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Readers Respond: What did people say when you were past your due date?

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No news is no news

I have really come to appreciate my friends who do NOT send me text messages everyday asking "No baby yet!?". I am now 41 weeks and no, if there was a baby don't you think I would have told you by now or perhaps posted an update on a social network site? What too many people fail to understand is that most babies are born past their due date and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. It has come to the point where in an effort to avoid irritating and obvious questions I have decided to avoid certain individuals for the next little while until the baby has arrived. Next pregnancy I will also begin with the motto "No news is no news"!
—Guest Olivia

REALLY don't want to be induced!!!

I am so fed up with my hospital trying to push me into an induction that i do not want! I am 40+1 so it is not like i am 12 days over or anything yet so i am becoming so frustrated at being near held hostage at appointments and made to feel like induction is for the best. Family members are also winding me up, WHY do they make it seem like it is all the pregnant womans 'fault' if the baby is overdue? I mean it is not like we are there crossing our legs and trying to keep the baby in there, i am not pregnant for sh*ts and giggles you know!!! I just wish i would go into labour now and have a healthy baby, all the talk of what could go wrong with overdue babies has me stressed and worried aswell as anxious.
—Guest Platinum

I know what I want, okay?

I'm sick of people blatantly saying, "You've been pregnant forever!" Yeah. I know that. I'm the pregnant one. I hate when people tell me to enjoy the little time I have left. Okay, you waddle around with thirty extra pounds in your gut for a few weeks and then try telling me that again. I'm ready to be tired, I just want my freaking baby. I understand newborns I hard work, I JUST WANT MY FREAKING BABY.
—Guest Candice

blessings from above

My baby was due yesterday. We had a really bad snow storm yesterday too. I'm glad she's overdue. Remember God knows what's best. When he's ready for her to come she will. So please stop asking me have I had her yet. Love ya t
—Guest lilly

Is baby coming yet?

Of course baby is coming. It's been coming for the past 9 months! am 7 days overdue today and have had no contractions or anything. Have to turn my phones off to avoid family and friends who seem to think that I won't let them know when something finally happens! Another bugbear is "how are you feeling?" How do you think I'm feeling? I'm exhausted, can't sleep, have an unborn child who seems to think it acceptable to be a week late, and constantly kick me in the ribs, need to pee every two minutes, and can't walk without 'helpful' family members making duck noises or singing "weebles wobble but they don't fall down..." Just want to shut myself off from the outside world until baby decides to grace us with its presence.
—Guest Toni

pissed off

I'm 40weeks now and my hubby and friends 'll not stop asking when is the baby coming.and when I'm in pains hubby 'll tink I'm just pretending.it's really frustrating
—Guest shony

Ugh. I'm so cranky.

So cranky. Glad to hear others are too! I hear myself respond poorly to well meaning people and then I feel bad about myself for it. Its crazy. All these hormones rushing around, back pain, and I haven't slept in days. I don't want an induction, but I don't know if I will be able to stand waiting.
—Guest Kateskatandedonate

Why me?

I'm 40 weeks and 3 days. I'm soooo tired of everyone including my coworker's 70 year old mom giving me advise as to what I should do to help my baby come. I don't want to hear about what sex positions you think I should try or if I hear one more time "you should walk more!" I'm going to burst. Oh sweet baby please just come into this world. Mommy can't take these annoying people anymore!!! B
—Guest Elba

Overdue x2

1st pregnancy -surprise twins 6 weeks early. 2 nd pregnancy 15 days overdue.. 3rd - 10 days late. Babies come when they are ready...hang in there nd everyone else can just keep quiet! People have been saying the same dumb comments over 32 years..no fixin stupid.
—Guest Chicagotoots

Babies make their own due dates!!

With my first born he decided to make am appearance at 37 weeks just 4 days before his scheduled induction due to my pre eclampsia. Having one early was not that fun. He is and was a blessing ,but was a very hard newborn. He didn't sleep well and had projectile vomiting after every feeding until he was much older. My second born came at 40 weeks & 1 day. He slept better & didn't have tummy issues like my oldest. Now I'm 39 weeks & 2 days pregnant with my third & it's been a fairly uneventful pregnancy with her & even though I'm tired and moody I fear induction before my due date. The comments like "you're still pregnant ,or you haven't had that baby yet" I take with a grain of salt. My reply is "she knows when she's ready!"
—Guest Theasue


With my first overdue baby I got acupuncture at 5:30pm and at 12:30pm went into labour! Ask them to use the electrodes this does not hurt you or baby simply stimulates the muscles. I recommend acupuncture to anyone to induce labour.
—Guest Kate Spud

fed up

Like all of you I hate being asked the same question over and over again. I'm 4 days overdue now and really frustrated. I feel the anxiety and pressure people putting on me. Its pressuring me as if to deliver the baby at the right time. Especially my mom and husband as if I could control the date to their convenience. It really does sucks! I hope everything will turn out fine. Goodluck me
—Guest nikaxa10


I have my family comparing how they "Cant sleep to"..and "they are going through a rough time to", and the most stupidly asked question "are you sure your not having twins" It makes me SOOO f***IN mad! the baby will come when he wants, are you sure your due date is this day ??....Me: noo??? I dont know when my due date is (being sarcastic).
—Guest jellybelly

Have you not had it yet?

Yes this is the second one I have grown in the week that I have seen you! I am so tired of being 41wks +3 days pregnant. I think it's possibly the most frustrating thing I have ever experienced. Life is on standby - nothing seems straightforward anymore. I have actually become fed up and tired of being pregnant. Well meaning close friends and family are annoying me. I wish something magical can tell me when this baby will arrive. I've tried everything in the book (hot food, sex, nipple stimulation, pressure points, pineapple, evening primrose oil, raspberry leaf tea, jumping, 3 hour long daily walks for a week. I am very tired of being like this. The only thing I plan to do for the rest of this pregnancy is rest -watching classic films, eating foods I like and sleeping when my body and mind allows me. Lastly calls and texts have reduced since I started a facebook update daily. It offers everyone info and gives people structure to offer the advice your feel they need to give you!
—Guest Bubba Seed

BACK OFF or I'll sit on you!

I am currently 38 weeks and have not had any action so far...no dilation, no contractions, nothing. I am so sick and tired of people asking me every damn day how I'm feeling or commenting on how swollen I am and how I must try to prop my feet, eat less salt, and drink more water. You don't think I've tried these things!! And to top it off, I am currently living with my in-laws while we are rennovating their garage into an apartment (which is nowhere near finished). I'm tired of people asking me how our apartment is coming along, if I have the baby room set up, if I have the hospital bag ready. Trust me, I think about doing these things every day but I just can't get them done while we don't have our own home to live in. AND, I want to go into natural labor as well as have a natural birth and I am SOOO sick and tired of everyone telling me it's not the end of the world to take the drugs if I feel like I need them. Like BACK OFF! I'll sit on you if you piss me off enough!!

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