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Readers Respond: What signs do you have when you ovulate?

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Updated July 05, 2009


Due to the hormonal impact, the ovaries produce around 20 follicles. Each of these 20 follicles bear an immature ovum. Amongst all these unfertilized ova, only one lasts till the actual process of fertilization. Supposedly, the expanding follicle stretches the membrane covering the ovary that causes cramping during ovulation.
—Guest Peaches


Im just now learning about ovulation. Still unsure about the whole cervical mucus part but I do get hungry or no appetite im happy or angry sometimes both... Breasts hurt kinda feels like a burning sensation on sides and nipple area.. Cramps in back low abdomen and pee like crazy and of course ttc.
—Guest Untamedgoddess

i dont know

ok so ever since I had my ectopic pregnancy 2 and a half years ago me and my husband have been trying to have a baby, before that happened my period was normal, but it took a good year and a half to get back to normal and since then its been every 28 days lasting 5 to 7 days well this past month I was 5 days late my period was all weird then a week later right after me and my husband had sex I started to spot scared me that's how it started last time took test all is well not prego but this morning I felt a little pain so I know Im ovulating well we had sex and it was no cup of tea kinda hurt. so my question is how can I track my ovulation and know when the right time to have sex is?

am i ovulating?!

The first day of my last period,7th of march, everysince 15th of march my man and I have sex 2x a night maybe 3x,and he releases inn everytime,although there are 30 days within my cycle,last day we had sex was 17th latenight, in my head i feel as if im ovulating since yesterday,could it be possible getting pregnant,having sex 3days before ovulation?! #CURIOUS...
—Guest michell


From 12- to now 15 days since the start of my last period I'm getting abdominal pains and feeling hungry and horny is this normal?
—Guest Amy

Ovulating Symptoms

The other day I had a positive oV test my calendar says tomorrow I'm ovualating last night I had a horrible pain and today I have loss off appitite I have very little CM my husband and I are TTC are these symptoms normal ?
—Guest Andrea


Thank you everyone for this post. I've been feeling a lot of cramping lately and I thought "maybe" it was due to ovulation and now these post just really confirmed it for me. I have been 'teaching' myself to pay closer attention to my body and I have realized that about 2weeks after my monthly I get lower abdominal cramping, mild constipation and excessive 'slimy' discharge (but mine isn't white, is that bad?). These symptoms usually last for 2-3 days. As far as wanting to get pregnant I've always heard that you can't 'plan' it or over think it b/c that stresses out your uterus. Also I believe that scientifically there is only 1day out of the month that u can get pregnant and there is about 1week out of the month that you just... Can't. The best advice I can give you is that IF you are: spiritually, financially, relationally, mentally and emotionally ready to care for someone else... Have STRESS FREE- UNPROTECTED-FUN SEX most of the month. & visit ur GYN to make sure all is well.
—Guest M.W


I usualy see some stretchy mucus but this month i only feel a very sharp pinching on my left side snd bresst pinching as well. Fingers crossed for this month. Baby dust to all..
—Guest Bri

"O" my goodness

My breast and nipples become sore two weeks after the first day of my period. My lower abdomen cramps like im still on my period, and ocassionaly has a bubbling sensation. Not to mention head and back aches! Thanks ovulation
—Guest lady b


Actually, i didnt know what is ovulation. I thought is normal till i got married. Am in my early 40,married for 6yrs without a child. Am worried cos i just operated fabroid yet nothing is happening. This is what i feel but not the dates they gave to me as ovulation days. Abdominal pains, tired,thick white mucus. Pls when am i suppose to see my ovulation, can i try clomid& progesterone? What time of my period do i start? I dont want it post on face book. Send it to my mails dupsyisa-musah@yahoo.com or isasekinat@gmail.com. Thks
—Guest Seky

ovulation signs

Well I get extremely horny, tired, nausea, cramps, light spotting, sore boobs, and a higher sex drive
—Guest Millie C

my ovulation signs

When I'm ovulating,I feel very horny,emotional and moody,pee a lot,pains on the down side of my stomach coupled with backache and tenderness on the breast...wow.dats just too much for a person..
—Guest debby

Trying to be pregnant

I feel pain left side wet next day egg white ,question if I had sex dat day I feel pain but in d morning I saw dat egg white starchy can I still be pregnant
—Guest Ifeoma

Typical Symptoms

I keep track of my cycles religiously and am planning on using NFP once I am married, and am waiting for marriage so things can get a little heightened. When I ovulate, I tend to be a little more flushed and have more color and my cheeks are usually more blush, I also have increased discharge of clear, stretchy cervical fluid. Biggest and most sure sign for me though is my sex drive. When I am ovulating I basically have to sit on my hands I get so horny. Honestly I hate it because I am not married and "relieving" it just leaves me unsatisfied. It is really not so easy dealing with this quick spike in hormone every month. Some months I am okay, others it is terrible. I don't usually have any pain, occasionally a short side cramp that doesn't bug me that much. Pleas Note: If you are on any type of Hormonal birth control, chances are that you are not ovulating and merely infrequently releasing eggs. Too many women forget the "period" you get on the pill is a joke and not even a real one.
—Guest Lucia


Hi,when i ovulate i feel cramp like that of my period and discharg.
—Guest rita

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