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Readers Respond: What signs do you have when you ovulate?

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Updated July 05, 2009


My breasts become sore and they to tingle, I feel pain in either my right or left side, and i a lot of clear cervical mucous
—Guest Princess


Ive had increased sex drive, sleepy, and lots of slimy egg white discharge, a tiny amount of reddish brownish too and increased appetite. I reached LH surge yesterday afternoon thru evening based on kit. I had sex each day 2 days prior to surge. So my guess is I'm ovulating today. My surge is not detected by OV tests today.
—Guest Guest Key

Ovulation signs

My breast are sore and nipples. Also I have a sharp pain on one side, hurts during sex. My body temperature is higher. Hope this helps :-)
—Guest nicole

Ovulation signs

I get very sore breasts during the time I'm ovulating, and they also feel very heavy... Alot of discharge that can be very uncomfortable!! twitches in my left side and back ache....
—Guest BC


I get SHARP pain in my ANAL and VAGINAL area and I Breakout on pimples
—Guest Mrs Smith


Usually I feel horny, lower abdominal pains and egg white discharge with egg odor. I also feel chilly.
—Guest renner mfon


I get nauseous a lot. I also feel bloated, overly emotional and lower abdominal cramping/tummy aches.
—Guest Nikki

Horny and smelly!

When I ovulate I feel super horny and I have really bad b.o and can't stop having to poo. I have to live in the loo for 2 days!
—Guest jamesrobertbran

Signs of ovulation

I feel slight pains in my abdomen, my breasts becomes heavier, a slight increase in my breasts. I feel wet in my private parts, am restless, mood switches, my body temperature rises. I feel very tired particularly in the morning and I feel pains in my breasts.


I don't really know if I ovulate, but I feel very moody and sexually aroused.
—Guest Excelency


Sore nipples, slippery discharge, cramp on one side at night and crazy sex drive for 2 or 3 days.
—Guest Angela


I experience pangs of 'pain' on one side of my abdomen; abundant amount of egg-white like discharge (in appearance and viscosity); mood-swings with increase in anxiety; softer, lowered cervix; and acne flair-ups.
—Guest MusicoftheNight

Sex drive

Well I have noticed that I was suppose to ovulate on the 7th but I don't think I did but the last two days I have been super horny not sure if that is a sign that I ovulated wrong.
—Guest Haiyliee


Been trying for 6 months and no success! I thought I was in tune with my body but as much as I thought as you don't get any feelings in-between periods, unsure what to do or what I'm doing wrong!
—Guest Tutty

Ovulating Time

When ovulating I feel pains on my left side. My breasts become heavier and tender. It comes between 10 and 14 days after my menses but recently I've been trying to get pregnant with no luck.
—Guest corny

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