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Readers Respond: How did you cope with breast pain in pregnancy?

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Updated November 21, 2010

In pregnancy you can experience breast pain from early on. You might have sore, aching breasts, tender nipples or even leaking from the breast. It's all normal. But the key is that if you're in pain, you want a way to deal with it. The breast changes are the body's way of preparing for breastfeeding. You might try a different bra, wear breast pads or something else. What was your way of coping with breast pain in pregnancy?

22 weeks still so sore

I am 22 weeks and my breasts are still sore sometimes it feels like they are on fire! My nipples have also become bigger and darker and wearing a bra makes them even worse, and I have gone up 2 cup sizes so far and still half the pregnancy to go. They do look awesome, going to try the cabbage leaves as they have een recommended by lots of people now...
—Guest kaz

Much larger breasts

I think I'm about 6-7 weeks and my breasts are already popping out of my bra. My nipples are tender but they're not sore, but they do seem a little darker. My breasts feel so heavy and full, my boyfriend can't stop touching them. I actually love it and hope they stay when I'm not pregnant.
—Guest Guest Gina


I just had a positive pregnancy test after trying forever, and just like other women I didn't know how to respond. I thought it was another phantom pregnancy but not this time, I don't have to imagine any symptoms they just happen when I list expect them too, my breast are sore and they feel heavy especially when taking off the bra and my man has noticed that they are larger than usual, I am always tired and my mood swings are just getting crazy. I am scared to see a doctor cause I have been there before and all I got was "keep trying" even though this time is not the same I still feel challenged. I don't, but here I am, scared to confirm the home pregnancy test results.
—Guest N.K


My boobs are soo sore and lumpy and I'm only 5 weeks this is my 3rd pregnancy and this never happen before someone help!!
—Guest Priscilla


My boobs are SO sore! The thought of someone touching them makes me aggressive! Im only 7+4 but I'm struggling to get comfy in bed and running is a big no. Really can't wait for this stage to be over. I want my breasts back!
—Guest Newby


My nipples are incredibly sore, I'm also extremely tired, I'm not sure if I could be pregnant or it's just that time of the month again, we'll see I guess!
—Guest Jay

No pain

I am 8 weeks pregnant and there is no sign of pain in my breast. Thank God, because my last two pregnancies I had pain for weeks.
—Guest Adina

Tips for sore nipples

I know it sounds strange but if you use cabbage leaves inside your bra it eases the pain in your nipples. Hope this helps.
—Guest yvonne

Leaking at 7 weeks?

Leaking colostrum 7 weeks in. My breasts are so sore and feeling engorged.
—Guest Michelle

Keep DH Away!

My husband couldn't understand why I didn't want him touching my breasts. Finally I broke down crying and he finally listened. I think he thought I was playing around. But it really hurts!
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