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Readers Respond: What signs do you have when you ovulate?

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Updated July 05, 2009

period symptons

i am due for my period today and i have slight dizziness and a bit of niple soreness also slight constipation and i have lots of white discharge does this mean im on my period right now ?x
—Guest rhianna arnold

Ovulation signs

I want to know the signs of ovulation and when its right to have sex to concieve,how many days from menstruation,thanks
—Guest Chidimma


Hi I had my cycle and ovulated. Ever since I havw been wet with creamy cm ewcm andmilky white discharge which I never get
—Guest boo


Hi I had my cycle and ovulated. Ever since I havw been wet with creamy cm ewcm andmilky white discharge which I never get
—Guest boo

Emotional & Bloating

Im not sure what going on with me...I had my period 4 days ago. But today I feel bloated, totally emotional, && feel depressed! I had a miscarriage 9 months ago & have bern trying since, Every pregnancy test I take comes out negative!! I dont know how to deal with this emotional rolletcoaster im on right now! I try my best to stay positive because my 5 yr old needs me(:!!
—Guest Barboza91

ovulation or pregnancy?

Not long come off my period, week or so ago. Had sex couple days ago, yet now I'm suffering with abdominal pains, sore breasts, more than usual discharge, tiredness & neusea. What's goingg on?? Any help? X
—Guest annie

Ovulation or Implantation?

I'm cramping pretty bad, spotting only after sex; my nipples are sore and i fell asleep suddenly at like 9 yesterday n stayed asleep till 10 this morning(i never sleep like that, was a deep sleep) Advice/ responses please!
—Guest Rissa


i feel cramps in my vagina whenever its menses time.and sometimes pain in my lower back
—Guest keisha


I hope and pray you all get exactly what u want. I feel all of your pain. God has a plan, we just have to wait for his time. Praying for us all to get pregnant and have healthy babies...;)
—Guest Nikkijean


Hey, I had my period on 6May n 2 weeks after that I'm having ugly pains in lower abdomen?! I have light spotting too? I don't know if its bad I'm worried b/c da pain n spotting won't go away?
—Guest Dalia


Hi, I have a 38-40 day cycle..I start having sore breast and cramps like periods in between 20th-25th day..I hope I ovulate in those days
—Guest Hope

any ideas??!?

I came off my period 2 weeks ago and now I feel like I am going to come back on really bad period like pains in my belly, had quite a lot of white discharge aswell anyone know what could be up??
—Guest beth

Period tracker

Period tracker is an amazing app you can purchase for your phone. It will let you know when you are ovulating and when your menstral cycle will begin. It has me pegged down to the day and has never failed me. I am ovulating today=crabby;-)
—Guest Jk


I feel abdominal pains, thick whitish mucus discharge is noticable, sore nipple and urge for sex become high
—Guest Juliana

Ovulation Pain

Sharp constant Pain in lower side 1-2days. stomach ache, Constipated. Tired. Nauseous and loss of appetite. Headache. pretty Miserable. Clear/whitish discharge. Vaginal and anal pressure/ pain.
—Guest Guest Anna

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What signs do you have when you ovulate?

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