were like " u must be due anytime" or "r u having twins?"
—Guest Somi

fat and pregnant.

Im 5ft 5in and weight 163, used to weight 156. Im 17weeks and not really showing.. people ask me wheres the pregnant belly? Idk, it feels weird not showing already. Its my first pregnancy and i thought i would show sooner but apparently not. I still dont feel pregnant either bcuz i only see fat and no baby belly..
—Guest marie

I feel pregnant have all symptoms.

I've been growing, having headaches, nausea, gas, and eating things I dont usually eat but I took a test dollar store brand and it said neg. I usually have heavy periods with lots of blood clots and bad cramps but lately its been the best periods ever I would be about ten weeks now and my stomach is harder and harder
—Guest bribri

third pregnancy

Well I'm a nice size woman(215) 5'4...I'm still having cycles. I'm on my third child! I been to doctors I've had urine an blood the say no baby I still feel it still getting bigger ugh ....showing to myself but noo one else noticing ...waiting on outcome later
—Guest PlUs size DivA

tubby and showing

Hey, im a size 16 and 9weeks 3 days pregnant. My partner and i can see a slight bulge in my lower stomach where im barely showing but not many people would tell just yet
—Guest megziiee

Your pregnant?

I'm 4 months 3 days weighing 170. I would normally weigh about 150. I haven't gained weight with this pregnancy,I gained right before I got pregnant. I'm considered over weight for being 5'1. I hate the way I look. I feel the top of my stomach sticking out A LOT however when I look in the mirror you can see where my shorts/pants/panties make an indention on my stomach separating my lower stomach from the top. So I just look fat, I tried maternity clothes and it does round out my stomach, only if I roll my panties under my lower stomach. Not comfortable for me. With my other 2 pregnancies I felt the same, I could always see that indention making me look only fat. I convinced my self it was just me. I wanna look pregnant and feel like it to buy I just don't see it when I look in the mirror. Ladies y'all are all very brave, just because your a heavy set women doesn't mean they should make you do things pregnant women shouldn't do. Don't risk your babies life, it's not worth it. For the l
—Guest Jade

My plus Size Pregnancy & When i showed

I am 5' 3" and 194 lbs before pregnancy a size 16/18 depending on the clothes lol. I am 7 weeks pregnant and look like I'm 6 months. It's crazy and I already wear maternity clothes because they are much more comfy lol good luck on your pregnancy
—Guest SheRa

Plus pregooo

Pre preg 182 lbs & 4'11. I am 15 weeks and can tell my very low stomach is rounding off, so hopefully a sign I'll show very soon! Maternity clothes always make me look definitely prego now, but most regular clothes I still have a regular roll at my low waist!
—Guest Ashhh

plus size

I was a size 18 and 235lb.s before being pg, now i am 4.5 months and down 13 lb.s . Although i can feel the firmness of my belly, for others i look sinply fat in the belly area
—Guest bigmama

big before pregnancy

I've been big for a long time and when I was younger a child asked me if I was pregnant I felt horrible but I laughed and told her I was just fat. When I finally did get pg all I wanted was a shirt that said baby on board but they don't make them in my size. I really don't "show" when I'm pg so I get a lot of people expecting me to do things that they'd never ask a petite pg woman to do. I hate getting the look when I say I'd prefer not to. I was very upset during my last pg cuz my bosses wouldn't let me get out of my duties while pg. Things like pulling up pallets of freight. I just told myself that if I had any problems it would be their fault and I'd sue. Luckily everything was ok in the end.

Showing with + size :)

I started to showing after 5.5 month of pregnancy .
—Guest vk

When will i show

Im a size 20 before my pregnancy and now im a 22 but im still not showing that much at all.im 25weeks and im only showing a little.im about 5"8 or 5"9 and i now weigh 253 but where is it at.i feel my son moving but not showing yet is starting make me wonder is it because im fat.
—Guest Ashley

Am I pregnant ?

I had sex three months before and had three regular periods can I b pregnant??
—Guest Sia

When did you show in your plus size preg

I started showing on the 6th week of pregnancy. Though before that, I had pms.
—Guest Pheez Risnab

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When did you show in your plus size pregnancy?

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