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Readers Respond: Pregnancy Myths and Old Wives Tales

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Updated August 17, 2009


I too did the needle... you are supposed to do it over your wrist not the belly... that is more accurate I have found... my first was supposed to be a girl... unfortunately i had a miscarriage so we never determined the sex of the baby... but my second was supposed to be a boy and it was!!! Now I am pregnant again and supposed to have a girl. I hope that I do!! over the wrist is supposed to tell you how many and in what order you have the baby so we shall see. Also according to the old wives tale of the heart beat this is also supposed to be a girl because her heart rate is 168 per min.
—Guest Heather

Gain weight all round - girl.

When I had my first child, I only ever had the belly, I didn't gain any weight whatsoever anywhere else, everyone always used to say that even at 8 month pregnant, if you just saw me from behind you'd never know I was pregnant, well needless to say it was a girl, so the myth that you gain weight all over with a girl would be false, as would the no morning sickness with a girl one, as I was terribly sick with my daughter. I was also told that if you have a bight of light bleeding early in the pregnancy and there is nothing wrong then it's a boy. I'm on my second now and had a bit of spotting at 12 week and nothing was wrong so I'm hoping for a boy, we find out in march. All the women I spoke to about the bleeding though, the ones that had experienced it in their pregnancies had all coincidently had boys, so you never know :)
—Guest Zoey G

Boy or Girl?

You will know when the sonogram says Boy or Girl!
—Guest Brittany

Boy or girl?

Everyone told me my first was a boy right from the way I was caring to the fact I craved meaty dishes like chili and steaks. It was a girl. Everyone told me the second had to be a boy because there were so many boys that ran on my husbands side...but my side is all girls. It was another girl. The needle trick has worked for me so far. Saying boy- boy-girl the first time ( I had 2 miscarriages). Then boy- boy- girl-girl for the second. This time it said girl-girl-girl-boy-boy. My aunt is convinced it's a boy... But all I can think is either it didn't work this time or it decided to go backwards! We'll see...
—Guest Ana


My neighbor did the needle thing over my belly last time and it said it was a girl but I had a beautiful baby boy.
—Guest Samantha # on its way


I was told that if you raise your arms above your head or are stretching to reach something on the top shelf you can strangle your baby with its umbilical cord.
—Guest CHD


My cousin had heartburn all of her pregnancy and her baby came out with a head full of hair!

Burned chili

I was told if you burn a pan of chili that your pregnant. I was making chili dogs for my hubby and I for lunch and had burned the chili, he was in shock when I told him I thought I was pregnant because of that, well 3 weeks later we found out I was 5 1/2 weeks pregnant.
—Guest sadie

Boy or girl

I was told that if the heartbeat is in the 150s of higher its a girl if its lower its a boy…not sure my baby heartbeats been high 150s but not sure what it is for 2 more weeks.
—Guest brandi

The Chinese Calendar and the Myths

For my first pregnancy I was told I was having a girl by the Chinese calendar and the old wives tales. I had bad acne, I was just miserable. But it turned out to be a very handsome young man who looked like he could have been a girl. This pregnancy is very different which makes me think this is my little girl. But I just don't believe in the old wives tales or the Chinese calendar anymore. I have considered taking an intelligender test just for fun though, but my confirmation will be my ultrasound.
—Guest shannon

Salty vs sweet

I was told from a friend that if you craved salty foods it's a boy and sweet stuff a girl. All I wanted the first few months were corn dogs and French fries... It's a boy!
—Guest First time mom to be


I heard that if you have a craving and don't eat whatever you are craving and then scratch your belly, your baby will be born with a birth mark wherever you scratched.
—Guest destinee


I heard that if you walk under any type of rope you can strangle the baby with the umbilical cord.
—Guest 1st time mom

Chills after delivery

An old workmate once told me I need to keep my bump warm (cover it) until delivery otherwise I will shiver like a small puppy just after my baby is born!
—Guest Gadz

Boy or girl?

I heard if your having a girl you break out more because baby girls take their mother's beauty.
—Guest julianna
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