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Readers Respond: Share Your Early Ultrasound Experience

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Updated April 16, 2009

Ultrasound in early pregnancy is done for a few very specific reasons and not everyone needs an early or transvaginal ultrasound. Some of those reasons can include bleeding, cramping, question about your due date, etc. What reason did your doctor or midwife do an early ultrasound? How did you feel? Who was with you?

early ultrasound

I was getting lot a pain so I took a pregnancy test and I was positive. I decided to take a ultrasound to see how much weeks I was the ultrasound showed approx 4weeks 6days but it also said a gestational sac is seen but no yolk sac or embryo is seen I don't no if that's normal.
—Guest and

Missed Miscarrage

I went for my second check-up excited for it, only to find there is no heart beat I wanted to cry out loud but I didn't. They wanted to admit me to hospital but I ran away I was so sad and felt like I was losing my mind. As I am writing this now I haven't been treated and its been 5 days since I have known that I miscarried but I am going back to get cleaned believe me its not easy at all and I am afraid of pain from the treatment.
—Guest Unknown


My first ultrasound was done because my OBGYN wanted to determine my due date. It was a great exprience. I was 9 wks pregnant and I had my mother in law with me because my husband had to work. We actually saw the baby move. It was very suprising because it wasn't just moving a little it was all over the place. The baby looked like a little gummy bear because it had a big head and belly but stubs for arms and legs. It was a great sight.
—Guest Kellie

due date miscalculated?

I went for a ultrasound at an estimated 6 weeks but all that could be seen was a gestational sac and possible yolk sak i have another ultrasound next week the docter says my odds are 50/50 has anyone been through this before?
—Guest carrie

...but not alone

Before my period time was due I felt some pregnancy symptoms and went to my doc to stop my vomissement hoping to hear:you r pregnant,but all what I heard was:it's nothing but a stomachacheBefore my period time was due I felt some pregnancy symptoms and went to my doc to stop my vomissement hoping to hear:you r pregnant,but all what I heard was:it's nothing but a stomachache
—Guest Rosalinda


I am approximately 10 weeks and my ultrasound shows an empty sack. I have bad cramping. Where is my baby?
—Guest tcap3304

No baby found

I had a u/s at 6 weeks and 6 day they said it shows 6 weeks. We saw a sack but no baby or yolk sac. I do have a tilted uterus. Very worried. I've already had 5 miscarriages. I feel a little crampy but still have pregnancy signs.
—Guest mindy


I went on Friday 2/24 for my first ultrasound. I am 8 wks 4 days. It was amazing how fast it's little heart was beating. I can't wait to ge back in 8 weeks for my next one. I think seeing the heartbeat and seeing the baby made it more real to my husband. Good luck to all of you.
—Guest Tasha

Worried beyond belief

I had one trans. vaginal ultrasound at what I thought was 8 weeks and we couldn't find a heartbeat...what they failed to tell me was I only 4 weeks! Went back one week later for another ultrasound and heartbeat was only 69 bpm. Blood tests are normal and when I went for a 3rd ultrasound one week later no heartbeat again!! My baby grew so I should be approximately 7 weeks. I don't understand why these doctors are telling me every week I'm gonna have a miscarriage when I'm still so early in my pregnancy. I'm so stressed every week because of them that I'm actually afraid of losing my baby simply because of stress!!! I just don't know what to do :(
—Guest Scared...

So frightened

Went to get an ultrasound (was supposed to be around 9 weeks) the lady said all she saw was an empty sac.. I've been having brown spotting for a few days now, and went to my doctor who said to wait for some blood tests. I'm so scared, this is my first pregnancy, I'm hoping for some kind of miracle or that the clinic I got my ultrasound at was just inexperienced- It didn't seem like they looked very hard and I'm pretty sure I have a tilted uterus. Good luck to you ladies out there! I pray for you and hope you will be kind enough to return the gesture.

My Heartbeat

I had stomach pain so I went to a hospital I thought it to be related to the ectopic surgery I had just had 2 months prior. The hospital did a US and it showed a sac and yolk sac but no heartbeat. They said according to my last period I should have been 6weeks 1 day but the size of the sac measured 5w3d. They explained that the baby was not alive and I should follow up with my ob. Well I did and my ob was in a rush to remove the sac. I BEGGED him to wait 2 weeks and repeat the US. He only agreed to 1 week and explained why it would be impossible that the baby would show a heartbeat even a week later. He insisted that there would have been a heartbeat in the first US at how far along I am. Well I went to the US a week later and the tech was very quite. I met with the doctor immediately following the 2nd US. He said casually "the US shows a strong heartbeat, book an appointment for 4 weeks from now." Thebaby with no heartbeat is Now 6months old and laying next to me!
—Guest Eleven


My last ultrasound (2 weeks ago) was at the hospital because i was experiencing really bad pain. I thought I was having a miscarriage, but come to find out , the pain was coming from a very large cyst in my ovaries. The ultrasound confirmed the baby was ok. THank God. Tomorrow I have my 10 week ultrasound , and i'm a nervous wreck. I've lost all of my symptoms and I don't feel pregnant. I'm praying my baby is ok.
—Guest Erica

5 weeks ultrasound

I have a u/s scan at 5weeks. but it shows only the gestational sac with no fetal pole or yolk sac. I'm so scared. Will it be all right? The doctor suggested to go for u/s scan after 2 weeks.
—Guest ashwini

No heartbeat on vag u/s at 6 weeks

Hi, I am Sooo confused. I went to the dr today. Test came back positive. They wouldn't tell me my hcg level. Had a reg ultra sound but couldn't see sac because of tilted uterus. Since I have had one blighted ovum before they took a vaginal ultra sound. Sac was there and a very tiny fetal pole but could not detect heartbeat. Dr scheduled me for another u/s for 9 days later. But the dr did not sound optimistic at all! I am Sooo worried! The only symptoms I have is extreme fatigue and constipation and feeling hungry all time. I am very bloated and look like I'm at least 3 months! How can there be no heartbeat?
—Guest Tina

I know how you feel...

I am 26, non smoker mum of 2. I had my 12 week scan and all seemed fine. Opted to have the DS blood test, never imagined in a million years that it would come back with a high risk of DS, it did, we had a 1:60 chance, we opted to have the CVS screening scan thing with the needle, the thought was much worse that the actual procedure itself. the midwives were excellent at making u feel as calm as possible given the circumstances, they clean your tummy and start using the ultra sound to find where the placenta is, I am extremely needle phobic too, the needle was no more than having an injection or having the original blood test done, just a small scratch, the part where they take cells is uncomfortable, a bit like a period pain with a little pulling up from down below, but definitely bearable! there is hope, I have been in pieces for the past 5 days since we had the call and I just want to let you know the blood tests aren't always accurate, I am living proof. My baby has been cleared of DS.
—Guest sarah240685
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