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Readers Respond: What signs do you have when you ovulate?

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Updated July 05, 2009

Ovulation signs

I have abdominal pains, whitish but odourless discharge, urge 4 sexual intercourse.
—Guest Emy

Ovulation pains

I have pain in my left lower abdomen, and my hands becomes white as if I don't have blood in them.
—Guest SUSAN


I feel cramps on my lower abdomen but it seems difficult to get pregnant. I feel movements as if I'm pregnant.
—Guest Flossymut

physical signs confirmed- Amazing!

Similar to Destind, mucoid clear discharge when I wipe, cramps and appetite lost. I have very regular periods, every 24 days but Ovulation changes as LH surge happens on CD8 or CD10 or CD11. I experience the physical signs, then use Clearbluee Easy Dig to confirm...confirmation each time.
—Guest AtitAgain


I ovulate on the 10th day from my menstruation date and during my ovulation, I feel cramps on my stomach and I discharge too but hot. I feel moody, lost of appetite and the pain last for like three to four days...

ovulate me

I used ovulation kit (clearblue easydigital) and it was positive cycle day 11 (11 days after start of my last period). The day after test positive-flood of wetness felt all day down there-clear then white discharge of next 2 days. Supposedly ovulation occurs within 36 hours of testing positive. I had some cramping on my side, abdomen and deep sex was more painful than usual.
—Guest guest


I feel nauseated, breast tenderness vaginal discharge and very very horny and stomach cramps.
—Guest Jen

Not sure how fertile I am...

My way of telling is my cervical mucus changes. It increases before and during ovulation. Then goes away and gets lotion like after ovulation! As far as my sex drive, it's usually always high, except at the very beginning of my period.
—Guest 1unplanned2trynaplan

Ovulation Pain

I feel lower abdominal pain then more cervical mucus like white egg.
—Guest Neyruus

Ovulation signs

Lower abdominal pain and cramps are my signs. My breasts gets fuller and heavier and sex feels less painful.
—Guest josephine charles

Odd symptoms

My voice gets really high pitched, I glow. My breasts feel tender and ache. I pee a lot, but mostly I'm emotional and moody. I feels hot its almost a fever.
—Guest feverish


When I am ovulating I feel pains in my stomach, sexual urge is high and also I have vaginal discharge.
—Guest yetunde

PCOS & Ovulation

I think I ovulated. It's only 10 days from my cycle. The following day, I started having pain in my lower left abdominal today. I don't know if my PCOS had cause me to ovulate early.
—Guest Hmoob Yaj


Sore nipples , pain in abdominal (cramps) swollen belly, sticky discharge.
—Guest Copan


I get cramps in my left ovaries and I get a white, not clear, discharge.
—Guest p

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