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Readers Respond: Pregnancy Myths and Old Wives Tales

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Long Line

I read that if your linea negra(the dark line on your stomach) stops at your belly button it's a boy bit if it goes past(or upwards towered your breasts) it's a girl..... Mine stopped at my belly button and I had a boy!
—Guest Adena1991


I dreamed of a raised fist. I looked it up in my dream cool. it stated that's a sign you are pregnant. I didn't know it right then but indeed I was pregnant with my first child. = ]

Belly Shape

I was told that if you turn around and cant tell your pregnant then you are having a boy. If you turn around and can tell your pregnant then you are having a girl. I turn around and you cant tell and the ultrasound said i am having a boy so i guess we will see.
—Guest NewMommy

If you hate someone...

If you hate someone when you are pregnant the child will look like that person ...
—Guest Sharon Panetta

Those silly old wives!

Not many of the tales have worked out for me. According to everyone, I should have had a boy with my daughter because I carried her so high and narrow. I think she was just a small baby! As for spicy food, it did not give her a head of hair, nor did it help my labor along any! She was 8 days past due when she finally came. The most fun superstition was when my husband and I had our fortunes told in Sardinia. My brother translated for us and promised us that Antonio took his prophecy VERY seriously. He predicted that we might fall pregnant with a boy -- subito! Maybe even that very night! It was mesmerizing, but he was mistaken. It took us many months to conceive, and our first was a lovely daughter. Not in line with her prophecy, but still a little wonder!
—Guest Kate

Sex of baby

I've been reading everything says I'm having a boy... but the ultrasound says girl... I don't know, I guess I have to wait till he/she is born.
—Guest monica

Spicy foods

I was told to stop eating spicy foods because they would burn the baby's eyes and they will be born blind. Well my son has perfect vision.
—Guest photo

Hot tub/ bath

My wife's high risk OB and I agree that immersion in hot water can be dangerous. I've noted people down playing this risk. While there is no conclusive evidence (you can't really test something potentially dangerous on pregnant women) increase body temperatures (ir fever) has been linked to neural tube defects. While the exact cause and effect are unknown it seems prudent to avoid raising the body's temperature, especially during early pregnancy when the neural tube is forming. FYI, I am also an RN.
—Guest Stephen

The glow

When they said that there is a glow to those who are pregnant. My mother old me that.
—Guest jenny


If someone has a dream about fish, someone in the family pregnant.
—Guest ms.hayes

Boy or girl

My step moms family has always gone by the myth that if you carry more frontal and keep your waistline you are having a boy, but if you are carrying more wide and lose your waistline shape you are carrying a girl. This has proven true in all of the births on her side of the family. She told me I would be having a boy and turns out she was right!
—Guest Kimberly


The old wives tale that if you have heartburn when pregnant your baby will be born with a full head of hair has proven true for me with all my babies. I had serious heartburn from 30 weeks on. And my babies had beautiful full heads of hair. I always loved decorating my girls hair with little headbands and baby hair clips .

Boy or Girl

By reading all these there are only a couple I have found to be true. My sister-In-Law only gained weight on her tummy, had a lot of heartburn and craved ice-cream, she had a baby girl with a head full of hair. Her sister gained weight all around, she had a baby boy. Lets see how I go!
—Guest Jakii baby No.1

Food cravings

Some say when you crave salty food during a pregnancy, you'll be having a boy and if you crave sweet things, you're going to have a girl... I craved both and had a boy and the ultrasound said I would've had a girl. LOVE MY BOY!
—Guest TrudyLee


While pregnant with my first, I had horrible heartburn!! My little girl was born with a head full of dark hair!! I have to say that wives tale is true!! I earned every beautiful piece of hair on her head!!
—Guest Mommyof2

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Pregnancy Myths and Old Wives Tales

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