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Readers Respond: Pregnancy Myths and Old Wives Tales

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Updated August 17, 2009

heart beat

So i heard if the heart rate was over 160 it was a girl, will sry all three of mine was like that and it was boys. Also if ur symptoms are diff its the opp sex nope my last would have bn a girl then,it was a boy. Also the whole thing if u gain weight all over its a boy.will i gained only in my stomach all three times lucky i knw but it should have bn a girl then but all three boys.so i dont believe in none of those myths just trust the doc. I love my boys so we going to try for.a.girl later on. HhhAlso,
—Guest brittany

Big nose and pimples

My nose got swollen and my face had some pimples!! I had a baby boy and no glow just pale..
—Guest Cynthia c

heart beat

old wives are true as i've seen many cases specially heart beat .. more then 140 is girl n less is boy.. its really true
—Guest @@

think im having a boy!

Ive had 3 beautiful girls,n was sick all the time with them. With baby 4,no morn sickness at all,dnt really feel pregnant.iam nearly 20 wks n my bub def moving inside me. I find out in 4 days if its a boy! Really hope my baby is,his sisters aged-14,7,3. Really want a little brother.plz be a boy!
—Guest natasha

Chinese Calendar

With all 3 of my children the Chinese calendar was accurate, I also checked for myself, my five siblings, and all 8 of my cousins after the fact to see how accurate it is. All the genders were correct with the exception of my youngest sister, which said she was a boy. It is the only non scientific method I actually see as accurate, for whatever reason it works. I don't believe in the old wives tales none of them have a good track record for accuracy and some are just plain ridiculous.
—Guest A.A


I was told if you crave chinese than you are having a girl but when i saw my ultrasound they said i was having a boy
—Guest Jasmine

Keys & Safety pins

My Grandma Told Me That When There's Goona Be A Full Moon You Have To Wear Two Safety Pins On You Or Keys If Not Your Baby Will Come Out Deformed Or SomeThing On The Baby And Another One It's The Same But When There's No Moon She Said If I Didn't Do It The Moon Will Eat The Baby (Not All Of It Just A Body Part) She Said She Had An Aunt That Didn't Do It And The Baby Came Out With No Hand o.O And The First One (Full Moon) My Cuzin Didn't Do It And Her Sons Toes Came Out Deformed . It's Crazy But I Believe In Both ..
—Guest TinaM

baby boy

I have three girls and one boy and pregnant of I think another boy....and yes it is definitly true that you spot during pregnancy with boys.You also get colder feet, but the spoting is true good luck to all and may god bless us all future mothers and already mothers.
—Guest Ali


My mama say if you smoke when you pregnant yo baby will be a smoker
—Guest Baby gaga


I'm 26 weeks pregnant Im having a girl I had a dream of a beautiful baby girl chunky with big round dark eyes to me she looked like my mother in law whom I love so much, a week later we were at my husbands grandmas house looking at old pics and one came up that looked exactly like the baby in my dream ,I asked who it was and it turned out to be my mother in law! Crazy lol.........we shall see if my dream comes true :)
—Guest team pink

pregnancy myths

When I first told my grandmother I was pregnant, she told me to be careful not to wear tight pants cause it could deform the baby haha!
—Guest mckayla


My mom told me that if you hear your baby in your stomach then you cant tell anyone cause your baby will be born with a gift and if you tell someone ur baby wont have that gift and if u say something after the baby is born it will have bad luck
—Guest GooGooGaGa

Spicy foods

m being told m goin to have a baby that cries a lot... because of the chilies I eat... it helps me get the food down.... n I can't imagine my self stopping right thro my pregnancy. Maybe with time not now!
—Guest Shares


My mother told me if I get scared of something my baby would come out looking like it.
—Guest Kevinisha Duncan


i herd if you breastfeed while pregnant you'll go blind.
—Guest hi

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Pregnancy Myths and Old Wives Tales

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