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Readers Respond: What signs do you have when you ovulate?

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Updated July 05, 2009

Ovulation discomfort

After my last menstrual flow i feel every day pinch in my left lower abdominal side, is it normal
—Guest Gracee


i hava back pains, My breast hurts and my nipple become tingly. And for that week im always hony
—Guest Henrieta

i had my period 19th of last month and

I had my period 19th of last month and I sex 1st of this month can I get pergnant at the same time I experiencing lower adbominal pain
—Guest Ann White

normal keeps changing

Have been trying for a little on for over 3 mouths now, everytime it starts out the same overly horney, sore nipples super happy for about a good 3 to 4 days and then nothing..don't want or feel like cuddles.feel super tired.every month seems to change in how my body reacts. Its been hard to even know what 2days are the best because my period seems to play games. One month comes on time and other I'm 2weeks later.
—Guest Britt

ovulation sign

abdomen pain, tiredness, waste pain too. feel horny
—Guest favour


Fuller, younger-appearing face; thicker, fuller, stronger, curlier, shinier hair; increased sex drive; mucus; occasionally hemorrhoids; and occasionally sore breasts--sometimes worse than others. Especially puzzling is the hair. My hair is dramatically different--gorgeous--when I'm ovulating.
—Guest Reeny

don't know if I'm pregnant of not

I've been getting a headache,my lower abdomen is sore,I'm most of the time not liss for sex but also very horny,getting brown discharge and got stomach pains... What's does this mean?
—Guest dumsile


At ovulation you can expect sharp pains on one side of the abdomen, 1-4 days of brown to pink spotting and mucus, tender muscles and headaches. It's usually exactly 2 weeks after your period. It's completely normal, a lot of women spot and get cramps, but a lot also don't have any symptoms at all.
—Guest Penelope

watch for the signs

Seems around the time i ovulate i become moody but times im feeling more sexual with my dh. Seems i also notice guys being more friendly with flirting aswell. I have a 28 day cycle so im pretty much bang on except this month has been out of whack due to my miscarriage at 5 wks and 5 days. Ive been using a bbt to chart my ovulation alobg with opk's. My body geared several times for the O. Till finally im hoping it came. Seems i was irritable with decreased appetite. Some slight tingleing in my boobs along with twitches in my lower abdomen. When my body first geared to ovulate. I had the sticky to creamy to watery then stretchy CM. This time happened so fast that i had creamy with some stretchy CM. My temps jumped from 96.9 to 97.65 then 97.63. Hoping one more day of high temp will confirm the final O. Heres hoping for baby dust and a sticky bean for me, and goodluck to all who are trying ttc. ;)
—Guest missgoody2shooze

ovulstion signs and discharge

I fell adominla painsm, muccus withouth smell tierd leggs. dizzyness, going to to bathroom often. crums around my anus. is like having periotpains.
—Guest tlale

how I feel when am ovulating

When am ovulating I alwyas have this great huge to have sex,always horny,that I have to masturbate to stop it cos my boyfriend is so far away,and the pain in my lower tummy is not nice,and the discharge like I have been having sex,it makes me wanna get married and get pregnant cos of all these ovulating signs.
—Guest Bridget


I get pains on my left side headaches n waist pain
—Guest Moore


I always have pain at my left side with creamy dIscharge but this month I felt sick dry mouth scurvy and thick strechy egg white.
—Guest zobmon

could i be lucky

i always keep track of my ovulation and i can tell and see signs when ever i ovulate. i had sex on the 17th of july and i ovulated the next day.could i be lucky this time and fall pregnant.
—Guest samy

Am I Ovulating?

I am often constipated. My back aches a lot, Fluid discharge and highly in need of sex! I'm not going to the doctor yet but I feel I am pregnant. Im kinda feeling dizzy when im going out of bed, and cramps im my lower stomach
—Guest Shai Pretty

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