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Readers Respond: What signs do you have when you ovulate?

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Updated July 05, 2009

From the article: 5 Signs You're Ovulating
When you ovulate, your body gives off certain signals that ovulation is about to occur. Some women are able to calculate ovulation using only these physical signs. So what signs do you use to tell when you are ready to get pregnant? If you're trying to conceive, what signs are you looking for and how do you look for them? What advice do you have for other women who are looking forward to conception and pregnancy? Share Your Signs and Tips

Ovulation Signs

Hello, I've been TTC for over a year. I had a miscarriage last January (2013), and then an ectopic in May :( I am now (December 2012) trying again, and this month my nipples hurt SO bad, and my breasts were very heavy & full. I also had some slight cramping in my abdomen and headaches. I believe these were my ovulation sigs at 16, 17, 18 & 19 days into my cycle. My cycles are not always regular. Sometimes they've been 33 days, and sometimes 36 or 37, but this time I really feel like I ovulated, though I didn't do any other testing for it. Any thoughts from anyone out there????
—Guest Pisces Girl


Am I ovulating I'm bloated and gettin sum light pain on my right side sum1 please help
—Guest donna

In my ovulation

I do nt feel any pain bt i always feel sexually nd add in beauty
—Guest Miss prosofina

Moody and horny

It's weird I don't want to become pregnant but when I'm ovulating all I want is sex. I become frustrated and my body spasms any odd time with or without stimulation.
—Guest Aneles

freaking out

i have missed my period...two weeks now. i get horny at times..i got abdominal sharp pains and got constipated but i am now ok. i thought it was a gas issue..then i feel horny again. not ready for a baby
—Guest anoymous

i hate being a woman sometimes

my breasts gets really sore and i will be cramping like my period is coming but it just ovulation...sometimes my head be hurting also..
—Guest kayla

During ovulation

My libido is just WOW like I REALLY enjoy sex the most during ovulation. I have whiteish (I know that's not a word) discharge. Although I enjoy sex most during ovulation sometimes i'll have a little pain in my stomach while doing certain positions that I wouldn't usually have.
—Guest girl

my symptoms

I have been getting really bad headaches the past week or so and get nausia i havent throwen up yet but also my boobs are sore and i took a pg test and was negative Can somebody help me
—Guest guess rheanna


I been having white discharge coming out and now my head hurts realy bad and my Brest hurt wat dose that mean
—Guest babyface123456789


Im due to ovulate tomorrow ive got sore nipples one sided back ache and on side of uterus.watery discharge for lije past 3days and today changed to ewcm. Every time im due to ovulate I get a touch of thrush down below for like 2days.i was physically sick yesrerday and had chills bad!
—Guest rach ♡

Period or Pregnant

I had my period two weeks ago and for the past week i have been discharging more than normal cramps in my lower back and abdoman and very very emotional?? Any ideas?
—Guest Lady

This Cycle

I already had a good idea when I ovulate by using OPKs. I get a positive between day 8 and day 13 (in a 21-28 day cycle). + OPKs don't guarantee that you ovulate, but I'm being tested for infertility and the progesterone a week before my period showed I'd ovulated. This cycle, I noticed a swollen, itchy feeling in my left hip (ovary?). Then I noticed a swollen feeling inside (uterus?) and mild cramps/ pressure. I felt travel sick in the car. Then I noticed pink cervical mucous in my underwear. My cervical mucous is watery or egg white in consistency and there's plenty of it during sex. My cervix is high, soft and open. I am more likely to wear pink or red, shorter skirts, make up, perfume. Hungry for fruit! I can get tender in the lead up to ovulation, but is very easy and pleasurable during.
—Guest Charlie Girl

ovulating signs

I always feel pains in my niples for about two or three days before my period
—Guest Guest fomzy


ok im 21 years old and i have 2 kids im still learning my body im horny and my cum is thick and white but this have not happen befor im cramping but my nipples are not tender im moody and tired as i was when i was pregnat and now my cum is commin out clear help jamacainqueen@gmail.com
—Guest ivory mae

Am I pregnant?

I been having unprotected sex wit my boyfriend. We have sex alot cause we want a baby and all of a sudden I finally got these weird cramp pains sharp pains even when I laugh they hurt my stomak and the next day I wiped my self and I had pinksh light blood and the next time I went to the bathroom I wasn't bleeding it was only two days this was happening I had a on n off period for two days and haven't got my period since last month my boobs hurt they feel like bruises and I wanna know if I'm pregnant?
—Guest Nicolle

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What signs do you have when you ovulate?

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