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Readers Respond: What signs do you have when you ovulate?

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Updated July 05, 2009

From the article: 5 Signs You're Ovulating
When you ovulate, your body gives off certain signals that ovulation is about to occur. Some women are able to calculate ovulation using only these physical signs. So what signs do you use to tell when you are ready to get pregnant? If you're trying to conceive, what signs are you looking for and how do you look for them? What advice do you have for other women who are looking forward to conception and pregnancy?


All I know I felt really beautiful during my ovulation period...
—Guest Shandy


My breasts become plumpy and they tingle,i also feel nauseous&abdominal pain...slight though.,sumtyms i feel a kind of overwhelming urge to have sex.....bt d fact dt am avoidin premarital sex restricts me.


Yes feel very horny, tender beasts an nipples, an lower abdominal pain, an I'm now 13 days in to my cycle! Fingers crossed we get pregnant this month :)
—Guest JTodd


I experience slight pain on one side and a stretchy clear mucous discharge
—Guest Ama


When I'm ovulating I get clear discharge a overwhelming earge for sex and my boobs are sore
—Guest JustAwomen

horny and ovulating

Well I to wake up or spend the day feeling horny n sore breast I also crave diff kinds of food n I can't stand the day with clothes on SO will spend day at hotel n be naked more maybe I'm lucky my BF will fuck me in n be pregnant fingers crossed now I'm not concentrating on getting pregnant coz I get upset all the time SO I'm
—Guest babygirlmoss


I don't know what to expect when I'm ovulation. I have got white eggy substance and pains in my side. I had sex 11 days back and don't know if I'm pregnant.
—Guest Elaine


I get a sharp pinching pain on my right side, I don't know if that's a sign of ovulating.
—Guest Faye


My breasts swell about half a cup size and are tender, I get really horny, and I give off this smell sort of like sex. I'm also really moody and crave salty foods.
—Guest real human

signs of ovulation

I feel pains on my nipple. I have this whitish discharge. I feel honey through out this period and I also have abdominal pain.
—Guest funmi

One day it will happen for all of us

I've been trying for about 5 months every time I get my period I get upset and feel depress that I'm not pregnant but then I stop thinking about it and tell myself that it's not ment to be right now maybe in a few month,I feel a lot better writing this. Thank u
—Guest Amy


My breasts become sore and they to tingle, I feel pain in either my right or left side, and i a lot of clear cervical mucous
—Guest Princess


Ive had increased sex drive, sleepy, and lots of slimy egg white discharge, a tiny amount of reddish brownish too and increased appetite. I reached LH surge yesterday afternoon thru evening based on kit. I had sex each day 2 days prior to surge. So my guess is I'm ovulating today. My surge is not detected by OV tests today.
—Guest Guest Key

Ovulation signs

My breast are sore and nipples. Also I have a sharp pain on one side, hurts during sex. My body temperature is higher. Hope this helps :-)
—Guest nicole

Ovulation signs

I get very sore breasts during the time I'm ovulating, and they also feel very heavy... Alot of discharge that can be very uncomfortable!! twitches in my left side and back ache....
—Guest BC
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