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Readers Respond: How did you cope with breast pain in pregnancy?

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Updated November 21, 2010

In pregnancy you can experience breast pain from early on. You might have sore, aching breasts, tender nipples or even leaking from the breast. It's all normal. But the key is that if you're in pain, you want a way to deal with it. The breast changes are the body's way of preparing for breastfeeding. You might try a different bra, wear breast pads or something else. What was your way of coping with breast pain in pregnancy? Share Your Experience


I am 3months gone,and my breast is so painful,wot do i do?
—Guest Ngozi

So pain

I feel so pain during pregnancy. . . . During sex i feel so pain in breast
—Guest Anjana

Am I Pregnant?

I'm feeling so much pains in my breast each time I wore or remove my bra. Does that mean I'm pregnant? Although I've been trying to get pregnant for some time now but I don't know if I should conclude that I'm pregnant with my two breast paining me. please help
—Guest Tunrayo

So painful

Omg this is my 4th pregnancy and I'm 16 weeks now and my breast are so sore and painful it hurts to take the bra off! Out of all my pregnancies my breast have never been this sore til pregnancy. I can't be hugged tightly or lean on them without alot of pain.
—Guest Angiev83

Sore nipples

Nipples are very extremely sore to the point where I have to rub them when I'm at work this is my 4 the baby and I've never experienced any symptoms of pregnancy
—Guest Sabrina j


Me & my man are trying after 11 years that we had our daughter my breast are killing me do u think I'm pregnant they hurt like never before
—Guest Alexa


Im 18 weeks and second pregnancy in the last 8 weeks I've gone from a d to E cup and heightened pain in breasts have spoken to naturapaths they recommend vitamin B6 for pain guess we can thank our raging hormones :)
—Guest yumimami


My boyfriend does not seam to understand that my boobs a very sore already, but this is my 4th time around and they are a lot worse than before. I found that taking a warm shower does help though.
—Guest Sabrina

Signs of (early)Pregnancy

Its been only 2 1/2 weeks since the first time of intercourse. Based on ovulation and fertile days about only 2 weeks and my signs are as follow; tender sore breast specially when wearing a bra and in the early morning, Leaking Colostrum (clear/white fluid from nipple when squeezed) , Had cramping on the left side one day, and lots of bloating the next three days. I have noticed I intend to eat more now than usual, but that may just be psychological. =) I have not taken a pregnancy test yet, I plan to in about 1 more week. I do have an 8 year old daughter, so I'm almost positive lord willing first that I currently am. Hope this helps some of you as I've searched different sites for convincing.
—Guest Alleb

Its hurts alot

my breast is killing it hurts so much and I don't know what to do. I don't know why its happening to me. its sore, tender, dark and it tingles. I have a weird pain on my right side and I am thirsty and peeing a lot. can someone help me and tell me why its happening?
—Guest SA

so much pain

My stomach always hurts and my boobs feel super heavy and sex hurts my 26 year old boyfriend does not understand and Iam super emotional my grandma will kick me out when she finds out I'm not even done with school but he wanted this to happen ugh so frustrated I'm only 3 months and 2 weeks
—Guest 17& pregnant

8 Months and dying!!

I'm exactly 8 months pregnant and my right boob is absolutely killing me!! I don't know what I can do!! I was stupid and tried out my Medela breast pump to see if the shield fit correctly! Def a bad move!! It stimulates my breast and now it is completely engorged!! Does anyone know if I should use heat on it or ice??? Ahhhh!
—Guest Tara Colleen

A good bra!

This is my third pregnancy and my best friend is a really good sports bra.
—Guest kate

so sore

My boobs are killing me also. I am not sure how far along i am I am guessing @ 3 months as I can feel the baby kicking however I havent been to a Dr. Yet to confirm cuz I just found out. Gonna have to wait until after the holidays.
—Guest kandymandy

breast pain

I am 4 months pregnant now my breast pain increases day by day.
—Guest uma

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How did you cope with breast pain in pregnancy?

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