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Readers Respond: Crazy Food Cravings in Pregnancy

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Updated May 22, 2009

From the article: Pregnancy Cravings
You've probably heard stories about crazy things that people craved in pregnancy. Most of the time, the old joke is that pregnant women crave pickles and ice cream. I certainly had the ice cream part down, but never the pickles, at least not together. Did you crave the salty foods? Perhaps chocolate? Or was it something healthy like fruits and vegetables? There are even women who crave non-food substances which can be harmful, called pica. Or perhaps you craved spicy foods? Share Your Cravings


Its weird to have this craving so early on during my pregnancy as I am only 7 weeks pregnant, But I have a very mad craving for cucumber dipped in Philadelphia , All I think about it the texture of the Philadelphia and how crunchy the cucumber is! I also like them on a sandwich with a sprinkle of pepper on top, quite weird to have cravings this early but still! Happy cravings everyone xx
—Guest Sophie


Definitely meats, cheese, chips fast food, pickles, smoothies fruits, Mexican cheese dip soda and the weird one is mayo but I craved it with my son as well pretty much the same cravings except for pickles he cringes when he eats anything sour
—Guest Chasity

Cheese and jelly!!

I'm almost 7 weeks and I have been craving cheese and grape jelly, I take a slice of cheese, cut it into 4's and put jelly on it, freaking delicious!!
—Guest Baby J


Im currently 8 weeks with my 3rd, I have a boy and a girl and craved the same in both pregnancys this time I crave something but I dont know what it is and yet I cant stomach any food it all makes me feel sick yet it smells so good roll on the next 4 weeks x
—Guest bubble

Im Craving Strawberry Anything

I'm 4 weeks pregnant and I will feel sick if I eat anything but strawberry flavored stuff! We are hoping for a boy but strawberries sound more girlie! Hmm guess time will tell!
—Guest lovelymomtobe

mac n cheese

I crave mac and cheese all the time. I cant get enough of it with some hot dogs. I did with my first pregnancy too. Also hot cocoa, who knows maybe its the time of the year lol?
—Guest Chels

Apples oranges

I'm about 6wks today and I just found out I'm pregnant the first week of my 4month missions trip in the Phillipines, I'm originally from Texas! Since I'm such a picker eater especially with meats I don't eat anything hear. They don't have any American food(which is all I crave) at all except mcdonalds and I only eat their frys. So for the past week it's been apples and oranges and rice, I know that's not good but that all that tastes good. And I really want popcorn and pickles with lime salt. My husband is sending that to me shortly everything else make me sick! Any smells or anything gross!
—Guest Sinshinzz

9 weeks

This is my first pregnancy so cravings caught me by suprise. All i want is apple pie and fried rice. I want it everyday but my boyfriend gets scared and thinks its unhealthy.
—Guest CJ

My Craving.

My Craving Has Been Spaghetti With Ranch Omg Im In Love Lol. Im Only Like A 1 or 2 Weeks Pregnant.
—Guest AnaM

craving for spicy pasta and hot dishes

I have strong craving for tangy and spicy pasta.sometimes i want to eat veggies in spicy curry. Please tell me whats its mean to craving for these foods.
—Guest neha


I'm seven weeks pregnant with my first child and I can honestly say that I can not eat anything but tacos and Doritos and dip. Anything else makes me sick to my stomach. It's been like this at least three weeks.
—Guest Number1


I'm 6 weeks pregnant i started eating nothing but steaks. Then i started just eating fruits and tonight i had a bacon eggs cheese jalapenos sandwich
—Guest goodie

5weeks 2days

All this baby wants is goldfish, apple juice, never ending loads of ranch and chicken teryaki from subway with tons of ranch of course. Other than that.... nothing
—Guest Artemis

my cravings

I'm in school for baking and pastry. I get a craving for fresh baked bread. Subway, taco bell, Chinese, spicy food. I can eat everything with hot sauce. I'm from Louisiana so I want crawfish, shrimp, and gumbo like all day everyday. I hate the smell of WalMart and krogers deli food. When I'm near it I have to hug anything that can catch my up comings.
—Guest kookiecakez


Im 12 weeks pregnant and all I seem to do is crave and want chicken lots of chicken and drinking french salad dressing.. going into trimester 2 I also wand to eat noodles with vinegar !!..
—Guest Shari

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Crazy Food Cravings in Pregnancy

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