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Readers Respond: What signs do you have when you ovulate?

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Updated July 05, 2009

Signs when ovulating

Usually I get really horny like want to sex all day every day. I get cramps in my stomach. Usually that how I know I'm pregnant because the horny thing doesn't go away it stay until I get the positive.
—Guest ovulation

Nausea during ovulation

It seems to be very rare to get nausea with ovulation but I do every month. The first time it happened I thought I was pregnant. I had been very overweight and hadn't had a normal period in years so the first time I ovulated my hormones went crazy. But here it is a year and a half later and I still get the same symptoms just about every month. I've tried to figure out if nausea is normal during ovulation but it doesn't seem to happen to very many women.
—Guest Lori


I had sharp pain on my ovaries with lots of discharge. My pain was awful. Doc told me I might have ovarian cyst. Getting ultra sound done.
—Guest vanessa

Ovulation with PCOS

I have PCOS and found it difficult to predict ovulation. Predictor kits did not work for me. However fertile CM (clear egg white discharge) did. I only experienced this for 2 days and was sure I was ovulating. It worked for me:)
—Guest Ashleigh


I know I ovulated this last time because I was focused on it. Its all about discharge. I finally had sort of a gush of clear sticky stringy fluid and had sex the next day. It worked! :) I am 37 and can't believe it is still that easy to conceive. Before I never paid attention but since my husband is works far away now, I have to focus.
—Guest mommytothree

Ovulation for a split uterus

Since my uterus is abnormal, I have abnormal ovulation. When I ovulate, I get a fever, mild cramps, and sore nipples.
—Guest Jessika

ovulation kit or ovary pain

I did a ovulation kit and 4 2 days it was positive, I never saw my man then but 9 days later I had an pain on my right ovary that I get every month. So what I'm saying is I'm not sure if the kit was right or wrong but myself and my boyfriend had sex 3 days when I had the pain, so am not sure. I get the pain every month so when I do I always say I'm ovulating. Which is right the kit or my side pain, I'm very very confused.


I'm hungry when i ovulate and I also have that sticky white discharge. I get horny, my boobs become big and the nipples are tender. I also pee a lot when I ovulate.
—Guest tina


I'm not sure if I'm ovulating but around that time I always have a pain on my side, extra discharge and a huge increase in my sex drive.
—Guest mayowa


I look really beautiful and more feminine. My breast gets really heavy.
—Guest Juicy

Not Every Day

To those who are trying to get pregnant, I may have been misinformed, but I was told that if you have sex EVERYDAY it may lower your man's sperm count. I'm not sure how much time you should leave in between, but I thought this might be something for you all to ask your doctors about. Good luck to you!
—Guest Chiming In


I just have pain in my left ovary and a in a lot of white discharge and I really feel hungry during the period of ovulation.

Ovulation Signs

I'm not sure if I'm ovulating but around that time I always have a pain on my side, extra discharge and a huge increase in my sex drive. I don't know if this means I am ovulating, about to ovulate, or have already ovulated.
—Guest Renee


During my ovulation I feel slight abdominal pain, and I also want sex. But I want to know how long it takes to ovulate.
—Guest Rania


I have sex urges all day long my breast pains hurt to where it hurts to even lay on them i have egg-white vaginal mucous and pains on my lower left abdomen.
—Guest mika

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