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Readers Respond: What did people say when you were past your due date?

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Updated March 04, 2010

dont you think I want him out too?

im so glad I stumbled upon this sight becoz ryt now noone understands me.better than someone whose goin through the same thing. everyone seems to think its my fault baby is.not out yet! im getting really annoyed. im 40+6 days and I have to get induced in 7 days if baby isnt out and when I tell pple that no he iw not out yet people tell me its voz I havent done this and that! I dont want to be induced. I want my baby and no I WILL NOT wish I was pregnant once the baby is here! I feel really heavy and even stopped going to church coz I get askedthe obvious. sometimes I get really emotional but im trying yo hang in there. I just wish people woulr stop calling or.messaging. am stayin well hidden till baby is here.ans going through all the messages here foz they make me feel better!
—Guest baby mama

When are you going to have the baby?

I am 40 weeks+ 3 days and I am so tired of being pregnant! On top of all the stupid questions and people thinking it's funny that I am so upset and want my baby, I get asked when I am going to have the baby. I just smile and say IDK when I really want to tell them that if I could see into the future I wouldn't be so agitated. Now I also have to deal with the fact that my brother and his fiance had their baby yesterday and she isn't due till the 16th of JULY!! I know this is irrational but it seems so unfair. I just want my baby to be here and now I may have to be induced on Sunday and I really don't want to. Hopefully something will happen before then and I won't end up hurting someone :)
—Guest Lorali

Time up!!!

I've stopped going to work and market, just to avoid the "looks and questions" about not having baby yet. But i know God will help us all. I believe whats in His word.
—Guest Paula


I am 8 days over due date and everyone is driving me mad ringing and texting every single day is there any news how u feeling.. Of course there is no news as if there was we would have contacted you, and as for how am i feeling i feel the same as yesterday only a day more over and a day more uncomfortable. Please stop pestering and popping in for a pointless cup of tea that u have never done before until now.. I just want to scream!!!!!
—Guest Ckirby

I'm not that big!!!

I'm so sick of people saying how big I am, I'm 38 weeks an 4 days pregnant and I'm 5 ft 2 in, so I will look definately pregnant but these people are making me paranoid thinking my baby is massive, I feel like telling them where to go!!!
—Guest Laurenjacksmum

women who know better are the worst

I am 40 weeks+5 days. My family and a lot of my friends live across across the country. I was annoyed with the questions and comments starting at 38 weeks but after the 40 week mark it really became unbearable. Facebook and phone calls can be ignored, but most people text now. I have been ignoring them all just to keep my sanity. Whats funny is that women who have been pregnant and even women who have had pregnancies go beyond their due date have become the worst. I have one friend continually hound me about whether or not I am having sex, have I walked, have I tried sex again? I have tried everything I feel comfortable trying, I dont want to discuss my sex life with you and since I have to think about my pregnancy 24-7 I dont want to discuss every facet with you just to satisfy your fascination. I am much more understanding with my friends who have never had kids, because they sincerely do not know the process. So ready to have this boy.
—Guest Guest SB

It'll come when it's ready

OHHH my Gosh... If someone else tells me that the baby will come whn it's ready I will actually scream or tell them a nasty swear word!! I am also sick of the bloody texts! If it was here I would of course let you know!!! 7 days over now- all they are waiting for is some news- we are awaiting one of the biggest deals of our lives, and for me not knowing the pain etc! I have taken to a morning text to the most annoying ppl to just shut them up and saying- no news or movements! Ooo feels good to have a rant and glad to see I'm not the only one! Haha!! P.s I hope a sweep and this back ache is a good sign!! Haha
—Guest Em's

How are you feeling??

How am I feeling??.. Hmmm let's see. I'm about 50 lbs over weight ( most of which feels like its in my stomach and pulling me forward while taking havoc on my back) I pee a little every time I move, he constantly kicks me in my ribs and pokes his fingers through my belly button, my stomach feels like its going to split open, I haven't slept in weeks, I'm hot AND cold at the same time, my face no longer looks like my own, my nose is spread across my face, my arms wobble every time I move, I have ROLL out of bed and every time I do I seem to spark a contraction, I waddle everywhere and people stare at me like in some kind of freak, loved ones keep asking me everyday if the baby is here yet (40+4) my husband has pushed me to do some extreme crap before 40 to try and get baby out (hiking, cod liver oil, hot curries and I HATE curry) EVERYTHING is swollen, I'm out of breath walking up the stairs in my house and i feel like I just want to be left alone. That's how im feeling. Anymorquestions
—Guest Sabrina booth

Oh you want him out??

40+2 and so frustrated with these comments. Text asking if I'm in labour, if I've had him yet. Do they not think I will call when he's out? Or the.. Have you googled ways to bring on labour.. Do you not think I've looked at that? And then there's the do this, do that.. All which I have tried. People are frustrated that there having to wait.. Not only am I frustrated if waiting seeings as he's in me.. But I'm frustrated of all these poor people I'm unconvincing!!
—Guest KNR

I am sooo done with being pregnant!!!

I'm 41+3 and was due to be induced 3 days ago but apparently the hospital is too busy . " u not had that baby yet ?" .... No does it look like I have? " aw I bed ur fed up of being pregnant" .... Why yea as a matter of fact I am. " how u feeling? " .... Like a big fat beach whale. " any signs of baby yet?".... Yea I've been pregnant for nearly 42 weeks I think that's a bit of a clue !!!!!. God I cannot cope any more lol I'm going to bed and not moving untill I have to!!!!!
—Guest Hannah


FED up!!! No sleep BAD heart burn soooo sleepy and drouzy and achey and stressed!!! Why won't baby be BORN already :( xx
—Guest soon2Bmumma

No news is no news

I have really come to appreciate my friends who do NOT send me text messages everyday asking "No baby yet!?". I am now 41 weeks and no, if there was a baby don't you think I would have told you by now or perhaps posted an update on a social network site? What too many people fail to understand is that most babies are born past their due date and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. It has come to the point where in an effort to avoid irritating and obvious questions I have decided to avoid certain individuals for the next little while until the baby has arrived. Next pregnancy I will also begin with the motto "No news is no news"!
—Guest Olivia

REALLY don't want to be induced!!!

I am so fed up with my hospital trying to push me into an induction that i do not want! I am 40+1 so it is not like i am 12 days over or anything yet so i am becoming so frustrated at being near held hostage at appointments and made to feel like induction is for the best. Family members are also winding me up, WHY do they make it seem like it is all the pregnant womans 'fault' if the baby is overdue? I mean it is not like we are there crossing our legs and trying to keep the baby in there, i am not pregnant for sh*ts and giggles you know!!! I just wish i would go into labour now and have a healthy baby, all the talk of what could go wrong with overdue babies has me stressed and worried aswell as anxious.
—Guest Platinum

I know what I want, okay?

I'm sick of people blatantly saying, "You've been pregnant forever!" Yeah. I know that. I'm the pregnant one. I hate when people tell me to enjoy the little time I have left. Okay, you waddle around with thirty extra pounds in your gut for a few weeks and then try telling me that again. I'm ready to be tired, I just want my freaking baby. I understand newborns I hard work, I JUST WANT MY FREAKING BABY.
—Guest Candice

blessings from above

My baby was due yesterday. We had a really bad snow storm yesterday too. I'm glad she's overdue. Remember God knows what's best. When he's ready for her to come she will. So please stop asking me have I had her yet. Love ya t
—Guest lilly

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