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Readers Respond: When did you conceive?

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Updated August 31, 2013

Figuring out when you conceived might be a novelty or it might mean a difference that is huge in your life. It's relatively simple to calculate, you just need to know a few things, like a due date.

So gather up your due date and calculate your conception window. Is it what you expected? Did you conceive when you thought you did? Did you ovulate on time? Figure Your Date Out

conception date

My LMP was 3/20/14 with a due date of either 12/24 or 12/25 what day did I conceive?
—Guest lbach1006

last period

The first day of my last period was November 25 2013
—Guest Melonie

need 2 know

I had my last period on october 19 and would like to know when conception took place. Please help My due date is set for sometime in jul5
—Guest pamellap


When did I get pregnant...lmp 6/10/2013 edd 3/17/2014
—Guest summer

when did conceive

when did i conceive my last period was the november 7- 11 th i had sex on the 10, 12, and the 14 could i be pregnant?
—Guest jessica foust

what date did a conceiev

Hi there the first day of my last period was the 22nd of october I still havint took my next period witch was due again 31 days laster on the 22nd of november I may be pregnant if so could you tell me what day I conceived on as I am worried thanks a lot .


My due Date is March 2nd 2014. I would like to know my conceive date
—Guest Ashley

last period 10/2/13

I had Last period 10/02/2013 took a test on 10/11/2013 and had a very very faded line but I could see it alittle

i conceive on Sep 8

I had my last period on the 8Sep. And i conseive on the 8sep. And i dont know if im pregnant
—Guest carolina

due date

I had my last period on feb 15 and I need to know when I actually got pregnant my due ate is nov 22
—Guest angalicas

Worked for me!

It certainly hits the window I assumed, but it was interesting that it was earlier than I'd thought about. I'd forgotten sperm could live so long!
—Guest Rashi

Figure Your Date Out

When did you conceive?

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