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Readers Respond: Did you use IV pain medication for labor?

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Updated May 30, 2011

IV pain medications aren't talked about as frequently as an epidural, but they can be used with or without an epidural. Did you use them in labor? Did they help? How did you feel? Would you do it again?


All of your stories have instantly affected my indecisiveness about getting an iv medication. I know I don't want the epi, but i don't know which iv med to go with... Any suggestions? Demerol sounds unpleasent.. might need to research more on all of them. I'm in the ending of my first trimester. So I know I have a lot of time before labor, to decide. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanx!
—Guest mommanani

used epidural

I had an epi and it completely stopped my labor progress and my daughter came out almost black from not breathing and it took ten mins for the doctor to get her to breath so this time around I'm thinking about getting and iv to ease the pain.
—Guest jamie

Not sure what to do!

I'm 18 years old and I'm 32 weeks pregnant with my first. I'm getting very nervous and can't decide between an epidural or an IV med. I want to try it as natural as possible but I had some BH contractions and those were no fun at all. I'm torn between IV & epi!!!
—Guest Serena

I had Nubain

I was suppose to get an epidural but never received it because the doctor was preoccupied and my labor progressed very quickly. I am expecting again and plan on using Nubain again. I know I was probably lucky but because the nubain I was still able to feel everything so I was able to push my son out in 10 min tops. When he came out he was blue and took a second to breathe but received a score of 8 or 9 from reading this I wonder if it was the nubain that caused his heart rate to drop.
—Guest ashton

I used IV meds

I don't remember which one I was given, but I finally asked for relief through use of IV meds during my first labour when I was 7 centimeters dilated. it was amazing! It felt like I had gotten wine via IV lol. I still felt when I had contractions, but it took the edge away, and allowed me time to relax. If I need it again next time, I will definitely take the opportunity to get some sleep!
—Guest Annie Oakley


I was given Demerol and almost immediately felt super tired and loopy I couldn't keep my eyes open. I'm not sure it really helped with the pain and I felt more confused then anything. I wouldn't use it again.
—Guest LLee

Demerol while waiting for the epidural..

My anesthesiologist was tied up in surgery. So I didn't actually get and epidural until I was 8cm dilated. Around 6 the nurse realized my groaning and screaming weren't just for dramatic effect. I don't deal with pain well. So I was given Demerol through an IV. Instantly I felt very sleepy, almost drunk. Some of the edge was taken off but honestly I just felt like the drug made it to where I couldn't be as vocal. Anyway, right after my son was born I felt fine. But, soon after I felt very nauseous and tired. I'm not sure I would take this again. I wasn't able to enjoy my son until I felt better in a few hours. With my first son I only had the epidural and afterwards I was numb but felt fine. Guess it depends on the woman.
—Guest Faith


I really didn't like the Demerol, it made me sick to my stomach so they gave me something else which made it hard to concentrate. I hear that there are other medications that don't do that...
—Guest Mummy2Kate

I did Stadol

I had a bit of Stadol at the end of my first labor. It was like drinking a huge margarita after no alcohol for 9 months. It took the edge off and made all the other stuff I was using to cope a bit more effective. I used it to avoid the epidural, which I did! So I was pleased. I didn't use it with my second baby, only because I didn't need it. If I have another labor that I need it, I'll gladly use it.
—Guest LeahM

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