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Readers Respond: What did people say when you were past your due date?

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Updated March 04, 2010

Husband worries

With my pregnancy with first child, Oliver, my husband was so scared because I had gone 2 weeks overdue and he kept trying to convince me to have a c-section. Now I'm once again pregnant with my 4th child now with Oliver about to be five next month. I am over due by 3 days.
—Guest Hannah wright

so when is the baby coming....

I just answered honestly, but as people kept asking I started to become concerned so I did what we all know...I goggled it. Reading the above comments calmed me down... I even heard that the baby can me "overcooked" and have mental problems. Thank goodness for about.com!
—Guest Geo

How long will they let you go?

With my first I went ten days past due date before agreeing to an induction (which led to a c-section) for no medical reason other than that they offered and I was so annoyed by everyone's questions/comments! I am currently 4 days past due date with my second and it's that time again, of constant phone calls just to see if anything is happening. If it was one person, it wouldn't be bad, but it's the combination of EVERYONE, and that a couple people really do want to "check in" every day. We have told people we will let them know when it happens, that God will choose the due date, and most babies are born past due date anyway! We will not agree to another induction unless there is a real medical need, so when people ask, "How long will they let you go?" I say, "Until the baby comes!" Honestly, I would have a lot more patience to enjoy the last days/weeks of pregnancy if it weren't for everyone else's impatience!
—Guest debbie

Even my mother!?

My mother told me i must of got the conception dates wrong because I was over my due date!
—Guest kim

3day past my due date

Today makes 3 days past my due date and I'm so tired of people asking when the baby is coming...
—Guest MGourdet

Nice Thing Said

When I was 10 days over someone ran into at the grocery store and asked me when I was due. I told her I was 10 days over due. She then said in a sweet voice, "Oh, if I'd known you were overdue I wouldn't have asked." That made me feel better. That was much better than hearing "haven't you had that baby yet?" for the millionth time.
—Guest cindy


Patience gives sweet results, most over due babies are healthier and more cute. I'm overdue by two days and everyone is saying that I should be induced but I'm gonna wait.

It's better to go late

I was 7 days late with my first two and I expect more of the same with this one. I just tell people it's better to go late because labor doesn't catch you by surprise. When you are several days past your due date, you are so done being pregnant that when you finally do go into labor you're like "bring it!" You don't even care how much it's going to hurt and you aren't afraid, just relieved. It's a great attitude to go into labor with. Plus, when you are past your due date, chances are you're already well-effaced and partially dilated (especially if your midwife has already given you some stretch and sweeps). And, let's face it, going in at 4 cms is the way to go. Who doesn't want to start labor almost halfway finished?

I too went over with my second daughter.

I went a month over with my second daughter. My first was right on her due date, or so my dr said my placenta said. I even had people pushing on my tummy to get her out! She was so close, my then dr said he could see she had dark hair.. the only nice thing I can say about going over?? She came fast.. 3 hours from start to finish.. and 29 years later, she's still the same way.. takes her time, but when she's ready, she's READY!
—Guest Gramma56

40 wks 1 day

I'm 40 weeks and 1 day and the baby is supposedly 8lbs and 6 oz... I'm sick of everyone asking me when the baby is going to come... I wish I knew.
—Guest heaventreavor

"Enjoy this time"

I am so SICK of telling me to enjoy this time without a newborn. I have thouroughly enjoyed the time for the past 30 years of my life. I am READY.
—Guest annoymous

What I'm on call??

I am almost 42 weeks pregnant and my doctor told me I should be expecting a call from the hospital for a time to come in to get my labor induced once they have a bed available. If not then they should call you Saturday or Monday? What in the world are they thinking. This isn't a drawing this is a baby were talking about. I mean this is my fourth baby and I am so anxious and frustrated that she is overdue and on top of that I am on call!! this has been the longest days ever! I can't wait to have my baby girl out and holding her.
—Guest ruth

Overdue Annoyances

I dislike the question, "shouldn't you have had that baby by now?" Of course I should, but it doesn't want to come out yet, so what am I supposed to answer? They act like I enjoy being overdue!
—Guest Crispy

Baby number 5

I was pregnant and overdue with baby no. 5, they say it get easier & quicker but they LIE. My other kids were 34-35 weeks when I had them, only my son (baby no. 3 was 41 weeks 1 day & emergency c-section) all labours didn't last more than 7 hours. Baby no. 5 wanted to leave her mark. 41 weeks 6 days overdue 15 hours of labour... my tip is you never know just trust yourself as a mother.
—Guest mama5

Oh please!!!

They told me to have sex three times a day when I was over due.
—Guest ODIVA

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