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Readers Respond: Share Your Early Ultrasound Experience

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Updated April 16, 2009

OHH what to Think!

Currently 1 week late but have had no positive urine test yet, even with an EPT. Thinking of getting a transvaginal Ultrasound to confirm pregnancy. I have all the symptoms and was actually trying! Baby would be 4 weeks 2 days today if I am pregnant. I hope I can confirm!
—Guest Sarah K


I just found out I'm pregnant, the first Dr. said I was 9 weeks, but when I went to get my ultrasound they said I'm about 6-7 weeks. Saw a sac and a little white line. They didn't really explain to me about the images I saw (should've asked more questions)! But I'm waiting patiently for my bloodwork to get back to find out how far along I am. Sucks to be pregnant and not know how far I am.
—Guest kresta

Cautiously Optimistic

I have had two miscarriages this year, so when my pregnancy symptoms suddenly dropped off at about 8 weeks, I was very worried. I went in for an early ultrasound and was much relieved to see an embryo with a heartbeat. The technician reminded me that it's not a promise for the future, but it does mean everything is okay right now. I am still very worried because the memory of my empty ultrasound (blighted ovum) and other spontaneous miscarriage are still fresh, but this time the ultrasound was very encouraging. I'm glad I had it. For those ladies who are getting bad news, I'm so sorry. With my blighted ovum, the hardest part was that the tech wouldn't tell me a word. I didn't know what was going on. I had to wait all day and receive the bad news on the phone at work. I wish they'd be more sensitive about delivering this kind of information.
—Guest Kate

9 weeks, showing 7 weeks

I went in for a early ultrasound cause my doc thought I was farther along, but my ultrasound shows me to be behind 2 weeks and couldn't see a heartbeat.
—Guest lolo

5 weeks u/s

I have a u/s scan at 5weeks. but it shows only the gestational sac with no fetal pole or yolk sac. I'm so scared. Will it be all right? The doctor suggested to go for u/s scan after 2 weeks.
—Guest sweety


I'm 8 weeks pregnant I went too the pregnancy center and they said there was no heart beat and too be prepared for a miscarriage.
—Guest Shorty214


I went for my first ob visit after takin 4 hpts, but doc confermed that I am pregnant with my first baby. Anyway, doc felt my uterus and said it felt 7weeks so my first ultrasound was at 8weeks 3 days and the ultrasound showed I am only 7 week we heard and seen the heartbeat at 140 bpm. I'm so excited but next ultrasound's not til 18 to 22 weeks.
—Guest mommy2be2012


I found out I was 5 wks 5 days preggo. Heart beat was only 90bpm. I was having light spotting. A few days later I had the worst cramp ever went to the ER. Found out I had uti the heart beat was 114 and my Hcg levels went from 2400 to 2700 in 5 days. The next day I had bleeding. It heavy to where I have to wear a pad but it's not actually leaking out. Only when I wipe. It's a dark maroon color almost black. There are clots in it but not a lot. I went back to the ER and the uti has cleared up but the refused to do an ultrasound to tell me if there was still a heart beat. They said the cervix was closed. I have an appointment in 3 days with the obgyn. I'm nervous and don't want to wait that long to know. The ER wouldn't even check my Hcg levels. I have been having mild cramping along with the bleeding.
—Guest Chas

U/s jitters

I'm supposed to be 7w1d I went to the ER on Friday because of some cramping ... they gave me an IV and an u/s the numbers came back for my levels which put me at 4 to5 weeks but they said that was only because they were going off of the growth of the baby and not including the fist two weeks your not prego... but they said everything was fine. Its now Wednesday and I found my self with a pinkish discharge thus my doctor directed me to be on bed rest for the next two days... I'm really scared this is my second pregnancy but I had a miscarriage my first one...
—Guest Veve

very unexpected

The week I decided to not have anymore children was the week I found out we would be having our 4th. I guess when its meant to be its meant to be. As nervous as I am with a health scare I'm just as happy.
—Guest Martini

Excited and Nervous....!

I just found out this week that I'm pregnant yay and I'm going to see my GP 2mo to confirm that I am. I'm kinda nervous because it's my first pregnancy and excited, happy and thanking God at the same time. I pray 2mo goes well...we all need to have faith.

Early ultrasound experience

I went for my first ultrasound after finding out I was pregnant. I thought I was 8 weeks, but unsure of the date of my last period. My ultrasound was vaginal and it showed the sac but no fetal pole. I really hope it is just because I am not as far along in the pregnancy as first projected. This pregnancy was unexpected at my age of 37 but I am very excited to have a baby. I get my next ultrasound on Wednesday, I really hope all is well.
—Guest Jennifer37

pregnant but bleeding??

I went to the women's ER because I've been bleeding and it hasn't stopped. They told me I was pregnant so they did a u/s which they couldn't see anything so they did a vaginal u/s still didn't see anything? So they told me come back in 48hrs so we can do blood work so if my hormone levels are up or low? I'm scared cause this is my 4th pregnancy and I don't know what to think.
—Guest tina


I went in for my first u/s at 10 weeks and three days. When me and my boyfriend saw our baby moving, it looked like he/she was dancing and I couldn't help but to laugh and cry. My boyfriend was saying, "Look, our baby is dancing." It was so cool but we couldn't get a photo because of me laughing. I couldn't stop! But today, I'm fourteen weeks and some days and I have my second ultrasound in two hours, and I'm thinking of a way to keep myself from laughing.
—Guest holly

Scared and hoping for the best

I had been trying to get pregnant and was taking weekly pregnancy tests. I took one two weeks after a missed period and it was positive. I then went to the doctors and they calculated the pregnancy to be at about 7 weeks going by my LMP. I then had an US and they only saw endometrial thickening. At this point my hCG levels were in the 400's. Then 10 days later I woke up to bright red blood. I got repeat blood work and I am waiting for the results. I then got another US and saw the sac and a heartbeat, so relieved but still scared bc i am still bleeding. I hope this baby survives!!
—Guest VG
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