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Readers Respond: Share Your Early Ultrasound Experience

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Updated April 16, 2009

i dont know what to think

my doctor sent me to a lab to get a ultrasound at 9 weeks pregnant, because i asked for one. the lady doing the ultrasound wouldn't give any info. i asked her if there was a heart beat and she said yes but when i asked how many weeks am i she said that she couldn't tell me my doctor would let me know. I thought they would show me images and talk to me about it more.
—Guest jen

Yolk Sac at 5 weeks to nothing at 9??

Kinda nervous but is this even possible?? Yolk sac and gestational sac seen at 5 weeks but at 9 nothing at all but a bubble of fluid?? Blood test was taken but I'm concerned... 5 weeks sono was done in ER and my 9 week at my doctors... Can it be the skill of the tech??
—Guest Worriedmom2be

7 1/2 week ultrasound

I went in yesterday for my 7 1/2 weeks ultrasound they had a hard time with the ultrasound because I have a tilted uterus so they switched to a transvaginal one they found my little bean pole but he kept getting lost. Then they said there's no heartbeat. Let me get the doctor the doctor walked it there for a min and goes yep no heatbeat not a viable pregnancy and walks out says sorry as she's leaving. I got dressed and was ascorted out the back door of course this is my first pregnancy do it came as rather a shock how cold hearted she was and the fact that she didn't take over the ultrasound so I went home and called another obgyn and he had me come in and are rerunning my blood work and redueing the ultrasound I'm so nervous and anxious.
—Guest krystal


Ihadapositivepregnancytestwithfaintlineiamnewlymarriedthenigotnegativeaftertendays doctoldto have an ultrasoundforpelvicscan it showed only endometriumthickeningof 5mm and antivertduterus but nogestational i have al the symptomsofpregnancy now my breastis dischargingmilkyfluid can anyonehelp
—Guest Pelvicscan


i had gone to ma dr for trasnabominal sound after experiencing bleeding consist of clots for 2/7. I was told no foetal pole seen and scheduled to go back after 2/52. Too much woried now - pray for me.
—Guest Gift

Can also be traumatic

that transvaginal ultrasounds can be traumatic, not just embarrassing, if: 1) it's being done against her will, or 2) she has a history of being raped or sexually assaulted
—Guest hope1275

My Ultrasound experience

started spotting light pink blood which later turned to brown then bright red with clear mucus and small cloths at 7 weeks we did an ultrasound the doctor said the baby was still there and put me on bed rest at 11 weeks 5day started bleeding again went to a different Dr. on the ultrasound there was no baby
—Guest Merci

7 weeks 6 days

I had my 2nd ultrasound today to confirm whether I may be pregnant with twins or not as first suspected in my 1st ultrasound 3 weeks ago. I was nervous and excited to say the least. After confirming it was indeed twins (2 sacs etc) and seeing the 2 embryos she then confirmed how far along I was 7wks 6 days but then delivered the bad news that there was no heart beats or blood flow. It's been 16 years since my first pregnancy and I was so excited. I have now spent the afternoon in tears and have a drs appointment tomorrow to find out where to go from here. Should I wait and have another ultrasound or take the option of a d&c? I'm just heartbroken
—Guest Heartbroken

Nervous for gender ultrasound

I have my ultrasoudn today, at 18 weeks to find out the gender of our 2nd baby!! (1st baby was a miscarry) We are so excited, but I am feeling very anxious and nervous. I can't wait to see our little peanout and I hope he/she is as healthy as can be!!
—Guest Megan

yoke sac no fetal pole

Uls show yoke sac no fetal pole and the Dr say it was too early pregnancy
—Guest lilian

my baby's heartbeat can't be found

hello all i am 23 years old , and three years married my last period was at 19Feb . today i went to the doctor for the first time after the urinary test was positive for pregnancy , but unfortunately there was no heartbeats , she told me to come back 10 days later to make another trans-abdominal ultrasound test , where i think that today is my 7w5d pregnancy
—Guest eshqaqa

had a miscarriage at twelve weeks

to start of the pregnancy was a total suprise i was really stressed out and lost the baby at 12 weeks had to have an d&c done twice because the doctor didnt get it all the first time, it was quiet devestating, having two d& c back to back and being in the hospital because i was bleeding out like i delivered a newborn.
—Guest aj

Early ultrasound

I had an ultrasound due to some bleeding during intercourse and my doctor said it was normal. It was my first visit to confirm pregnancy and since my last period was in january (march was this appointment) they were telling me I was 9 weeks. With the transvaginal ultrasound, they were able to tell I was only 6 weeks pregnant. Always ask your doctor anything if you are in doubt. Hope it helps :)
—Guest Carolina

Ultra sound

My boyfriend and I have recently found out that we are expecting! We are very excited first time parents. I went in for my first ultrasound at 7w3d. Our doctor was unable to see anything on the screen and decided to schedule me in at the hospital for a better ultrasound at 8 weeks. She had explained there is a possibility of an ectopic pregnancy. My doctor told me not to worry or stress as it is common not to see baby in the early stages of the first trimester. Naturally I am feeling worried and nervous for this upcoming ultrasound. Is anyone else going through the same experience?
—Guest Jenn


after 5 year ttc 7/12/12 i concive naturaly .on 3/2/13 i had my 1st u/s.with no yolk sac,no hb and no fetal pole.after this my ob called me on 14/2 and now also status are same.she told me for dnc.but i dont feel any cramping or pain and not any kind of bleeding .i dont want to do dnc.i want to wait little morebut i m very very tens now.what to do????????????i hope for the best.plz u all pray 4 me
—Guest mehnaz

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