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Readers Respond: Best Advice for Going Natural

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Updated May 03, 2009

Natural childbirth is not for everyone, but for those women who want to have their baby with an epidural or other powerful medication, there is a lot of things they can do prepare for labor and delivery to make labor faster and easier. So what recommendations do you have? Do you have a specific childbirth class or book to recommend? Do you advise a birth plan or certain exercises? Is a doula helpful? What advice would you give a partner or friend supporting a woman going natural? Share Your Tips


When each contraction is met with breath, a cool soft spot opens atop mommy's head and pours through the deliverers body until every pore in the mom's body, literally exhumes orgasm, this is my experience. Motherhood is a blessed experience. Thank you.
—Guest rain alender kelly warfield



Small bump

I have a small baby bump and people keep telling me that i way to smal for my time Which really makes me upset. DR SAYS IM FINE AND SO IS BABY..im having a normal birth and quite upset about people silly options
—Guest mum to be in 8 weeks time

Rest between contractions

It's so easy to focus on the contractions, but one of the best strategies for successfully accomplishing natural labor is to do your best to soak up those great breaks between contractions. A great book that gives lots of good ideas for how to do this is "Laboring Well: A labor nurse shares insights from 10,000 births". It's full of great ideas for natural labor and helping to develop a positive, healthy frame of mind.


You best option for going natural is not to step foot in a hospital unless there is a medical reason, normal pregnancy and birth is not a medical reason
—Guest Gena

Going natural childbirth

Oxytocin also releases when a mother gives birth, giving that euphoric bond between mother and child. Pitocin also puts your body through harsh contractions that the body can release naturally.
—Guest TheLibrarian

worth it!

I gave birth to three daughters - all without drugs. The best advice I can give would be to excersize through out your pregnancy, eat healthy, take birthing classes to learn focus and breathing. On the day you go into labor - walk as much as possible, stopping and focusing on a beloved ones eyes while breathing. I listened to my favorite music while walking and that helped so much! I kept walking and pausing when necessary until an hour before our middle daughter was born. An hour before our daughter was born, I decided to go into the hospital as it was time. We'd been walking outside the hospital for hours "be bopping" down the street with my favorite music. The last hour was intense but short! Only way to go and it is an amazing sense of accomplishment and partnering with my child in creating this life together.
—Guest Dodie Moquin

Natural birth

Am a first time mom, expecting my little girl in less than three months from now and from my research the natural birth seems easier and less stressful for both mother and baby with no little or no side effects at all. Am opting for a natural birth, wish me luck ladies!
—Guest Jerusha


I like these responses and help tips. Women just need to learn and get educated. Birth is not nor need not be a fearful thing. I know that is what society teaches, but we can learn differently. Replace that fear and horror with faith and courage. These are some of the reasons why I recommend getting a doula to help you. Also, take your husband with you and go to hypnobabies. It will change your life even if you don't decide to utilize it.
—Guest Jen Breedlove

"Orgasmic Birth"

Extremely a personal process, birthing naturally led me to realize what I am here to do and what I am capable of as a person. Over the course of labor I realized I was able to bear through any stretching feeling sumply by moving around and trusting my intuition. If I had o clench something, I did it. When my doula told me to sleep through contractions until their intensity woke me up, I did it as I felt necessary. It was an extremely liberating experience and I remember feeling like I was having a giant orgasm in the midst of the contractions! Although I did throw up when I thought I was hungry and attempted eating a power bar slightly before the transitional labor stage, I was enthralled to have the privacy of laboring at home and then transporting to the hospital since insurance did not cover a home irth with a midwife. I am currently looking into a doula for this pregnancy and I hope for a similar experience!
—Guest Terrybow

Yoga, Hypnosis, and The Tub

I tried for a natural hospital birth with my daughter, but got an epidural at 20 hours and napped for the final 6 before short pushing. Things that really helped me during the natural portion of my labor: The tub! Practicing yoga through my pregnancy really prepared me to view contractions as challenges, and things like shaking and vomiting as distractions. Labor is yoga, and contractions are just really challenging poses. I saw a hypnotist a few months before my birth, and listened to his ten minute relaxation cd often. It REALLY helped to set me at ease about childbirth and take away my fear, and when the nurse put on that cd during my labor, my shaking and moaning dropped out completely for the duration of that 10 min. Unfortunately, other things about the hospital had a negative impact on me. The constant monitoring was so distracting because lying down felt awful. Just being in a hosptial made me nervous which intensified the pain. This time, I'm trying at a birth center.
—Guest KateC

Listen to your Body

Having a natural birth can be so freeing and peaceful. My first a hospital birth, I played by there rules. My first home birth with a midwife was relaxing and non-stressful. Yes I had concerns but my midwife reassured me through each one. Personal preference differs for each mother. I enjoy the familiar comfortable surroundings of my home. I don't have to go anywhere for days which assists in healing. Your home your germs. My nesting period finds me preparing my birth kit. Using a midwife is preferable if it is your first or second birth. Just so you can understand how your body handles the birthing process. My 6th was unassisted but not by choice, the baby arrived quicker than the midwife. I knew I could do unassisted births. My 7th was totally unassisted with the exception to my husband. A wonderful experience and knowing what your body is capable of helps greatly. Work with your body not against it. Push only when you have the urge. Relax and play by your rules. Enjoy your labor.
—Guest Momma of 7

Unassisted childbirth- another option

I am so excited about all of the many natural birthing options for women these days. Unassisted childbirth is an option I am currently researching and have to say I am quite intrigued. Laura Kaplan Shanley, author of "Unassisted Childbirth," discusses the benefits of this method and why she chose this method to deliver 4 of her own children. http://www.unassistedchildbirth.com

Its not as bad as people say

I am waiting for my fourth birth. I have birthed my first three naturally, except the third was induced as my water broke with meconium, so i was induced. She was a shoulder dystocia and i breathed her out with the guiding hands of my midwife and the suction of an obgyn working as a team. This time i have diabetes and am taking insulin and am expecting a very large baby. My dr. Is supportive of my natural childbirth preference and has explained to me that if my giant baby is another shoulder dystocia delivering on all fours is his first and favourite option. With all of my pregnancies people have shook their heads at me, and some have eveb asked why i dont treat myself to an epidural. The truth about the pain is it is intense and can be consuming or you can look at it as a gift of measure knowing with each breath and contraction your baby is closer to being in your arms. The pain is healthy and normal and a gift women have experienced for thousands of years. Its all perspective : )
—Guest Momof4girls

Natural Hospital Birth

I read Natural Hospital Birth and it was amazing. Such a thorough guide to having the kind of birth that I wanted. I felt empowered and safe, which was important. I learned to know everything there is about birth and c-sections and this made me feel less confused in the hospital and more secure in my decisions. Hiring a doula is such a wonderful thing as well. Someone who can help you voice what you want and speak up for you when you are weak or in pain.. Anyhow, i wrote a detailed review at Amazon. I hope it helps you as much as it did for me.
—Guest Katrah

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Best Advice for Going Natural

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